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Saturday, January 11, 2014


There is a turbulence in the neighborhoods and even the elderly stop  me and ask me what exactly is happening - in the Mission, in the Western Addition, in the Avenues, in the Bayview, in and around City College - all over the place.

Petty crime is on the increase - crime period in small measure and large - stress people out.

Early in the morning people go to work - only to be jumped upon - whatever the have taken from them. In the evening it is the same - more so when it becomes dark - and there are lack of patrols.

Some fight back and get hurt - only for those that are suppose to do their work to tell them - surrender - do not fight back - "see what happened to you".

Who really is addressing Quality of Life issues?

Who at City Hall has taken the time to speak to the people?

How about the Mayor having Town Hall meetings - much like the Budget Meetings - then he can invite Twitter, SalesForce, Zinga, Webcor, GOOGLE, AECOM, Platinum Consultants, Nibbi, Jacobs, and the many that come here - and take more and give less - and ask them before all what have they done lately?

At such Town Hall meeting a base-line negotiation can be done for training and career jobs. You want to be innovative - let us do it in public - we know what is done behind close doors - the millions raked in.

We once had the Mayor's Office of Criminal Justice a mode that worked. No more.

Now we have a couple of people - giving the Mayor the worse advice he could get - these folks that make good money - have no clue what is happening at ground zero.

Power had gone to their head and they are so out of sync that it is impossible to get anything from them. The community is suffering and it is time that we get rid of these folks - and started doing really work - at ground zero - after away from City Hall known for spewing - diatribe.

I was there when RAP was doing good work - but they got so caught up in the real work - and they screwed on the accounts and the administrative duties. And that was the end of that.

Following the RAP model - some of us created the Community Response Network model  in the early 2000- but again again people who had no clue came into the fold - and pretended they could operate the program.

Too many failures because the leadership and operation have to be centered and worked by the community with fully accountability and transparency. 

These so called paid employees are looking for their own interests - you can see how they flutter from one job to the other.

Take Diana Oliva-Aroche for example from Coleman Advocates, to working for Maria Su and now Mayor Ed Lee.

 Look at the Henderson guy - he will not take a Judge's appointment - but he loves hanging around the Mayor and screwing things up. When is the last time we interview the community - met them and asked them pertinent - questions. He cannot - he does not know anything about family values, less children, less the violence that stems from lack of opportunities.

Ask him about the Housing Element, what is happening with the latest Transportation Plan, what happened with PERF and the man will look at you - and wonder what you are talking about.

Henderson has no clue about the community - we want real men and real women - with cultural competency to do the real work and do it in an excellent manner - working daily with the community and making good things - happen.

Ask Henderson what does he know and how has he tried to implement the PERF report?:

Thousands of families are leaving San Francisco - this is a fact - it is NOT fiction and no one cares. People are talking in circles - we have hot spots in San Francisco - with high crime and high unemployment. Of course those making in access of $100,000 do not care.

Our Health System is failing the constituents and you just have to go incognito to the Emergency Room at San Francisco General Hospital to see things for yourself.

You have to go and personally visit the Juvenile System - to see what is happening. Why so many youth are incarcerated and why we have failed our children, our youth, and young adults.

None of the activities linked to Community Work - where quick action is required should be transferred at City Hall.

City Hall is a mess - and the more people  congregate at City Hall - the more mundane they are - the more stupid they become - full of hot air. 

They love to talk the talk but fail each and every time to walk the walk. Wasting their time at meetings - and they nothing to show. These nonsense has been going for years - you see them whiling their time - while the community in the neighborhoods are suffering.

Where some one like me has to put in my money - my hard earned money - to help and teach the City how we can address the issues - using Cultural Competency models to make things work.

What has become of our City? I have spoken to the Mayor Ed Lee. I have spoken to the Chief of Police - Gregory Suhr - not on the streets, not in the hallways - but at my office - face to face. What is happening?

We have serious issues in the neighborhoods.

The lack of good jobs - many working two and three jobs to keep the family happy but more to pay the rent. Five to ten people in a room - much like what use to happen in China Town.

The Mayor knows this and others know this - but they just talk and when after waiting, and waiting, waiting for Godot - you say something - they call it "tirades".

Well there is only so much nonsense anyone can take.

Take the Main Library for example - a Social worker was hired, Security hired - but if you have an influx of people who dirty the place.

Fail to keep the toilet and surrounding area at the Main Library clean - who are mentally challenged and shout and scream - in a library that is supposed to be a "quiet place" there is only so much of license that can be permitted.

So when the Mayor got the reports and understood that he; as the Mayor - had to do something - he said something - much like I am saying something.

And just like that the wheels kept moving - those few trouble makers - have been put on notice and things at the Main Library - are A - Orkay.

In the Southeast Sector there is much work to be done - and the City at large has not paid attention to the many children who go to bed hungry. One is three of our children go to bed hungry. Time to build - soup kitchens in our community - TWITTER, WEBCOR, NIBBI, PLATINUM CONSULTANTS, ROSE PAK, WILLIE L. BROWN, ZINGA, DIANE FEINSTEIN, RICHARD BLUM, NANCY PELOSI, OTHERS CROOKED TO THE CORE - CAN SPEND SOME OF THEIR ILL GOTTEN WEALTH AND MAKE IT HAPPEN.

The City sas not paid attention to transportation where the youth and young adults - have to cross turfs - to go to work and school. 

Law Enforcement is never found on the buses - they like to play it safe - roving in the police cars - and ganging up with MUNI inspectors forcing some poor person who has no money - to pay a fat penalty - money that he does not have - to make a moot point.

We have our priorities all screwed up - with most Law Enforcement coming from outside to receive a fat salary.

Hardly anyone understands the neighborhood and less the cultural values. Few can speak two languages and this nonsense has been going on for a long, long time.

Para-military tactics will take one so fare only - and what goes around will come around. KARMA.

None of the Law Enforcement have any clue about Restorative Justice as it is practiced with all around services - and everyone participating.

The Mayor should be at the fore front - telling the youth in our neighborhoods - that they are loved, that they will be protected, that they part of our City's fabric.

We like the fun fare - the BATKID fun fare - the publicity that makes headlines.

But, then after a few days - no one remembers.

If the City has come together to support one kid who is not from San Francisco - why cannot the City and County of  San Francisco with a over $9 BILLION dollar budget - support all our children - one in three go to bed hungry.

What would Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. say about San Francisco? What would Nelson Mandela say about our children suffering? What has our City said - really about our children suffering?

Why is our education system so poor that our children are forced to take extra classes to make up and attain some standard.

Worldwide we are 28th of so - and that is pathetic enough - we, must challenge the San Francisco Unified to do better.

Do better with feed our children a good breakfast, sound transportation of which there is none.

Sound security and zero bullying.

Teacher punishing children who have language problems - putting them in cages and making them stand for hours - primitive methods that our City has no clue about - adversely impacting hundreds - parents, friends, classmates and of course the victims.

On the street all sorts of drugs - more synthetic pills brought legally from China - and sold to our youth.

The Mayor should be briefed on this and let us see Diane Oliva-Aroche and Henderson give some clear input at a Press Conference on this issue.

They love their pay - they want it bad - but they cannot do their job - simply, because they are not educated on issues.

Have no clue what is happening at ground zero. Time for a drastic change - the chaff must go - tossed out and time for a real change is now.

Do you guys want to have a dialog - my office is open - do you want a debate at a public forum - well, bring it on.