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Sunday, August 25, 2013


The U.S. National Park Service was formed in 1916 - and has very little experience fighting large fires. Their mission is Preservation and Protection - which they try to do in a nonchalant manner.

It is the same with the U.S. Forest Department who over the last 40 years plus - has failed to abide by the wisdom of the local Native Americans.

Failed to created viable "fire breakers" - failed to manage the dead vegetation - failed to take care of our stunning natural resources - the pale faces talk the talk - but have failed to walk the walk. They are a disgrace to the human race.

Over 129,000 acres have been burned as of today Sunday, August 25, 2013 - and only 7% of the entire Rim Fire - has been contained. Thinks about it?

The redwood trees, the very large Sequoia trees, the nature surrounding; the area of the Rim Fire and beyond - is termed by many as God's Country.

People come from all over the world to see it. They cannot see the once pristine and awe striking "Hetch Hetchy" Valley the white devils - flooded it. Destroyed what was once the best place to set ones eyes on.

The scenic beauty; what is now left - is so awe inspiring, hits the senses so hard.

One must think hard and ponder - because - more if you are a decent human being - and wonder - how such a beautiful area - came to be - and who preserved it and protected it for - thousands of years.

The Native Americans of the area - who are no longer allowed to traverse freely had their land stolen by the crooks - the same crooks today that have been brought to the knees - by the ever expanding - Rim Fire.

The entire area threatened by the Rim Fire sends a message to the "greedy strangers" - that they set their sordid foot and in a nonchalant manner - began to abuse and desecrate - the land.

The area around Yosemite - once called Federal Lands - were managed by the all Black - Buffalo Soldiers.

Much before the National Park Service was formed - these all Black Soldiers - the Buffalo Soldiers - took care of the area around Yosemite and what is now know as Sequoia Park and more.

This history is know by some - and the Whites love to portray as if the land truly belongs to them - when it fact - they are thieves, rogues, despicable - thugs.

The evil White men has chosen to take credit for stealing the land, raping the women, killing the children - anything, to destroy that was indigenous.

To one day deem possible to say - that the Whites control everything. The truth is he is the devil himself - the pale face.

No one can generalize and say all Whites are bad - John Muir was not.

See what they did to him. He begged not to flood the Hetch Hetchy Valley - not to create the large dam - known as the Hetch Hetchy Dam - see what the bastards did - they have no shame - up to this day.

The Great Spirit watches everything.

So, some years ago when I brought the Native American leaders to the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission meeting - when Gavin Newsom was Mayor - to introduce to the powers that be - that the First People of Yosemite and the surrounding year - should be respected - lip service was given to the First People.

This Rim Fire is one of signs of the times.

Hell Fire - that will bring the thieves, the rapists, the plunderers of the land, those greed vermin - not worth the salt - two legged animals - that have destroyed their conscience - and today - have been brought to their knees.

The first thing the pale faces - ghosts of a kind, think about - is money and how their material assets - have been destroyed. You do not belong on the land - and you should - learn from this Rim Fire and being so close to a place - where you and your sordid action - must be far removed from.

It is not all about money and material goods - those that do not follow the norms - will perish in the fire of decency - and there are laws far greater and important than the White man's tainted laws, logic, and weird sense of so called - justice.

The Native Americans of the area - know the land - they love the land - and they preserved the land.

Yosemite for example in the language of the Paiutes means people who will not be intimated - many of these Native Americans from remote places - men and women of the many tribes came to one place.

They chose to have absolute freedom - and did not want to be under the control of anyone - especially not the White men - who they called evil and despised to this very day.

The many inter-actions and bloody killings and intrusions are recorded - by always praising the pale faces - who in many of these small  one sided battles - lost, badly.

Hence the revenge raping the women, killing the children, torching artifacts - and committing horrendous acts of violence that these pale faces and their ancestors of today - and facing.

Mother Nature always - take her time - but when she sends that message - it is so very clear. Make on bones about that fact.

The opposite is written in the fake history books about the tribes of the region.

The pale faces' - the books of lies - and are not worth the sordid words - printed to deceive and lie more.

Perpetuate  fake stories - so called the history made up by the - LIARS and THIEVES - who have blood on their hands.

I know the Region well - have visited it - and have been offered the Sacred Waters - gathered at the confluence - where the Sacred Waters meet, gush, and send good vibrations.

Vibrations that should have flown freely - but the devils chose to dam the rivers. And the devils mostly resided in San Francisco - the authors of the Raker Act of 1913.

The present San Francisco Public Utilities Commission is that same snake - different head - none of them have the guts to speak to the TRUTH.

They will back the crooked and the corrupt - like this evil woman Juliet Ellis the Assistant Director of External Affairs - who has not issued one single, decent Press Release - on the Rim Fire.

The entire SF Public Utilities Commission has been silent.

Now is the time to reduce the number of employees working for the SF Public Utilities Commission. Some 2000 plus - most of them worthless - wasting the tax payers money.

Place a bar on the salaries and cap it to $150,000 with benefits.

Get rid of some one like Juliet Ellis and others making $200,000 and not performing. Gadflies on the wall - doing nothing at all.

It will take the SF Public Utilities Commission decades to recover - and they have another one - a very big mess to deal with - the Calavares Project.

Over $300 million in the red - and the hole growing deeper. It never amazes one - how these crooks work to cheat and deceive and jump ship - Julie LaBonte.

The Rim Fire - is nearing the scenic assets of the National Park Service. The failed U.S. Forest Department failed to curtain the dead vegetation - and creating "fire breakers" - taking chances that have now come to bite them all - in their butts.

The Rim Fire has already impacted the Hetch Hetch assets - and there is no plan - not an interim, not even an well thought out -"Emergency Plan" - not by the Office of Emergency Service - nor by the SF Public Utilities Commission.

These idiots just talk - and soon will realize - the great vacuum they are dealing in - the blind leading the blind.

The Native Americans of the Region - whose land was stolen - and all of it still belongs to them - each and every acre.

I know the local Native American leaders - and others and have had direct dealings - linked to issues some of which have been addressed in this article.

The local Native Americans have been shunned - deprived of respect and decency.

This Rim Fire must make those who have adversely impact the Native Americans, the First People - the indigenous people of the impact land - think deep - the U.S. Forest Department. The Department of the Interior and the failing National Park Service.

The State of California and the Governor's Office in Sacramento - the many other local, state, and federal agencies that have failed - miserably.

They all take, take, and take - and the result is this vacuum is created - and Mother Nature - just like that slaps them in the face - and awakens them from their - deep slumber.

The old growth redwoods, the large Sequoia Trees - so majestic - cathedrals in the forest in God's Country - frail pale faces - fleeing from land once stolen - now asking for mercy - when all they have done in been intruders, desecrate, pillage, and be abject spoilers. When will they learn?

The SF Public Utilities Commission at a loss - after bragging and patting their asses for so long.

The SF Public Utilities Commission now realizes - may be for the first time - the have failed to maintain a standard - and compromised values that the SF Public Utilities Commission - failed and fails to comprehend - all because the are vain,uneducated on issues - and arrogant.

Time will tell. Aho.

A little history as best as can be gathered about the Ahwahneechee people of Yosemite - a little history about Chief Teneiya and more - not the perfect history but close:,14740