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Sunday, January 26, 2014


In recent months in San Francisco the "techies" are being hunted and haunted and told to their face - that they are not welcome - here in San Francisco.

These "techies" build their platforms using resources that are "free" and available for all.

They love to compromise and seek ways to steal, cheat, deceive, and pretend all is well. Sitting on millions and billions of dollars of ill gotten wealth.

Those that gravitate to the culture of making fast money lack spirituality and those that lack spirituality - are worthless - they are for sure not the salt of the Earth.

Cyberspace is not only for humans but for bees and other life like birds who have been zoning in and doing their thing.

That is until the greedy and bloody thirsty human being - wanting more - more for free - wants to grab as much as she or he can get - for FREE.

Now, the COMMONS - human beings who must enjoy that which is available for all - have been invaded by an entity that is selfish, arrogant, and what is most disgusting - plain, despicable.

San Francisco was never a place from the times the Ohlone made their abode here - a place for greed, avarice, lust, and things mundane. The "techies" and their disruptive manners - do not jive with decent San Franciscans. You must move - move closer to those dens - where you love to disrupt and make your -  mulha.

There is nothing "good" or "wholesome" - when you get something for "free" - make tons of money - and then want more and more and more.

Invading domains - where most us have built a life - that now these "vermin" - want to have and take it by undue force.

More because they have some money or just because they are experimenting or just because of plain - defiance - stealing data and thriving on it - illegally.

Birds, bees, whales, and millions of living species have ways to move from place to place - cyberspace was once the place to go. Not anymore with the "techies" causing all sorts of - disruption.

It is the same in the ocean blue - with the whales and other species - that did not have to deal with - sonar waves and sounds - that cause confusion and pandemonium. 

Now, "techies" having got what they wanted - amassed millions building platforms that serve some purpose - that mostly will fade away as more and more are challenged to tinker in cyberspace - and cause congestion with band with that once did not have too much traffic.

Closer to home these "techies" now want our bus stops for free - congest our free ways with ugly buses. 

They want it all - make all sort excuses, are bland and not nothing much to contribute - they are always taking - eating in our restaurants, failing to contribute culturally - they are bland - in a manner that defies - fairness, humanity, and plain compassion.

Techies have invaded the Mission and some other places - much like the despicable - era goons - where they would pay fifty time what the price was for most anything - just because they had the money.

The era in a matter of months - forced thousands of artists - " the soul of any culture " - out of San Francisco.

Those of us who remember those times - have not recovered from those pangs, trials, and tribulations.

Now, we have to deal with the "techies".

There is nothing wholesome about "TWITTER", "GOOGLE", and the likes of those who make their money now on "Wall Street" - that tool that harmed Main Street and still continues to hoodwink the constituents - faking and saying - that they want to play - fair.

Twitter has never made a profit - yet, the garbage talk linked to Wall Street - shares and and what have you - say; " invest in Twitter".

They will pay good dividends - there is no truth to this statement or to those that will follow. Twitter has never made a profit - so its entire presence anywhere is - artificial.

What is wrong with this picture? What is the difference between this talk - the sub-prime loans, and derivatives and what have you - that screwed us all up in 2008?

San Francisco is Ohlone land which these vermin have no clue about.

San Franciscans - those that build San Francisco - do not share the values of the "techies" and for that matter anyone that purports to defend them - be it any authority in this City and County of San Francisco.

The "techies" must be curbed, curtailed, and gently told to take their garbage - elsewhere.

No decent San Franciscan will tolerate the arrogant, deceiving, lying, techie - that strives and leeches off things - for free. Think about it.

If band with was curtailed. If a price was put on building platforms that steal, gather data without permission, laws enacted with stringent penalties - these scum bags - would flee and no one - any where would accommodate them.

Techies are bland - bland like cardboard - the apps and other stuff they create are temporary - and do not play any viable role in making our world - holistic and sustainable.

The misuse of band with, bombarding our cyberspace with unnecessary traffic - has not yet been monitored with due diligence. Time will tell.

It took a Snowden to bring certain issues linked to mega data and information gathered into prying into peoples privacy and breaking trust - intrusions of all sorts - to find out what our government was doing. Our representatives knew about it -  were part of it.

It is the same with San Francisco's City government and the San Francisco Board of  Supervisor - giving huge tax breaks to those "techies" who might as well go somewhere else. Much like the "bio science' companies at Mission Bay.

We fail to understand that cancer, tumors, and a host of diseases are caused by stress.

The "techies" are causing us stress - depriving those hard working poor - of their homes - be they rental or anything.

Forcing thousands of decent people to leave their neighborhoods. 

The "techies" are temporary and most anything they deal with is temporary. 

Twitter will die on the vine, so will Google - it is just a matter of time. Facebook is going down - that baby face Sucker - will soon have deep - wrinkles.

These "techies" cannot feed us, they do not contribute to anything holistic or wholesome - even as they sit on billions and millions of dollars. 

Tomorrow when the economy spirals down - these companies will be worth - nothing.

We must not harm our Earth - and we must encourage "simplicity" for all it is worth.

These so called platforms - are just that - you build them and they collapse - it is just a matter of time.

The tinkering of the sacrosanct in cyberspace and the disruption of life as it has evolved through  thousands of years - must be respected. Aho.