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Wednesday, January 29, 2014


The Southeast Facility Commission Building in the Bayview belongs to the people of the Bayview. It is situation at 1800 Oakdale Street. The maintenance of this building - is the responsibility of the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission. 

The building was built as a "mitigation measure" - the people had an option some Open Space or a Building of their own - they opted for what they perceived at the time to be right - a building of their own - with class and education - that could further - upward mobility and sound education.

In recent years with crooks try to run the Southeast Facility Commission Building - stealing the money that was given as rent - making all sorts of illegal contracts - in the name of City College - that was but a tenant.

With one particular purpose to cheat and deceive -  one Veronica Hunnicutt - a former Dean from City College at the 1800 Oakdale Site - Veronica Hunnicutt - left a stench and a shame that cries to high heaven for justice.

It does not help that Juliet Ellis who is NOT from the community -  who has been charged and penalized by the San Francisco Ethics Commission - recently.

Juliet Ellis in recent months - has further taken steps to slowly but surely take over the Southeast Facility Commission Building - by using the ploy of upgrading the building.

Slowly using the excuse of  operating and maintaining the building at large - to that of owning the building.

Who is fooling whom? The people want to know?

The present Southeast Facility Commissioners do not have the true history - many on the Commission - rubber stamp - and the recent appointees not all but most - serve at the pleasure of the Mayor, Edwin Lee for reason best know to some - not more to serve the people of Bayview.

Let it be known to those that can read and understand - that the Southeast Facility Commission Building "in toto" belongs to the people of the Bayview.

The people of Bayview who fought to build it as a "mitigation measure" - when the present Raw Sewage Treatment Plant was upgraded - a mandated measure by the Federal Government who provided the funds - that needed to be fulfilled in the late 1970s.

Mitigation monies brought about the Southeast Facility Commission Building with two legends Dr Espanola Jackson and Shirely Jones - alive and kicking - who can testify and bear testimony to the truth - these two still serving and vouch for the people and for TRUTH.

We have two living legends  as I said still living in the Bayview community - with whom I have a shared interest to speak the TRUTH  - tell the truth - and do right by the people - at all times.

Shirely Jones and Dr Espanola Jackson - the first Commissioners to hold positions - who can be brought to testify - and this has already be done - but again and again Juliet Ellis pretending to do good - is trying to usurp the will of the people.

You all are put on notice.

Today, Wednesday January 29, 2014 there will be a ribbon cutting of some rehabilitation at the Southeast Facility Commission at 5:30 pm.

Many dubious speeches will be made - but if Shirley Jones and Dr Espanola Jackson - are not part of the ceremony - nothing matters.

Malia Cohen the District 10 Supervisor has never, ever participated in the main deliberations - involving the community and the Bayview before she decided to run for Supervisor.

She is a puppet of the MACHINE - and the MACHINE - wants to control the people - without any meaningful deliberations.

This will NOT happen - because we are watching - each and every move of the CROOKS.

I already a long time ago - sent a document - that clearly reveals the details who owns the Southeast Facility Commission Building and who must maintain it. 

I made sure I gave a copy to Dr Espanola Jackson and one to the present General Manager Harlan Kelly - so that they can do the right thing - and truly represent the people.

It is a shame - again and again - that, "we the people" have to reveal to those that should do right - how convoluted they are - in their thinking, their deliberations, and more their sordid, actions.

With deliberate "intent" they seek to steal, cheat, and hoodwink the people of the Bayview and beyond.

The City Attorney who represent the SF Public Utilities Commission knows well - that the Southeast Facility Commission Building belongs to the people.

The General Manager Harlan Kelly is fully cognizant of this fact.  So why is Juliet Ellis still messing with our community.

Who the hell is Juliet Ellis to rewrite history?

We the community were not consulted in the detailed deliberation of upgrading the Southeast Facility Commission Building at 1800 Oakdale - Phase I and Phase II - and an injunction is in order.

These crooks are something else - in your face and determined to have it their way.

I hope better sense prevails - that the truth is told - the Southeast Facility Commission Building belongs to the people - and no one like Malia Cohen who is a sell out - should have anything to do with the ribbon cutting - or for that matter - anything that matters.

Both Malia Cohen and Juliet Ellis have a hidden agenda - paradoxically both have been noticed by the San Francisco Ethics Commission - for previous infringements of law, ordinances, and not fulfilling ethics - both talk the talk - but cannot walk the walk.

The Southeast  Facility Commission Building once turned out students who could graduate as Nurses, as Chefs, who could master tailoring and crochet, the classes gave one the opportunity to further oneself.

Upward Mobility was a key norm and career jobs gave many hope and slowly but gradually uplifted the community at large.

I have been following the events at the Southeast Facility Commission Building at 1800 Oakdale since the early 1980s.

Never ever saw Malia Cohen until four of five years ago - always standing at the back - while I gave public comment and others deliberated.

Acting like a spy to report to Gavin Newsom what was happening according to her - to the community. When Malia Cohen worked for Gavin Newsom - who did our community harm - backing Lennar, a Rogue Developer. Today Malia Cohen and Lennar are tight - and Lennar has and continue to contribute to her campaign funds. Malia Cohen is a sell out and sold her soul - a long time ago.

Malia Cohen lived in District 9 on Silliman Street a few block from San Bruno Avenue with her parents - never ever cared about District 9 for sure and less for District 10. 

Malia Cohen planted herself in District 10 just to fleece the constituents and better her political career - which is going no where. She is a chronic - SELL OUT.

It does not help that Juliet Ellis wants to rehab herself - but her old mean self is still lingering - she keeps plotting - she wants to remain in office, in power - and control people.

It is that Jamaican in her - that wants it all - and she wants it by any means necessary.

Her evil deeds with Green For All is known by the world. The charges proved she cannot be trusted - make no bones about this fact. Her morals, her ethics, the standards that go hand and hand with someone who is professional - is not what Juliet Ellis cares for - it is what she thinks and how she does it - solo. This is her pitfall - and she can survive in the Non-Profit world - but not in the real world - never, ever.

What the world does not know is that that is more to it and the Juliet Ellis episode.

Daily reports come to me - and for the sake of decency - I have to keep quiet - but not for long.

In recent years the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission has opened up a can of worms.

The worse case that tarnished Building 525 at Golden Gate Avenue - the headquarters of the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission - is Juliet Ellis who is the Assistant General Manager of External Affairs - and who must step down and go into rehabilitation.

I am not one to cast aside the human spirit and the ability for anyone  to rehabilitate oneself.

I have helped hundreds in my life - and allowed thousands to get a second chance - the results are amazing when the support system is there - and the methods used are stellar, sound, proven, and holistic.

Right now in the year 2014 - the Bayview is going through trauma and we do not need folks like Malia Cohen, Juliet Ellis, Veronica Hunnicutt, Doris Vincent, Linda Richardson, other crooks who are leeching on the community - we are not fools.

The Blacks unfortunately got caught up in the ploys and machinations. The well is dry - and the stale bread crumbs less doled out - slow in coming. Frustration that the devil has let the sell outs down - after all these years of selling out. 

The demographics are changing - the Asians, the Latinos, others will come in and have to deal with the harm done.

In the mean time - those that could have passed the "torch" to the youth, the young adults were selfish. 

Too much in fighting and too much " I" factor. Unfortunately most of those that created this mess - are Blacks.

I have the history from the days when Roger Boas was the City Administrator in his own right and did not come under the jurisdiction of the Mayor of San Francisco - where the City Administrator played second fiddle. This is the case now.

I knew Jim Jefferson - if you knew him - he would not approve the nonsense going on today.

Jim would be shocked - how evil people, with evil intentions, having no history - before the eyes of two legends Dr Espanola Jackson and Shirley Jones - are trying to cheat us the people, the COMMONS.

All the while when I am watching them like a HAWK. Who is FOOLING whom?

Even Senator Diane Feinstein would be shocked to hear what is happening - far removed as she is - I hope some one informs her about the on going shenanigans.

Those that will make fake speeches - and give credit to their own asses - much like fools do.

Yerba Buena and Miguel Galarza who did the Phase I rehabilitation vowed never to deal with San Francisco Public Utilities Commission on a project that he just completed - and incurred a heavy, loss.

The workers at the Southeast Facility Commission Building - who work for the Southeast Facility Commission Building - were adversely impacted.

Toye Moses has been relegated to playing second fiddle - and Sam Murray who does not live in the community - he carrying on the will of Juliet Ellis.

Sam Murray thinks we are not fully aware of this - and Sam is doing wrong by the community.

You once lived here - but no more. And please do not challenge Dr Espanola Jackson, Shirley Jones and I. Please do not even go there.

The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission must be ashamed of its actions. More the initiatives stemming from Juliet Ellis.

Working with Young Community Developers and Girls 2000 - trying to divide the community. Both organizations are quick to accept money - but audit them and find out the truth.

Time will tell.