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Friday, January 10, 2014


The last frontier is the Bayview Hunters Point, Candlestick Point, Sunnydale and more - the Developers want it all - and they want it without any meaningful dialog.

Over 30,000  housing units are planned most of it Market Value.

A causeway near Executive Park Exit coming from the South heading North. An expansion of the roads in the vicinity that today are in bad shape. And an added factor - some parts in dire straits and in need of repair.

The Developers want it all and it does not help that our San Francisco Planning Department is fostering greed and failing to inform the citizens of San Francisco - who pay the taxes.

While those on the SF Planning Commission tacitly agree with the SF Planning -  putting our City and County of San Francisco in jeopardy - creating the big mess that our City is in today.

It does not help that our infrastructure is not built for an additional 200,000 people in the short run and over 300,000 in the long run.

Where will be get the clean drinking water? Where will all the treated sewage go? Who is truly addressing Quality of Life issues?

Our roads are in bad shape and will be in a worse shape 10 years from now.

It does not help that the the roads are dug again and again - to accommodate those that want to lay pipes, cables, and what have you.

Our City purports that they have a system - but that is just talk - mostly fluff.

When Comcast, AT&T, on any entity wants work to be done - the over the counter permit is all they need - and they start work - as and when they want to.

In fact many a times they will start work and it will take them months to finish the work.

We see this all the time - and on occasion we are forced to contact some entities to speed the work.

You never see our representative the sordid ones - who we also call our SF Board of Supervisors - do anything for the public.

More, when it comes to traffic signs, bad roads, congestion, safety - they will talk the talk but fail - each and every time FAIL to walk the walk.

A glaring example David Campos - for 10 long months on San Bruno Avenue; the many customers and businesses that pay taxes - had to suffer untold misery. While the roads on San Bruno Avenue were asphalted and sewer pipes laid.

Even today the road - 10 months later -  have not been marked.

What is disgusting - they are marked to cause - confusion. 

Seeing is believing - once has just to go to San Bruno Avenue and Felton in San Francisco to witness the comedy. Then proceed to San Bruno Avenue and Burrows to see - more.

David Campos wants to run for higher office - but he has NOT served the Portola District well. He is one who loves to open his mouth and wag his tongue - and when he speak there is no stopping him. Much like a dog barking up the tree. Time will tell.

The last frontier some 2000 acres from Hunters Point to Sunnydale is the last frontier. The U.S. contaminated the area - first demolishing two huge hills - and using the dirt as infill.

Later contaminating over 800 acres including the Bay with atomic waste - experiments conducted - as part of the World War II operations.

Depleted Uranium was first tested at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - the land - all of the parcels over 700 acres still comes under the jurisdiction of the U.S. Navy.

Only Parcel A has been conveyed to Lennar Urban. Yet, Lennar Urban has the audacity to call Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - which is its correct name; now calling it  "The Shipyard "- to confuse the public.

The land is contaminated and has been designated by the United States Navy as a Superfund Site. Only the worse contaminated sites in the Nation - are put on the Superfund List.

Lennar Urban has NOT been invited by the community - to come into the community.

Lennar Urban has used money to buy sell outs mostly Blacks the likes of Sophie Maxwell, Dwayne Jones, Angelo King, Calvin Jones, Aurelious Walker, Lola Whittle Vincent Doris, Linda Richardson, Veronica Hunnicutt, and others - too many to mention and all mostly Black sell outs.

We also remember when it came to Proposition G - Diane Feinstein, Gavin Newsom, Sophie Maxwell, Carmen Chu, Bevan Dufty, and Jose Cisneros - chose to back Lennar Urban and turned their back on the constituents of San Francisco. Time will tell.

Lennar Urban is not to be trusted - more, using $300 million from the Chinese - East West Bank other nefarious entities - to "Land Bank" and screw the community. Much like Cattelus Corporation executed at Mission Bay.

The soil in the Southeast is mostly land fill and contaminated. Over 200,000 tons of Methane Gas spews into the air - one ton of Methane Gas equals 22 tons of Carbon Dioxide.

The City idiots keep telling us that the Carbon foot has been reduced; when all the time the air is getting polluted.

The land is polluted in most places in the Southeast and we have over 5000 toxic hot spots all over San Francisco. 

Add to that the traffic - the increase in traffic, the millions of vehicle spewing dangerous - particulates.

Why are we having an increase in chronic respiratory diseases, why are we having an increase in heart problems and cases. Why are our children suffering from headaches, burning eyes, and other chronic diseases linked to pollution and contamination.

The Bay is polluted and one can connect the dots - the U.S. Navy saw nothing in dumping over 1000 barrels on low atomic waste Farallones Islands - designated as a National Marine Sanctuary.

No wonder the women and other have high rates of cancer in Marin County - more those who swim in and around Stinson beach.

You can see the Farallones Islands on a clear day - off Ocean Beach on of beaches near the Golden Gate Bridge.

What most idiots do not know - is that initially the U.S. Navy dumped the barrels by Pier 98 in San Francisco; and when they did not sink - the U.S. Navy forgetting about buoyancy - shot at the barrels and sank them.

In later years for the U.S. Corps of Engineers dredged the area and placed the dredge and sludge on Pier 98 - what is now called Heron's Head Park.

Our City officials are not only dumb - they are all confused and confounded.

The Bay in and around Hunters Point Naval Shipyard, Pier 98, Pier 86, Pier 80, Pier 70 closer to the Ferry Building is contaminated - that is the waters from the Bay.

Run off from the Mercury mines, PCBs, Cesium from the atomic experiments,  Iodine, and a host of dangerous chemicals too many to mention - contribute to the contamination.

We have the empirical data - but the politicians cannot read - they cannot understand - they like others - "so called paid experts" to tell them what they want to hear.

No one should trust Lennar Urban - not after Lennar Urban polluted the air - with Asbestos Structures.

Lied to the Public, and thought we, the community could not take them on. We not only took them down but out of circulation for a long time.

Round number two - the Communist Chinese money is aiding Lennar Urban - but, not for too long.

The Chinese will not give you money for nothing - they know what they are doing - and in the end the Chinese will be dictating the terms. I know how they work - as I have been monitoring them for a long, long time.

As to the Black sell outs in the Bayview Hunters Point - your time has arrived - you have the BLOOD of our children on your hands.

Selling the community - working for Lennar Urban - the most despicable developer in the Nation - the United States of America.

The land all of it belongs to the Ohlone. In this case the Muwekma Ohlone. The land was stolen. 18 treaties signed by the United States Government and the Ohlone were not ratified.

The thieves continue to pollute, contaminated, and build concrete jungles and think nothing of it.

They increase the Carbon Footprint - the educated know that - concrete and tons of it - generates pollution and increases the Carbon Footprint. 

We are running out of time - those that know must speak the truth.

The crooks must not be permitted to have it their way.

More so - at the expense of the children.

The hard working constituents that mean well - and think the City and County will take care of them.

 Not these crooks - on the City's payroll - the worst that exists anywhere on this planet - Earth.