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Friday, September 6, 2013


The Buffalo Soldiers are unique.

In my life time - I was fortunate to befriend many Buffalo Soldiers - they all left a very deep, impression on me - and my love for them knows no bounds.

Cmdr Ulysses Moore well known in many circles - died at the ripe old age of 97. May his soul rest in peace.

Right now those in charge are trying to make arrangements to fulfill and respect his last wishes. His coffin will be shipped to Mississippi.

A memorial will be held in his honor and will be funded by those who really loved him in life.

This Memorial Event will be held at the Presidio of San Francisco. Arraangement are being made, funds collected, and the Army and others are informed and will come to the rescue of the stellar and well respected Buffalo Soldier - my good friend - Cmdr Ulyssess Moore.

He stool tall in life, fought like a lion, and never, ever cowed down.

He wanted much to be attained, good - and even in his last days - he always wanted the legacy of the all Black Buffalo Soldiers - to live a lasting impression - that he, himself - represented in life.

Cmdr Ulysses Moore always gave his all. Unlike thos who talk the talk and never, ever walk the walk.

Cmdr Ulysses Moore - fought hard to get a place in the Presidio to honor the Buffalo Soldiers.

He managed against odds to get a place that he hoped in his life time - he could get a place and name the place - "  Buffalo Soldier Museum ".

That HOPE can be kept alive - if General Colin Powell and other women and men of good faith - can pool their power - and make good things happen.

There is something in the air - and it makes me shout out and say - that at that unique, soon to be planned Memorial Ceremony - in honor of Cmdr Ulyssess Moore - something great will be annonuced.

I just feel it in my bones.

Buffalo Soldiers are unique and it take years for them to reveal the secrets of their lives. I knew Cmdr Ulyesses Moore - for over 25 years. As I did another Buffalo Soldier Rob Hobson - who also passed away.

I made sure to take Cmdr Ulysses Moore to that funeral - where he spoke with gusto - that was about 15 years ago. He was thankful that I took the time - to make the arrangement to take him - to bid farewell to another Buffalo Soldier that I had introduced him to. Buffalo soldier Hobson - passed away in Vallejo.

In all those times - I stood by Cmdr Ulyssess Moore -  people like Dr Espanola Jackson, David Wilkins, Andrew Bozemnen, Bruce Giron, others too many to mention - know what I am talking about. 

Today Ken Johnson has taken upon himself as a proud Black man - to work on the Memorial Event - with a little help from those that can lend a helping hand.  Help the brother please.

Telephone Ken Johnson only if you want to help him: 415.678.9282

In the Bay Area most anything is possibe with stellar folks like Cmdr Eve Purvis-Allen and others - who have agreed to step up and ride, ride, ride with the Buffalo Soldiers.

As long as I have breath, as long as my heart throbs, as long as my senses prompt me, and inspireme - lead me towards the essence of what the Buffalo Soldiers stood for - I will do what is possible.

These tasks have come my way before many times - I have not shirked my duties and obligations.

Now, I have other folks too many to name who say to me - "Bother we can lend a helping hand". This is your time to shine - be proud to be Black and be proud of the All Black Buffalo Soldiers. Time to ride - ride, ride, ride, ride, ride .....

The Spirit of the Buffalo Soldiers prompts me to guide, put a Blue Print together, share my expirience and pass the torch to those worthy of the task - as is with this choice topic we are reading about. With God as my guide and humility as my weapon of choice - we can stand tall and deliver.

Each time a Buffalo Soldier passes away - something happens to my being.

A flash back to those that once wanted to tear down the Buffalo Soldiers buildings the 500 seriis buildings - and how we put a stop to that sordid action - by the Lombard Gate at the Presidio of San Francisco.

How David Wilkins, Anthony Powell and self - put a proposal - a stellar proposal before the Presidio Trust - only to be led on - and denied, support.

How recently at the San Francisco Port Authority's 150 Anniversay celebration - we put together a Buffalo Soldier Exhibit with the assistance of Anthony Powell at quick notice - and paid for the entire exhibit - oursleves.

There is only so much we few can do - again and again - this lock, stock, and barrell operations -where we are kept in the dark - have to overcome too many hurdles - take on the task at great peril - and make good stuff - happen.

Much before the National Park was created in 1916 the Buffalo Soldiers cared for the Federal Lands.

The all Black Buffalo soldiers wrote the Standard Operatiing Procedures - so that the all White newly created - National Park Service who favored nepotism - could some how - attain the standards of the Buffalo Soldiers - maintained and adhered to.

Few know about the Commander in the parks Captain Charles Young a Buffalo Soldier the third African American to graduate from West Point.

When President Theodore Roosevelt visited San Francisco his escort were his favorite Buffalo Soldiers - many of whom fought with him in Cuba - the Rough Riders.

The Presidio has over 500 Buffalo Soldiers buried in the Veteran Administration Cemetery - situated in the middle of the Presdio of San Francisco.

Some years ago - Cmdr Ulysees Moore made it his mission to plant a flag on each and every grave - with the assistance of those volunteers who adhered to him.

Initially I helped him with the logistics - when I worked at the Presidio of San Francisco - first for Sixth U.S. Army, then for the National Park Service, and finally for the United States Park Police.

We took long walks in the years from 1999 to 2002 - Cmdr Ulyssess Moore and I - pointing to various places of interest - I giving what the spirit prompted me to say - taking in the ambience of the environment, the Presidio established in 1776  - rich in history - where once hundreds of Buffalo Soldiers - called the Presidio their home.

On the Main Post the 100 series buildings built by Helleck a Black architect over 110 years old.

When the White Officers - the likes of  General Pershing - affectionately called  "Black Jack" lived in housing provided by the Army - the Buffalo Soldiers had to live in tents - by El Polin Springs.

After arriving at Fort Scott from long missions mostly during Summer - 160 miles miles awasy today's Sequoia Natinal Park and Yosemits National Park and more - the White Officers rode to their residences - orderlies taking care of the horses that were kept in stables found all over the Presidio of San Francisco.

The tired and weary all Black Buffalo Soldiers had to drag themselves - from Fort Scott all the way to the Lombard Gate - where near by the made their sojourn in tents - facing the inclement weather.

Great men from the 9th and 10th Calvary - the 24th and the 25th Infantary Regiments - all were stationed at the Presidio of San Francisco - today commercialized and where Whites live their Cafe Latte - most Black do not know about their history and that of their fellow Black men and women.

The Buffalo Soldiers were engineers, they did it all - they made what is now the Presidio of San Francisco - only for Whites to lie and say that history began with them - while forgetting to tell the true facts. Be proud of the feats of the all Black - Buffalo Soldiers. God see it all - the blantant discriminationa and utter disrespect - from the present - racist Presidio Trust.

The Black Buffalo Soldiers earned 23 Medals of Honor and 12 Certificates of Merit for their supreme valour and courage. They also had the lowest desertion rate in the Army. The fought and died for the United States - but even today they are NOT honored as they ought to.

Case in point Cmdr Ulysses Moore - this unique case must serve us all - to create a fund - to be controlled by stellar folks like Cmdr Eve Purvis-Allen and others - to give my good friends the Buffalo Soldiers - the least we can do for them - help them ride, ride, ride .......ride. 

Buffalo soldiers the likes of Cmdr Ulysses Moore and others that have passed away - live a legacy.

Men of few words - and we also have a woman Buffalo Soldier - all noble souls - who will stand for them - and adhere to their legacy?

Join me in this ride - I salute you Cmdr Ulyssess Moore.