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Thursday, January 9, 2014


San Francisco is a world class city that has chosen using its Planning Department - to take sides with forces that have deterred progress, adversely impacted thousands of tax payers; produced fewer affordable housing, made little progress when it comes to health and safety issues, less transportation issues - destroyed values that true San Franciscans have upheld for a long, long, time.

The recent changes favoring rampant development without fully paying attention to the General Plan, less the San Francisco Housing Element and so on.

The many issues dealing with the impending Big One - seismic issues, transportation, safety, health, education - in general Quality of Life issues - has forced thousands to leave San Francisco. Bye, Bye forever! Adios!

Among them thousands of stellar families - father, mother, and children - we will see them - no more. Of course the new once filling the avoid - would not know anything much - because they cannot see beyond their filthy, noses.

Less the perverts who have no values, less moral values, and the San Francisco Board of Supervisors who keep pandering, making deals and have failed to REPRESENT the people at large.

Right now we have a population of about 810,000 and this population will grow for all the wrong - reasons.

San Francisco always enjoyed good restaurants, serving good food with of course good chefs.

The same goes for clubs with good music and culture of a high standard - the artists are leaving town - the artists who are the "SOUL" of any culture. Those lacking culture - like most of our politicians would not know that - more the transplant from New York the likes of Scott Weiner, Jane Kim, and Carmen Chu the former Supervisor and now anointed - Assessor of the City and County of San Francisco. Making hay while the sun shines.

The politicians including the San Francisco Board of Supervisors - all of them - are dogs with fleas - no one respects them.

The advocates who once use to attend meetings - have left the fleas to suck on the dogs - San Francisco politicians are to say not educated on issues, spineless, inept - pathetic.

Leading the the pack Jane Kim, Malia Cohen, David Chiu, Scott Weiner, London Breed and David Campos. Time will tell.

Good representatives do not wait for hearing to be held - so that the constituents can vent - for the spineless, inept San Francisco Board of Supervisor to pretend to act - be it the Ellis Act evictions, the high rents driving thousands out of our beloved City, lack of sound transportation, poor health and educational facilities - congestion on our roads - getting worse and worse - each and every day.

The tourists are wondering what is happening to San Francisco - with homelessness competing with the tourists for all the wrong reasons.

Law Enforcement making excuses - working with the developers adversely impacting the good constituents -  forcing good people, tax paying constituents; on to a path that is laden with trials and tribulations.

2014 is the year that will reveal the true colors of this City and County of San Francisco.

The "techies" are in the hot seat and now can pay $1 to park their buses in the MUNI Bus Zones where if a San Francisco citizen parks - he or she pays a fine in the hundreds.  Go figure.

The "techies" be it Twitter, Zinga, SalesForce, you name them - cater to a certain segment of the population and have NOT contributed to creating and giving career jobs to most decent San Franciscans.

We had some nerds before and we have more of them now - they gaze deep into oblivion and those that gravitate towards them - can share their gaze - wallow in the cesspool of darkness - it is pathetic.

Thousands and leaving and there is a vacuum created - affordable rental units have gone - thousands taken in years past by the Academy of Art University.

Good rental units now turned to dorms for students - and for tourists - all with the illegal permission of the San Francisco Planning Department. In recent years Ellis Evictions, owners choosing to turn rental units into office space - just to make a fast buck.

Today thousands of Market Rate housing with Chinese money are are being built - and they will remain vacant - the good chefs are leaving, good people are leaving, and soon people who will be  living in San Francisco - will just live here in San Francisco - but seek what once we offered in terms of culture - elsewhere.

Those that talk the talk, have hearings, act after the fact - will make excuses but the exodus has already begun and those that we should have kept, given incentives - are gone - gone with the wind.

Trying bring the artists back to San Francisco.

Try interviewing the few artists that are here waiting to leave and hear what they have to say. No one seems to care.

The San Francisco Planning Department and the San Francisco Planning Commission has much to be accountable for - and they know it.

More and more - no one goes to the San Francisco Planning Commission - why should we - we do not want sit there and waste our time - while every effort in the last five years has been made to keep the public at bay - failing to notice and giving sufficient notice, failing to provide pertinent information - and failing due process.

The Planning Department; those of us who remember Larry Badiner and his ploys and machinations; the former corrupt Zoning Czar.

Now there are many of him - and all of them having a hay day. Why because Developers are paying SF Planning to carry out ploys and machinations - that no one would permit before - and all this done in the open.

30,000 units planned in the Southeast Sector and no Quality of Life issues discussed with the community at large?

Malia Cohen and Nandine Burke pandering with projects like the Wellness Center built against the wishes of the people at 3450 Third Street - in an area that is contaminated. Who is fooling whom? Why should our children be treated with disdain?

Lennar trying to hoodwink us with a $300 million loan given by the communist Chinese - East West Bank and other dubious entities - who invited Lennar into our community?

Hunters Point Naval Shipyard that has NOT been conveyed - yet named by Lennar as The Shipyard - well, you have seen nothing yet.

Name Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - the Superfund Playland - which it is - not abated, not mitigated, and for sure not cleaned.

Who wants to live in the middle of Chernobyl - Willie L Brown Jr the former "thug Mayor" - Rose Park his side kick and the one holding and filling the bag with ill gotten wealth?

Come on - the crooks have crossed the line - and time for the Rico Act to be enforced.

The San Francisco Planning Department has messed San Francisco and deprived decent constituents of opportunities for lasting progress.

Gentrification is encouraged by our current San Francisco Board of Supervisors - who are on the take - each and everyone of them - they all talk the talk but have failed to walk the walk. Aho.

Some aspects of the Housing Element and more - do your research and ponder well what has been done to our beloved City and County by crooks of the worst  order: