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Wednesday, January 15, 2014


The John Stewart Company which a Property Management Company with a sordid past - and more horrible present happenings - is known for evicting tenants and playing hell with San Franciscans. Good, decent San Franciscans and more from folks that have been evicted in Santa Cruz and other sites outside San Francisco - by the despicable John Stewart Company.

John Stewart once worked for Fanny Mae and was fired. But, that did not stop him from using all the crooked knowledge he has to take over properties - manage them, in some cases own them and fleece the tenants - and compromise Quality of Life issues.

Now the John Stewart Company after already adversely impacting hundreds at Hunterview very near Hunters Point Naval Shipyard and Parcel A which Lennar is developing - is now poised to adversely impact hundreds more - with its impending Phase II project.

As and when the John Stewart Company starts Phase II - and the City and County of San Francisco has agreed to give the John Stewart Company - over $45 million on a platter - helping to wipe out a certain segment of the population and cause untold - damage.

The John Stewart Company and those who build his units - are all racists. We know the history of these contractors in the past and know what they will do in the future.

They have all contributed to the campaign funds linked to David Chu, Malia Cohen, and others that I will name with proof in the future.

You could never imagine a Black Property Manager with Black contractors building thousands of units in a White Neighborhood.
Have you ever heard of such a fact - happening?

Yet, that is what happens each and every time in the Bayview Hunters Point area - white Property Managers, white contractors the likes of Nibbi - come in and do as they please.

Mercy Housing, the John Stewart Company, Bridge Developers, others crooked to the core - are all over the District 10 and are taking control of planned - Gentrification. 

Why cannot Blacks or other minorities build - if they have the skills in their own neighborhood.\?

We did it once with Ruben Santana and Rubecon and had no problems at first.

We had the problems when the job was completed - and Mr Ruben Santana was not paid and had to go to court and expand his own money. 

We understand having Bonding, we understand getting the permits, we understand have skilled workers, and so on and so forth. What is do not understand - getting shafted - each and every time. We must put an end to this.

Black sellouts like Malia Cohen continue to do damage started by Sophie Maxwell, and others - like Calvin Jones, Aurelius Walker, Lola Whittle, Veronica Hunnicutt, Doris Vincent - others all Black and all very despicable

David Chu signed a letter waving the 30 day rule - allowing a hearing where the three Supervisors voted to send the matter to the Full Board - the three on the Land Use committee voted on January 13, 2014. The matter to hand over $45 million so that the John Stewart Company - can exploit the poor - wipe out those that have lived in the homes - be it Public Housing - for many years.

The very next day the matter linked to the $45 million Bond was sent to the Full Board and voted - that was yesterday, January 14, 2014.

Why do we have to deal with such machinations, ploys, and shenanigans? Why?

Why are the Supervisors now participating with intent - in the gentrification of the poor in San Francisco.

All this linked to Public Housing - that has been run down with intent - so called deferred maintenance - to make room for such ploys - building so called mixed-housing - with no room for those that are low income and no income.

The advocates are fed up - and City Hall talks the talks - but cannot walk the walk.  God sees it all - and there are those that have BLOOD on their hands.

The greatest pity - Blacks selling out Blacks - desperate, for a few stale bread crumbs.

We are watching you - like a hawk.

This time around we will act swiftly and do not say you were not warned. You all crooks are put on notice.