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Thursday, August 29, 2013


Many talk the talk but fail to walk the walk. Yesterday - was just that one day - with all sorts folks, full of gimmick, ploys and shenanigans - jumping on the bandwagon Peace, Compasson, Justice, the Civil Rights a worthy achiement in our Nation - trying to vie with the aspirations of Dr Martin Luther King Jr. - and falling short - so short that they look up for help.

If only the world knew who was with Dr Martin Luther King Jr and who was not. That famous speach and march was not about anything but JOBS - and the march funded in great measure by the UNIONS.

Many of the key organizers on that memorable day - when expected the large crowds. The conscience of the Nation was awakened - and people came from all over - and the Mall was filled, over filled and so this day - people who were there - and saw, witnessed history - cry - tear of joy. It was a perfect storm for change - brought my millions all over the Nation - that knew better.

A silent - more stronger force - was prayer - a force that we have not learned to embrace with humility and sincerity today. A shallow vessel makes loud noises - that is what we have today - loud noses - that make no sense.

Few pray, fewer still medidate - few still believe in the power of Unity in Prayer - Dr Martin Luthers King Jr. knew that, practiced Non-Violence and took this Nation futher than anyone one man has in the History of this Nation.

The times were different - people mostly Whites caught in their bias - thinking no end to themselves - especially those associated with slavery.

Folks from the South mostly - entrenched with views - that could not jive - with what was about to happen - equal righs for Blacks who until then were treated like second class citizens - could not vote - could not have access to what most other had.

So, the day came when that memorable speech was made.

The most important element of the speech - the one we call and remember with fondness - the " I have a dream speech" as we call it - was not written down as it was heard by millions.

The most inspirational parts of the speech - came from within, the struggle - and premonition - of the events to come. The Great Spirit that watches - everything.

Today we lack Black leaders such as Dr Martin Luther King Jr - we have other Black leaders - mostly shallow, loud mouth, uneducated on issues, spineless, inept ones - all wanting to jump on that bandwagon of emptiness - saying the are with Dr Martin Luther King Jr but they are  not - they and those that follow them will go no where.

Even the Supreme Court recently stabbed the Civil Right Movement - by ruling against the most salient and worthy aspects of the Voting Right Act - recently.

This article is also about the Native Americans - who have always shown more of a brotherly and sisterly love - from the times - when the slaves run away and found succor with friendly - Native American tribes - towards all Blacks.

That silent bond between those Blacks - more those that inter-married with the Native American - is strong up until today.

Hoever - not looked favorably by the Whites - who are still are entrenched in the cesspool of their own creation - sordid to the core and evil.

The recent downfall of our economic in the year 2008 - brought about by the Zionists who hover everywhere where there is money.

The war that led us with justification to declare war in Iraq - has tainted the conscience of this Nation. The American people are fedup with the lies, and more lies.

Humanity and Compassion cannot be artificial - and some of these minions - want to have it their way - they want it all - they will kill, steal, rape, lie, plunder, waste - and take it all as if there was no - tomorrow.

Those are the scum of the Earth who landed on Turtle Island - and until today are restless - because they feel uneasy on land that they know they stole - the First People that they do not respect - and values that the strangers - cannot fathom - because they are closer to the devil and are evil.

Today in America the land of the Native American - whom I called the First People.

Indigenous people - who I have fought for so much for all these many years.

First People - always doing what is right - putting first things first - doing things the right way according to the norms of the Great Spirit.

Mother Earth was meant to be cared for - much like a woman cares for her child. No one need to tell the Mother what is good and what is bad for the child.

The First People have that keen and deep relationship with Mother Earth. Deeply, inculcated in them - their very being is blessed - as if by osmosis they know what is right and what is wrong - and how to care; foster deeds linked to wisdom - and how to survive.

So, for thousands of years - the First People cared for Mother Earth - they named Turtle Island.

That is until the Whites came and screwed it all - screwed it all so bad - in a mere two hundreds years.

This pathetic record - cries to the Great Spirit for justice, fair play, restitution and adjudication.

In the year 2013 - with a Black President - President Barack Hussein Obama - one would have thought  - all Native American tribes - would be Federally Recognized - but, this has not happened.

There is talk, vain talk, empty words by we have yet to find a stellar leader - to do the right thing - and recognize the Native Americans - the First People - in this their own land.

The strangers have it all - the Zionist want it all.

Most decent people sympathize with the Native Americans.

What the Native Americans need at this crucial point in our human history is respect and recognition.

All the tribes to be put on the Federal Register - so that they can receive the benefits - anyone who is a citizen like myself - receives.

Finally, Dr Martin Luther King Jr would be ashamed of most of the present Black leaders, today - who pretend to know what Dr Martin Luther King Jr stood for.

Most of them hypocrites - they know it - because when they speak - their words fall on deaf ears.

The conscience is  powerful inhibator and source of empowering and guiding any decent human being. 

Treating all decent human beings right is a given - it is dealing with the sordid, those that follow the life of a pervert, that taints everything.

These elements are positioning themselves -  purport to make their own laws, seek their own governance steeped in lust mostly - that destroys the work of any decent person - and that includes Dr Martin Luther King Jr. Aho