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Saturday, August 31, 2013


We are a land of laws - again and again - we are confounded by people at all levels who break laws.

Surely, we know some one who has done this - but, in recent times - immoral, unethical, people who have no standards - at all levels - have been caught with their hand in the cookie jar.

Once where we had standards - we have unethical practices.

The Rim Fire has burned over 219,277 acres - that is a lot of land - forests one of a kind - camp grounds and more - devasted the live of thousands.

More, affected millions - who treasured the good times - when they spend they younger days at retreats in the camps that are now chared.

As they grew up and had children - grandparents, grown ups -  in their older days - more when they took their children, relatives, and friend to God's country - they will go ther now - but more to weep and recall what was there - but, is there no more.

Now, we hear staunch reports that the Rim Fire may have started - by some entity - growning Marijuana plants.

I have seen such plantations - illegal plantation - and told that they are bobby traps - and many have been injured and other killed - all on Federal Land - where such illegal activities are prohibited.

Most of the entities who grow these plants in very large quanties - are White - more Rednecks.

Time is on the side of Truth - so, it is just a matter of time - when we will findout. 

There is a very slight possibility that this may not be true - if that is the case - I will issue an apology. As things stand today - my sources tell me the illegal Marijuana Plantation is the source of the Rim Fire.

Fire experts report of no lighing and such sightings - so this probability is strong evidence - further investigation - is in process - and we all await the concrete - results. Gossip is not what we adhere to.

My point is simple - again and again - we see entites steeped in greed, immoral, unethical, - stoop down and do what they do best - steal, cheat, bluff, carry on illegal activites - do the devil's work - but get caught.

If these entities are caught - for sure they will go to jail - and pay restitution.

The damage they have done is immense to the area - over 220,000 acres burned to the ground.

Growing illegal plants in the thousands is illegal - more on Federal property.

In fact  - on any property for that matter.

Judging how intense the fire was - at the origin where the Rim Fire started - we say the probability of such an illegal activity -growing Marijuana Plants - in a remote locality - but probably with electricity tapped illegally - can create such a scenario - as we have seen with the Rim Fire.

Paradoxically, to take to another time - in the late 1880s early 1900s - the Forest Department at the time of the Raker Act 0f 1913 - and before - were in favor of controlling and having jurisdication of the millions of acres of e Forest with a hidden agenda. 

Here we find the Forest Department -  the National Park Service, the Bureau of Land Management - failing to abide to the motto -  more in the case of the National Park Service - " Preservation and Protection"

Preserving our Forests is no mean task - and in the 1900 we had the all Black - Buffalo Soldiers in California in the Yosemite Area - and in today's Sequoia Park do yeomen service - in protecting and preserving - carrying out due maintenace.

Not deferred maintenance as it the case with the U.S. Forest Deparment - in charge of our Federal Lands.

History records the work of the all Black soldier - the Buffalo Soldier - they name them - in a nonchalant manner - as the "Calvary".

No mention they were all Black soldiers - respect by most for their hard work - stellar in maintaining, caring for, and provideing a Standard Operating Procedures - in all they did - be it grading ground, building "French Trenches" - building roads, providing security and more.

The Buffalo Soldiers excelled but not in the eyes of the White who discrimated and do so until today  - more the all White, racist, agency that was formed in 1916 - the National Park Service.

The Forest Department is now making excuses - but, I have seen them falter again and again - they can never, ever live up to any meaningful - standard.

The Louisana Purchase and the War with Mexico - gave the Untied States control and jurisdiction of vast amount of land.

We know how the terms of the Homestaead were conducted - favoritism shown to those who had connections. Free land given to build homes, grow crops, keep cattle, and contribute to the well being of the area.

Some one who had connection could own - thousands of acres of land - just because they were White - and planted some stakes - and took some survey - and had the money to notarize the deed - many of them fake.

Federal Lands that came under the categories mentioned aboue -  gave the Federal agencies conrolled over millions of acres.

Just like that the Department of Interior, the Burea of Land Managemnet, the National Park Service, the U.S. Forest Department - had millions of acres - given to them - to care for - and had no clue how to manage them - before as well as now.

All the land belonging to the Native Americans. Who until today suffer on reservations - America is the only Nation - to take the people from the land they owned - and put them on "reservations". And we call our Nation the land of laws.

John Muir for example loved the Hetch Hetchy Valley but the crooks and corrupt in San Francisco - wanted to dam the Hetch Valley to store water -  avoid the hardships and pandemonium they experienced when the Earthquke vistied San Francisco in 1906.

It was not uncommon to buy a bucket of water for $5 or $10 in the early 1900s. In those days one could buy a bag of peanuts for 5 cents, and most anything for a few dollars.

The Railroad barons all had assets outside San Francisco and gold and silver to play with in San Francisco. Comstock.

These evil railroad barons and others who made their money falling the gold rush years - 1849 Gold Rush Episode - had money to influence Congress and do pretty much - what they wanted.

Much like the present San Francisco Public Utilites Commission and the present state of affairs - crooks keep at their jobs - when they should have been fired a long time ago.

Juliet Ellis comes to mind - but there are others. Close to Hetch Hetchy a Supervisor showed his penis to a woman worker. Later even gave her a video tape of some sexsual performance. Blatant sexual treatmen. Treated this decent woman with indignities for years.

No one from SF Public Utilies Commission came to her rescue.

 An outside agency - took the matter to court  - and this former SF Public Utilities Commission employee, a woman - was given a Court award. About $200,000.

The Supervisor fired - but it all took years - and this is what happens - at the SF Public Utilities Commission - all the time.

At a another location South from San Francisco proper - the SF Public Utilities Commission employess - at a Pump Station - were busy - watching - pronographic material. Some were fired - most reprimanded.

Such cases are found within the National Park Service too.

The U.S. Forest Department too - most Whites who feel they are in total control - and can do as they please.

Commiting illegal activities - doing anything they want, with anyone; including immoral actions in the open.

All this and more which the law purports illegal. These corrupt SFPUC employees do it, anyway - more to have control over - those they target.

For decades these "evil people" did as they please with impunity.
Today, because many have crossed the line - they are being investigated - but many continue to work - like Juliet Ellis - a despicable woman.

We will find out soon more about these agencies - and the dereliction of duty.

Stupid - SF Public Utilities Commission employess telling us all the well at the Hetch Hetchy dam - when it is not.

Telling us that all is well at Calavares - when it is not.

Telling us that they know hiring Juliet Ellis and her minions -  is under control -when these actions - will come to haunt the SF Public Utilities Commission.

The Federal agencies doing the investigation do not play - I hope some one goes to jail for a long, long time.

Sending a message to those who get grants - conflict of interests - they ones that get favors because of evil folks like Richard Blum who is connected to URS - and Willie L. Brown Jr. connected to AECOM. And there is more.

The Rim Fire has opened a can of worms - and this horrid state of affairs could not have come at a better time.

More, to open the eyes of the many - buffoons who work at the SF Public Utilities Commission at 525 Golden Gate Avenue.

Think about it - when you folks involved in the on going corruption - read this article - and ponder - you will fall FLAT on your face.