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Sunday, January 12, 2014


Millions of decent, hardworking San Franciscans - students from other States in the United States and students from all over the world have entered through the doors of City College in San Francisco - graduated and taken that light and spread all over this Nation and the world.

In our neighborhoods more "blue collared" neighborhood - many of those who made progress - got a job job - be it with the Union, the digital world - service oriented world - and have done well for themselves - none of them in the thousands and in the millions all these many years - could have achieved this stellar, distinction - without attending City College.

San Francisco once had a strong and vibrant middle class - thanks to City College. That spurred many to go to SF State University and many to the private colleges - and contribute to all of San Francisco.

State University is not to far from City College - and so side by side - we here in San Francisco have been blessed to have some sound high schools, some good community colleges - and as a stepping tool to success City College of San Francisco and State University.

There is No doubt that those in charge of City College - some members on the Board of Trustees - did not take their charge seriously. Those that warmed the seat for year - too many terms.

There is no doubt that some who headed City College - failed in their accountability and transparency department.

We know that - and those of us who have tracked City College of San Francisco for years - tried to do something - and we did - but the progress is cumbersome - and the changes take forever. 

We are proud of our student leaders - some one like Shanell Williams who I have known for many years. She is now the student Trustee and the students and others who support City College of San Francisco - have a voice that matters.

Others too - too many to mention - who worked round the clock - first to learn the college system, evaluate the steps followed by the accreditation boards, and the adjudication process - that is totally flawed.

Given the empirical data - the students should not be penalized.

Once you grasp this concept - the entire system can be revamped and City College of San Francisco - must be saved, stabilized, revamped, and learning models formed that are innovative - that is the curve ball that should be sent to the Boards of Accreditation. The are Smithsonian and have too much power - have not had meaningful dialog with the students - and have tried to use their power - to divide and rule.

Steep in some ancient form of adjudication - with little input from the students - the Accreditation Board and their minions - are playing with fire. The right place to adjudicate are the Courts - and that is what is happening.

The rules must be changed and one rule should be accepted and mandated where annual and five year evaluation must be put in place. 

When something is not working - it must be fixed.

Yearly the progress can be gauged. Every three years - if things are not on track - drastic steps can be taken to improve, standards.

Every five years most things can be brought on track.

As if we see today - some Accreditation Board - just woke up from its slumber - and from the many assumptions made with empirical data, less communication - wanted to shut down City College of San Francisco.

This behavior on the part of folks who must uphold standards, work towards general education and the good of the students and teachers, and always support the students and teachers by offering the best information, those that can discern - then can get the best education - and that is how good schools, good colleges, and good universities deliver and leave a legacy.

This is the San Francisco and the Bay Area offers us the best climate, the best amenities, the best we can desire - but the Accreditation Board failed in address the situation at hand - and has caused unwanted divisiveness and confusion.

Add to the fact that our Senator Diane Feinstein had nothing to say - her husband Richard Blum was on the sidelines - ready to buy prime real estate - that is City College of San Francisco.

Closer to good transportation, a clean water reservoir near by, Fire Department, recreational facilities - one could not find a better prospective site - for thousands of units for housing for the rich - raking in millions.

Nancy Pelosi - the past speaker of the House and now the minority leader - just visited City College - one of their smaller colleges at China Town - too late - to do anything.

Too late to participate at this late hour. Such are the workings of our politicians - they talk the talk but have failed to walk the walk.

The courts have spoken and City College of San Francisco will not shut its doors.

City College has to work hard to stabilize enrollment, keep the good teachers that have been the back bone of the college, especially maintain the one of a kind classes and programs.

Cooking, Media, Criminology classes, dealing with the environment, realignment which deals with prisoners set free and training them to contribute to society.

Hundreds of other programs that few have bothered to comprehend and less to advertise.

City College has a state of the art track field, state of the art football field, state of the art gym, and some the facilities need some upgrading - all in all - it has what is needed to give our students - a good education in one of the best environments.

It was totally wrong to intimidate Shanell Williams - when a notice was sent to her to "impeach" her by the Board of Trustees of City College. 

This type of behavior is totally unwarranted - and some of us put pressure - to protect  Shanell Williams - who is now the Student Trustee well respected and who works very hard.

Some appointee who acts like a Czar - who is in charge to put things in order - is far removed from reality. He replaces the City College Board of Trustees - and he is playing with fire.

Right now the court have bought us some time and this is our time - to unite and stand united against those forces that are instigating and planting seeds of "divisiveness".

San Francisco City attorney Dennis Herrera did well with the support of Mayor Edwin Lee - the Mayor of San Francisco - to take the matter of accreditation to court.

So far we have some time to heal, unite, and stand united against the forces of evil.

Education is what we need - sound education - education with standards.

We need good leaders - good leaders know the way, show the way, and go the way.