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Monday, January 20, 2014


The Ohlone have lived in the Bay Area for over ten thousand years.

In all that time they kept the land pristine, the rivers, and the air and most everything. Then came the strangers - and in less than two hundred years - contaminated the land, the water, and the air.

All of San Francisco belongs to the Ohlone - specifically the Muwekma Ohlone.

The land was stolen from them and 18 treaties signed by the United States government - were not ratified.

We all know - when the strangers first came they needed water, food, and shelter.

The Ohlone gave all the assistance and offered the best hospitality. And we also know who bit the hand that fed them. Who stabbed the Ohlone in the back.

The world is fully aware of the civilization of those that lived in the Bay Area for thousands of years - all carbon dated.

We have no one document - where the land we now call the Bay Area and cities like San Jose, San Francisco, Santa Rosa, others - that were handed over to any one entity - be it the Spanish, the Mexicans, or the United States - in a friendly and legal manner.

There is no document where the Ohlone were compensated. The paradox is the the Ohlone are not Federally Recognized - and this is a crying shame. The Ohlone like over 60% of the California Tribes are second class citizens in the United States - know better to them the First People - as Turtle Island.

All of the land was taken by force - and even though treaties were signed - the were never, ever - ratified. 18 treaties in all - all well documented - and all in the Courts of Law - the Courts take their time and the United States looks the other way.

This land in California is too precious for the thieves to give away.

We are in the year 2014 and someone must stand up and testify. We have NOT learned a thing, not an iota - from stealing, raping, lying, cheating and pretending that we are civilized.

The Constitution we know was heavily influenced by the Six Nations was practiced Democracy for thousands of years. The Iroquois tribes and other visiting the White House - when our Founding Father - had a working relationship. We know who was civilized, wiser, and who was not.

The thief always will use darkness to do evil.

We know who must shed the light where there is abject darkness - in years gone by, today, and in the future.

Today, we continue to build a concrete jungles stealing water from Hetch Hetchy, using clean drinking water to flush our toilets.

The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC) talks the talk when it comes to so called green project - but has no clue that the old contamination and pollution has NOT been dealt with. A lot of it created by the SFPUC nonchalant machinations.

We assume too much - we love fluff, and to pussyfoot around - and the time has come for a reality check.

The present drought we are experiencing may last of two or three years - testing our endurance and leadership.

The plans we have made with are weak and lack details plans for the future - we have immediate plans for sure - but we have no Blue Prints - to tackle any long term - situation. The SFPUC cannot look beyond its nose.

This year two major calamities hit us in the face - the Rim Fire that burned thousands of acres in and around Yosemite National Park - very close to the Hetch Hetchy - reservoir.

Followed in recent months by a drought - Governor Jerry Brown - declared an emergency when it came to the Rim Fire - and recently declared an emergency when it came to the present  drought - that will bring California and San Francisco - to its knees.

Southern California is experiencing real difficulties with the current drought - raging fires and fast winds - that have destroyed homes and property.

Most everyone - is wondering - why the drastic change in the weather and climate - this time around we usually get a lot of rain. We may blame Climate Change - but we must also take into account our behavior - that defies logic, is immoral, and favors destruction of all that once was good.

We have much to learn from those that practiced recycling, using just what they wanted - and never, ever exhibited the tendencies of the strangers - taking all they can get - and being greedy - looking at most everything with - lust.

The cattle cannot graze - the grass is dried out and brown.

We have had serious issues with our vegetables and fruit trees.

California is the bread basket and soon if we cannot address our water problems - we will have to rethink - a lot about - how we use water and what really happens to our Agriculture and other amenities and products that use a lot of water.

Closer to home the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission - as been wasting their time - getting involved in ploys, machinations and shenanigans.

They purport to have 2300 employees on their pay roll - have jobs for about 2138 - but no one know much - the left hand does not know what the right hand is doing.  Time for a reality check.

One Juliet Ellis has had a lot of time to plan and divert - over $200,000 to Green For All a non-profit she worked for before being appointed on the SF Public Utilities Commission - then been appointed Assistant General Manager for External Affair - having no direct qualification nor expertise in this field.

Taking an added salary from her former non-profit for years - which she had to pay back. Tell me who in the world should tolerate such nonsense. She must go and go before things get out of control.

Today she has hired five women who work with her to conduct nefarious activities - adversely impacting those that are doing their job - and impacting green issues that we need to better Quality of Life issues - in San Francisco.

Our weirs are in disrepair, our Force Mains need repairs - for sure the one that goes under Pier 80 that was and is compromised.

The Digester Project is in the Planning Stage - once implemented the stench and contamination - they say will be eliminated.

The stench that  the Bayview residents experience now - will hopefully be addressed. Hopefully there will be mitigation and restitution.

All those sitting on the Southeast Facility Commission are jokers. The just warm the chair - and have failed District 10. They have no clue about Environmental issues and less about Quality of Life issues. One sitting Commissioner - has got money from the SFPUC a grant - this is conflict of interest.

Juliet Ellis - the Assistant General Managee is in charge of distributing funds and has gone out of her way to give grants to Young Community Developers and Girls 2000.

Other crooked folks - who have never ever participated in a meaningful manner at the many SF Public Utilities Commission meetings, other focused meetings.

All that these entities do - is act like leaches and leach on the community - pretending to do something - while raking in the thousands. A simple audit of their books will reveal the truth.

Juliet Ellis and her minions - must resign - go away and do not think that if you smile at our faces and stab us in the back - we will tolerate your nonsense.

I told the SF Public Utilities Commission, the Mayor of San Francisco Edwin Lee, the General Manager Harlan Kelly - that those who are corrupt, who adversely impacted others who work hard - must be weed the likes of Juliet Ellis.

If not all of you will fall on your face.

The SFPUC has adversely impacted our Bay, our Air, and our land - and we must do - all in our power not to increase the on going contamination and pollution.

Already, thousands of units are being built for the rich - the concrete and the cement increases the Carbon Footprint in San Francisco.

From 4th and King to Midway - closer to Daly City - over 200,000 tons of Methane Gas spews in the air - one ton of Methane Gas equals 22 tons of Carbon Dioxide.

Our Minority students are not keen on studying contamination and addressing the diatribe of the mostly Whites who polluted the land, the water, the watershed, the air.

Who are now talking about Green Projects - riparian projects, grey water, clean energy, and so on - where the Federal, State, and Local governments are investing in millions of dollars.

Green and things green - Eco this and that and names that begin with Eco are heavily invested in.

The players are the same Whites that were involved with contamination.

The Whites were instrumental in "clear cutting our redwood and other forests", they were instrumental in wiping our thousands of Buffalo for their skin not for their meat.

Living piles of meat to rot and adversely impacting the environment - stepping on the cultural values of the Native Americans, the First People of the United States of America - better known as the First People - more as Turtle Island.

Closer to home the Ohlone are being treated with disdain. The San Francisco Planning Department has met the Muwekma Ohlone but does not have the decency to inform them, send them the proper notice - when it comes to large developments - and fake Environmental Impact Reports.

This is their land after all - stolen from them - and what goes around will come around. Karma.

The SF Planning Department has no clue about the Native American Graves Protect Act (NAGPRA) - less cares about the Precautionary Principle, less has any morals, ethics, and standards.

Mother Nature will get you - with the drought, the Big One - all the more who are spiritually bankrupt - evil folks who cannot fathom less comprehend what is right. Aho.

An Ohlone Village for the future and plans to purchase land: