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Saturday, January 18, 2014


There is NO justice when we see the so called development in San Francisco with less "OPEN SPACE" and even less "Recreation Facilities" for those of us that live in San Francisco.

No one seems to address Quality of Life issues - child care, sound transportation, health services, quality education, safety, and the many things sound community enjoy. There is a lot of diatribe, hot air spewed and this does no one good.

People make statements that our unemployment is now down to five percent - it is more nine percent - and no one is counting those that have given up looking for a job.

In the Bayview Hunters Point you have pockets, hot spots - where the unemployment is thirty and forty percent - but, no one is counting these human beings - because ten, fifteen years ago - they were left out - never counted - never given opportunities - and always treated with disdain.

One percent of our nation, the United States of America - controls nine five percent of the earned income and profits.

That is here in America - and when our United States government - tells us - we are in debt - guess who pays the debt - the ninety nine percent. You and I not those that have millions. The take their Capital Gains right offs - and hire lawyers to pay them good - but will NOT pay their taxes.

Move millions to off shore accounts - all the big companies do this Apple, GM, you name them - they do it - and they abide by tax codes that favor them. Many of them have billions stashed abroad - so it is not as if there is no money - there is money but only a few, mostly greed crooks - have it stashed for their only personal - gain.

The United States government has failed us - both the Congress and the Senate. We saw this when the United States government shut down, recently.

It cost us - the tax payers, mostly the ninety nine percent - you and I - who pay the taxes. it cost us $24 billion - and to pay this loss - we the tax payers will have to foot the bill over ten years.

The one percent - get all the breaks - because they have teams of tax lawyers - who work for them - and keep books - that are convoluted - the tax lawyers COOK the books.

Our City of San Francisco have the filthy rich - but no one talks much about the last frontier.

If you by change look at the tourist map of San Francisco - that large area the Bayview Hunters Point - is covered by an advertisement. 

The City and County of San Francisco is aware of this - but does not do anything about it.

Tourist who land in the Bayview and who I approach and ask them from where they hail - and talk to them - and take them around - are shocked at the disdain the City of San Francisco - has shown the Bayview Hunters Point which is District 10.

But also District 9 and the Portola District and District 11.

We do have representative from all of these districts John Avalos, David Campos, and Malia Cohen - but they are not educated on issues.

They are NOT ethical - and they pander - forgetting those that put them in office. They are not to be trusted.

So we have 38 large development all over San Francisco - the ninety nine percent has the money - the Chinese money is there for leverage.

Large firms dealing with Real Estate - act as brokers, draw up illegal documents, and make deals that would put the "devil" to shame.

The District 10 Supervisor Malia Cohen, District 8 Supervisor, Scott Weiner, District 3 Supervisor David Chu,  and District 6 Supervisor - Jane Kim all all raking in  millions.

Making deals and favoring developers. We saw this at Huntersview and we saw this with all the polys and machinations at Parkmerced with a large on going - development.

The City and County of San Francisco has a Planning Department - for a large fee - they can deliver any package small, medium, or very large on a platter.

Now, that is what you call - "evil" - with intent, the SF Planning Department - has been pimping - catering to the high bidders - and selling out the community. That is decent San Franciscans who pay their taxes.

For years the SF Planning Department has looked the other side - with the past Zoning Czar - Larry Badiner - selling out the City and County of San Francisco to the Academy of Art University.

Thousands of rental units, in hundreds of Rental Building - were bought and converted to "student housing" - the rental units converted to dormitories - used by mostly foreign students who pay high rents.  

Our City is just waking up - and the adjudication process - to fine the Academy of Art University - has taken over three years and going no where.

The Academy of Art University is everywhere - their students duped, foreign students who have to prostitute to pay their tuition.

The Certificate this organizations issues - is now challenged by the Certification Board. 

Our City and County of San Francisco - has been left holding the empty bag - because in this City and County of San Francisco - we have NO enforcement. Our leaders - who are no leaders, lack leadership are fast asleep at the wheel.

The filthy rich in San Francisco and counting among them Congressperson Nancy Pelosi and her husband Paul Pelosi, Senator Diane Feinstein and her husband Richard Blum - have amassed millions of dollars - illegally.

And can you imagine they represent us in Congress and in the Senate. Both favor Zionism and are staunch - Zionists.

The Zionists who control the large financial institutions and the insurance companies - any fiscal entities where large amount of money is exchanged.

The Zionists who brought about the spiraling of our economy in the year 2008. They say our Nation is making some progress -  the ninety nine are still suffering - they are all in dire straits.

One in three children go to bed hungry. One is four seniors go to bed hungry. Are we really a Superpower that treat our most vulnerable with disdain and disrespect?

What is really becoming of the United States of America? 

The ninety nine percent pay their taxes, the ninety nine lost much of their retirement money.

The ninety nine fell prey to sub-prime loans, other ploys and machinations - derivatives and so on.

Who do you think are laughing to the bank - all those making $250,000 plus and we have many of them working for the City and County of San Francisco and have failed to help the people.

Forty five percent make over $125,000 with benefits and are not worth the salt. 

We have a population of about 805,000 and for every 28 constituents, tax paying citizens - we have one City and County worker.

Folks we must be educated on issues and learn to connect the dots.

We do have the legislation branch and the executive branch - the judicial branch has lost its moral compass.

Corporations were declared people.

The ninety nine - and more the "Middle Class" is soon melting - much like the snow in and around the North and South pole - now to see it - now you do not.

Wake up - do not trust the politician - more those like Malia Cohen, Scott Weiner, Jane Kim, London Breed, David Campos, David Chu - others - who talk from both side of their mouth.

The above have failed to represent the ninety nine - the call for hearings - only after much damage has been done.

None have the vision for good, less are spiritual, their morals low, their ethics, pathetic - they are like cardboard. They are bland. Aho.