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Saturday, January 25, 2014


There are too many factors piled on the poor and those that are finding it very difficult to live in San Francisco - good, decent - families.

One must make choices - and when the times comes for those who have graduated - who cannot find a place to live in San Francisco.

To stay around - are forced to shack up with five to eight people in a room - something, really stinks with the San Francisco City and County of San Francisco and its poor housing - policies.

Everywhere you go the cry is where the housing for those that can afford it. You could make $60,000 and find it very difficult to get a one bedroom - that goes for $3,000. Costing you $36,000 just for your rent. Figure out the rest? Health, education, food, and so on.

You can watch the charades at the SF Planning Department - no one ever has studied the base line data to live in a City like San Francisco - for a family of two or four.

Even if you earn $40,000 to meet with some of the criteria set by our City - if you fall prey to sickness or have to pay some fine that comes your way - things like this set you back - and one thing leads to another and you find yourself - homeless and hapless.

In the last four years - the divide has grown - we see it before our eyes but we cannot do much.

In parts of Bayview the unemployment rate is as high as 40% - the Mayor of San Francisco - says he has brought it to 5% and that it used to be 12%.

Where he gets his figures - is anyone guess.

He might as well tell us that the Seahawks lost and that the 49ers are going to the Superbowl!

It does not help the Bayview - to have an inept, spineless, immoral, and unethical representative like Malia Cohen. She says she represent District 10 and time has come for her to go.

Malia Cohen has show disdain for our children, our seniors, and anyone that matters. Call her office for some help and see what you get. The woman is something else - her red lipstick, hair do, and that is all is cares about. Ask her when is the last time she walked the streets to talk to those that have nothing to do - but while away their time - most of them Blacks.

She has no clue about Workforce, less about training, still less about education, and even less when it come to health and transportation issues. Quality of Life issues in general.

Malia Cohen has turned her back on our children in the Bayview.

Our elders who worked to hard and now cannot get anyone to listen to them - not a single meaningful meeting, no one cares to get any advice from our Senior - it is as if they do not count and that they do not exist.

We have many in our community who have a good history and have won the respect of leaders on the State and National level - these leaders are not consulted - you may ask a person like Dr Espanola Jackson and find out what she has to say.

A knowledgable  person like Veronica Shepherd, a person who is educated on issues like Kevin Williams - I could name more - these are the last souls that will speak the Truth and know the history of our area. What is more care for our people.

This land belongs to the Ohlone to be precise the Muwekma Ohlone - and in less than 200 years - what was once pristine - has been turned into a concrete, contaminated, jungle.

I represent them and so I can take you on - the evil who do not care and only care about filling your campaign coffers - and those petty minions - waiting for the stale, bread crumbs, selling your soul - every time you forget yourself and human dignity.

The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission is poised to spend Billions - yet, does not have a plan to train and educate our youth - women and men to prepare themselves to get career jobs.

Much like the time when Model Cities - had some viable roots in the Bayview Hunters Point area - and helped many get career jobs -  up to now -  many own their own businesses.

Southeast Sector Community Development Corporation has gone out of its way to plan, present, and hand two niche "programs" to the SF Public Utilities Commission on a platter - free of charge.

The Contractor's Center took over three year to come to fruition - but, there is no incentive to make it work.

So, now we the community will make it work. Never mind if Mayor Ed Lee and Harlan Kelly who is the General Manager - continue to take credit for it - in their fluff - public appearances and vain talk.

We the people will make it happen.

We the people pay the taxes.

We the people can take the lead and attain some viable, results.

We have some folks in the SF Public Utilities Commission - the likes of Juliet Ellis and her minions - who are wasting their time and wasting tax payers money.

Five people on an average making over $175,000 a year plus benefit - and doing nothing - in the Department managed by Juliet Ellis.

Juliet Ellis who purports to be the Assistant General Manager of External Affair and is not qualified for the job.

She hired in recent months - four people all women - who do her bidding - even though she is under investigation and has tarnished the good name of the City and County of San Francisco. Juliet Ellis must go.

Over 30,000 units are planned at Huntersview, Hunters Point Naval Shipyard, Oakdale, Alice Griffith better known as Double Rock, and Sunnydale.

The land for years catered to those who were poor, a lot of public housing catering to the indigent, and many rose up to work for the City of San Francisco - as MUNI drivers, the Department of Public Works, the SF Health Department, the the many hotels and hospitals - but today find themselves living in units that are in poor shape. Many have been evicted to make room for a large Property Manager like the John Stewart Company - to rake in million building dense housing.

The San Francisco Housing Authority under Amos Brown - with intent let the public housing units go down.

Using methods like - " deferred maintenance " - initiating all sorts of machinations, ploys, and shenanigans.

Amos Brown is now a wounded lion - struck with three strokes - adversely affecting his health and speech - the wounded lion - attempts his fain roaring - but, no one pays attention to a man, who is bitter - that will leave NO - legacy.

It is the same with some other so called Black leaders - who want to protest - but they have no following.

How can you call for a Citywide protest - saying that Black cannot get jobs - and protest against the 49ers -d when you sent the clarion call - less than fifteen people showed up.

It points to poor leadership - and Amos Brown and his followers - have sold out our City and sold out more the Black population. Amos Brown represent himself - and must understand that. If he continues interfering in the Bayview he will upset many and face some legal consequences.

Time for the NAACP to remove him from leadership - time to form other NAACP chapters - I pay my dues to the National Headquarters.

If you your dues to the local chapter - you get no receipt. Who is pocketing the money? The people want to know.

The Black community is dwindling - less than 4% and soon there will no substantial force of Blacks - the divisiveness created is because of lack of spirituality.

Tradition values from the South gone North - and shame on those that worship - MAMMON.

Amos Brown says he is a pastor -  how can one be a good pastor - conduct public meetings is a brash, rude, and arrogant manner?

 I know the man and have seen him - again and again - think, that he only and solely- knows it all - times have changed.

Again and again Amos Brown and other Black clowns purport they know it all - having a protest at the Candlestick Park and trying to deceive the public.

All the time - working with Willie L. Brown Jr and others - and getting funding, contracts - and raking in the thousands. Do not force me to name names - change your ways - now, while the going is good.

Malia Cohen, Amos Brown, the other most Black Pastors who use to be on the payroll of Lennar - the likes of Calvin Jones, Aurelious Walker, others to demeaning to mention -  must be ashamed of themselves.

A pastor must take care of his sheep - not rake in money and wallow in lust, greed, envy, avarice, and other demonic ways.

Where in the gospels does Jesus teach a pastor to be a developer? 

Where in the gospel does it instruct those that must lead - to deceive, cheat, lie, and betray the community?

There are those that continue to worship MAMMON and they are so full of it.

We, the few that are left - who have the real history, who can represent - must stand up and do the right thing.

The fake with fluff written all over the face like Malia Cohen must go away - be done with - she has created a mess and thinks, truly think all is fine. No way - you are a disgrace to the human race.

Anyone who has take a dollar from Lennar, the Rogue Developer for example - has tarnished her or his soul - we do not respect them.

Not when Lennar, the Rogue Developers - with "intent" harmed our children.

You may think we are not watching you - you the ones that do - evil. We are watching you like a HAWK.