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Friday, January 17, 2014


The time and come and the time in now - people united can never be defeated - with laser beam focus - sound purpose of mind - faith in God - focusing on those that take advantage of the poor, the indigent, the seniors, our children - those that cannot defend themselves.

More those who live in Public Housing - those scum bags that until now have had their hay day - your days are over. This is a new day - and our time - is now.

Public Housing has given succor to many - and many have lived and contributed more than their share to the City and County of San Francisco.

Hundreds of City workers from all disciplines have lived in Public Housing and worked hard for our City and County of San Francisco - that has a budget of over $9 Billion and growing.

The City is always taking and not giving. There are over 10,000 small businesses in District 10 - the City is quick to collect the taxes - but slow to invest. Most of the industrial zoning is in District 10. The idiots know what I am talking about - but will take the taxes and invest it where the rich are - who do not pay their fare share of the taxes. Why?

Past mayors of San Francisco with intent have allowed Public Housing to go down - they call it - "deferred maintenance".

These crooks who make a lot of money and were in charge of Public Housing - they, did not care about the leaking plumbing, the faulty electricity, the cracks that brought in the water and the cold in the many run down units.

Running sewage and foul smell - the past Mayors of San Francisco, the erstwhile San Francisco Housing Authority that was fried for its despicable performance.

The worst among them Amos Brown - a disgrace to the human race - did not care at all about those who needed help most. Amos Brown the jackass - still talks the talk but fails to walk the walk.

Now is the time - this is the "clarion call" you all can form - "tenant associations" in Public Housing - ten of you, fifteen of you, twenty of you and be at the table.

Do not permit the developers who come under the umbrella of Hope SF - to tell you that they have your better interest - they do not.

The crooked - Mercy Housing, the John Stewart Company, Bridge Developers - others - they do not have the best interest of those that are poor, the indigent, those that need help.

For years those living in Public Housing could not and were NOT given - a decent hearing, a decent voice - always told what to do - and always told to be quiet.

The mostly white developers have " NO BUSINESS" coming into our living rooms and with our permission - rearranging our furniture. Screw that - this is a new day - and you must be bold to tell them to change their way - or they will be held accountable. 

All of them can be adjudicated using the RICO ACT - the know it - and are afraid - but there is no one to tel them to their face - just say: " you can be adjudicated under the Rico Act ". That will send shills through their spine. Crooks each and everyone of them.

"Common on people - these are spineless scum bags, we can handle them - and we can do more - if we care and are united."

Here is a big shout out to Gaynor, Nane, Saane, Big John, Ann, Jungle, Simi, Nana, John Nauer, Mitch Salazar,Yolanda, Venus Jackson, Espanola Jackson, Twitter, Simon, Black Beard, Herm, Veronica, Lynne, all the Harris', all the Lewis' - more - you know who you are - we can do this and we can put a stop to the abject nonsense.

All Public Housing, the land and the housing units belongs to the COMMONS and must come under the control of the COMMONS.

A long time ago the Housing Urban Department (HUD) put that in writing - funds came into the community through and to the community - only for the crooks in the San Francisco City government - to steal it - we know who they are - and we an must hold them accountable.

Public Housing and all of its assets must remain under the full control of those tenants that have lived five, ten, fifteen years, and more.

We do not need sellouts like Tessy, Gina from the YMCA, other dubious crooks like Aurelious Walker, Doris Vincent, Dwayne Jones, Angelo King, Lolla Whittle, Veronica Hunnicutt, Linda Richardson, Brigette Le Blanc, crroked Community Based Organization like YCD and Girls 2000 - others who have no clue, less history, less a history for fighting for the poor - telling us what to do.

You want to bring it on - bring it on - that is not a problem - we can take you all to court - and adjudicate the matter once and for all. All we need to do is audit your books.

Our City Attorney Dennis Herrera is looking the other way, our District Attorney George Gascon - is looking other way.

Our Chief of Police is listening to crooks, our Mayor knows the truth but is hesitant to do the right thing - well, we know you all - and we have been informing you all - now if you want to take us on - bring it on. We keep shouting, you call it tirades - well, listen now or we will hold you - accountable.

Poor, indigent people have been thrown out of their Public Housing - left to fend for themselves in the streets - many time entire families - father, mother, children - and no one - no one says anything. Why? Left in inclement weather to fend for themselves.

These developers like the despicable - John Stewart Company - a large Property Manager - who has thousands of units in the Presidio of San Francisco, Treasure Island, all over the Tenderloin, Northridge Cooperatives in the Bayview, Hunterview, the Macus Garvey Cooperatives and more.

These politicians the likes of Malia Cohen, David Chu, Scott Weiner - are mere mortals - in fact spineless, worthless, having no morals, less ethics, and absolutely no standards. Scum bags who are paid by the John Stewart Company - and agenda items fast tracked - money in their pocket to run their ill fated - campaigns. We must boot the above - OUT. Out of office.

San Francisco belongs to San Franciscans - it belongs to the Ohlone - the First People - and I represent them. The Ohlone are for the people, the poor people - not for the crooks and I assure you not the politicians - that speak - from both sides of their - mouth. Take it from me - I know these crooks - and they are afraid to me - I am NOT afraid of crooks or the devil.

The strangers - you know who they are - the Ghost - pale faces - they stole the land -  a rogue, a crook, a thief - always has a loud mouth.

We the people must stand united and we can - take on the crooks.

Please stop the feuding and the petty fighting - and bring to an end the Black on Black violence.

We have NO gangs in our neighborhood - we have "sets". You want to see gangs - go to Chicago, go to Compton in Southern California.

Our youth are fed up - the gang injunction did not help - the District Attorneys in the past , the present City Attorney Dennis Herrera - thinks he was wise - but no - he has BLOOD on his hands. He knows it too - and he better change his ways.

Those who want can debate the Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi about violence and violence prevention. About realignment and what is does and does not do. Restorative Justice and all the good things - it brings. Community Policing and so on.

They can debate our Public Defender - Jeff Adachi. We still have a few good people in office - but more crooks and I can name them - but, it will do no good. The crooks know who they are - always raking in the thousands. Making hay while the sun shines.

The above can also be debated - discussions held at a forum with the Mayor, Ed Lee, the Chief of Police Gregory Suhr, the Controller Ben Rosenfield, the District Attorney George Gason - the City Attorney Dennis Herrera - they all know they have NOT applied themselves.

They all like to take the short cuts - they like to create a nice cozy nest - where they can make their money - go laughing to the bank to collect their checks.

We have blatant racism in San Francisco - anyone who harms the children with intent, the poor with intent, those that need help with intent - has BLOOD on their hands.

Do not say - you are doing something - when you are acting like a "coward" - when you all are taking short cuts - and NOT doing your work.

Grassroots support from all over San Francisco - is needed to boot these bastard out - each and every one of them - that are not worth the salt - representatives like Scott Weiner and Malia Cohen and some City officials too. Aho.