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Wednesday, August 21, 2013


All over San Francisco we have hot spots - mostly near public housing - where youth and others that should be cared for - are left to fend for themselves.

Two years ago we could have conducted training opportunities and certified our youth - in the many fields - open fields - linked to the Sewer System Improvement Project (SSIP) - an over $10 Billion project over 15 years - that can and should bring progress to the community. After all it is in our back yard.

I know for one thing - you cannot brain wash idiots - women and men that are corrupt and have a hidden agenda. Many of them make their abode at the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC) - an agency that is an Enterprise Agency - meaning it generates it own money  and tons of it - when you come to think of it.

The many inept employees who make over $200,000 plus benefits that hover in and around the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission. A burden to our City and County of San Francisco - talk a lot but no action at all.

The present "cash cow" - using the peoples, the tax payers bond measure passed - to wine, dine, and plunder our assets - more our failing infrastructure that has been compromised - by deferred - maintenance.

Past Mayors of the City and County of San Francisco - and mostly during the term of Mayor Willie L. Brown Jr - stepped up their tactics, ploys, and machinations - to create divisiveness - and drive hundreds if not thousands - of poor people, people in need, mostly Black folks - away from these -hot spots - where the indigent lived to survive - evicted, moved, sent to places - to fend for themselves and die.

Mayor Gavin Newsom was no better - always smiling saying something - but screwing the people in the butt - much like he does in his personal life today and did yesterday.

A despicable person and one that should not be ever, ever trusted.

For our population of only 805,000 and with 2,000 San Francisco Police women and men, thousands of other Law Enforcement working for the Sheriff's Department.

Add the Federal Bureau of Investigation -  other State and Federal agencies whiling their times - the nonsense we see - committed by a few - can be stopped - nay nipped in the bud.

What prevails is the ignorance of the leaders in the community - mostly the Black leaders - who will sell out their own people - and have failed to give mostly Blacks - any HOPE - any HOPE at all.

The Blacks love to talk a good talk - but give them any small plan of action - and they fail - each and every time.

Most of them desire anything good - given to them on a platter.

I know what I am talking about; having made too many sacrifices - to help those that need help most - only for most of those who receive help - to bite the hand the feeds them.

Right now in the year 2013 - sad to say - gentrification has taken its root - which means daily - even as the economy is booming in San Francisco - thousands of Blacks mostly - in utter despair - have left San Francisco.

Left for doom town.

It happened in the Fillmore during that period in the early 1960s and 1970s - when San Francisco Redevelopment -practiced gentrification. And now it has already happened in the Bayview Hunters Point area - starting from the year 1996.

So the YMCA with Kathy Perry, and Gina trying to do their little thing for themselves first - and nothing much for the people at large - must be put on notice.

We have seen such vermin before and seen them over time - falter - much like Lolla Whittle, Aurelious Walker, Calving Jones, Linda Richardson, Dwayne Jones - others - no one respects them - no one who is decent and worth the salt.

Sophie Maxwell, Aurelious Walker, Calvin Jones, Dwayne Jones, Dorris Vincent, Lolla Whittle, Veronica Hunnicutt, Linda Richardson, and the recent sell outs too many to mention - joined by Young Community Developers, Girls 2000, the Bayview Hunters Point Foundation - all sell outs - must be put on notice.

This is the clarion call - sent to you - because we know the price that you are aiming for - and know that you do not deserve what should be shared with the community first - for they are the ones that rule the roost - the community - not vermin that seek their won gratification.

In the last round - the above charlatans were all after San Francisco Redevelopment Agency (SFRA) money. Some of us shot down the San Francisco Redevelopment Agency.

The SFRA money  evaporated- the well dried - and many of the sell out withered on the vines. Many left down - but they have moved into the community again - seeking to partake of the fated calf. Time will tell.

Now, it is the Sewer System Improvement Project (SSIP) - the over $10 billion project over 15 years that San Francisco Public Utilities Commission - wants to expand to build the Digesters - the tanks that hold the treat sewage and do what needs to be done. Brown and Caldwell has won the $2 Billion contact and will take 18 months - just to do the designing and planning - while we the community - have to wait. Waiting for Godot!

We have to fix the WEIRS that hold the secondary effluents - that most people do not know what I am talking about.

But much of these effluents - much of it half-treated - during heavy rain falls - compromise our Waste Water System - the dual system that fails mostly, when it rains heavily - and compromises our Bay.

It does not help that all the "Out Falls"- huge pipes taking the treated sewage deep in the Bay - deep and miles away into the Pacific Ocean - out falls, situated all over the Bay - in the North, Northeast, by Pier 80, by the Caltrain Station at Seventh and King, by Executive Park, by the San Francisco Zoo.

These out falls - all do not function as they are supposed too. But, the so called experts will not talk much - because they themselves do not know - what is truly happening.

The impending Big One - Climate Change - deferred maintenance - all have left some in charge - hold the bag. In their ignorance they think the problem will do away - but, it does not work like that.

Imagine the SF Public Utilities Commission with all of the players - today holding important jobs, including Harlan Kelly the present General Manager - permitted three conduits to run under the Main Force - by Pier 80 - in the early 2000 without any soil testing.

Forced to do so under political pressure - by Catellus Corporation - and other crooked, and corrupt politicians,  behind this sordid scene - Willie L. Brown Jr - the former, only Black Mayor and a disgrace to anything decent - known to those who are decent - as the "Thug Mayor" of San Francisco.

It is the same today with the plans that are drawn up to some how fix the Sewer System Improvement Project - (SSIP) - only those who have connections are raping the system.

You must know someone to screw the coffers of the City - be it the Enterprise Department - that is the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC) - and those who know and have been plundering the loot - that in recent months - has been exposed by scandal after scandal after scandal.

For sure Juliet Ellis must go - not only she evil, corrupt woman - but her entourage that she has hired. What is Mayor Edwin M. Lee doing about this?

Juliet Ellis receive payment a salary from her former non-profit and with this one count - conflict of interest - she must be far away from any operation. She is anathema. Make no bones about it - she must go - now.

What is Naomi Kelly our City Administrator doing about this?

What is our District Attorney doing about this - in your face attitude - where some one thinks - a corrupt person like Juliet Ellis can be rehabilitated? Think twice.

What is the City Attorney doing about Juliet Ellis - she must go and with her - the sordid entourage of  inept folks hired from the East Bay - especially the one that is useless - Radikha - useless to the core. And there are more.

The SF Public Utilities Commission took a Blue Print given to them to open up a Contractors' Center - it took SFPUC over two years to - figure out the plan - and now it is taking forever to implement the original plan. The plan was meant to benefit the community - to date it has NOT.

This Center which is at Executive Park must focus on the SSIP and must bring in the best minds to address the Digestor Operation, the failed Weirs, the state of our Bay and the untold damage done by the SFPUC all these years.

The state and purpose and what damage daily the " out falls " are doing to our Bay and the Pacific Ocean. Mitigation and Abate measures that can be put in place. Who is doing the planning - can those in charge - even think?

Folks from Pacific Heights, the Presidio, Nob Hill and Telegraph Hill, those from the Financial District and others who have had it good like the folks from Bernal Heights - and all those that live up the many hills - must contribute towards the mitigation of the adverse impacts - done to the community in the Southeast Sector - sending your sewer, your rubbish, anything away from your community to those that have been accepting it. No more.

You cannot expect a stupid, moronic person like Juliet Ellis and her cohorts - who think like her - to bring hope to the Southeast Sector.

They simply do not have the history and less the under-laying factors that they have failed to first comprehend and cannot plan in a vacuum. So they fall back on the corrupt ways - the non-profit ways - pandering, whoring, cheating, lying, stealing and all the evil that are not decent - fail standards and are pathetic to say the least.

When you visit the building at 525 Golden Gate - the brand new SF Public Utilities Commission building - these folks working for Juliet Ellis are wasting their time - laughing and being empty headed - they are dead wood.

They bring the same mentality to the SF Public Utilities Commission - and I will spell it out - at the next SF Public Utilities Commission.

We want those that have won huge contracts to do the right thing - not pander to entities that have not stood, fought, and done something positive for those that have been adversely impacted.

Leading the charge AECOM which is doing nothing much - except working with the corrupt. Those in charge better step up forever hold your peace.

Fools are receiving grants in the thousands - while those that have been doing something, attending the meetings, contributing models to help the SF Public Utilities Commission - have been royally - shafted.

This article is just the tip of the iceberg - exposing the on going nonsense - that is too much to bear.

Right now; when we should have working in earnest - we have folks whiling away their time.

Spending hours on the internet - doing internet shopping - amazing - you just have to have some IT person audit  - review the history of the computer; one person has been using - whiling away his time - at the newly created center.

It is pathetic that those hired - especially those that do not know - what they are supposed to do - and are put in our neighborhood - just because they hail from some country in Africa - which is pathetic and down right - insulting.

In the mean time our youth are left to die - in our neglected neighborhoods - the violence and killings have been increasing - with no contribution from SFPUC. What is Mayor Edwin M. Lee doing about this? 

What is our City Administrator doing about this - Naomi Kelly? 

What is our District Attorney doing about this - George Gascon? 

What is Dennis Herrera doing about this our City Attorney - live is important - then trying to pursue law suits against Las Vegas - sending their indigent to San Francisco? How come you just woke up?

While fat calves, inept, with no history  of the community, less of the operations and practical functions of the SSIP are running the show.

The show - how ever it is must be run - must be run by the community in toto. It is in our back yard and it was our plan  - there is nothing extra ordinary - about running this Center by the community.

As the General Manager must have comprehended from the few questions that were posed to him at the Soft Opening. He took some time to answer - but understood quickly there was much more to be expected - then he could ever - imagine. 

Life is for the bold and those that take a chance to make opportunities happen - progressive opportunities. As far as the Center is concerned - we few took the opportunity to put a model in place.

Much like the Repairain Project - that has taken over two years.

We are looking forward to the Hard Opening of the Contract Center at Executive Park.

Seeing for ourselves the shenanigans - nothing much has changed.

Only the corruption - gotten so worse - worse than the stench of the present sordid state of the current digester operations at Phelps Street - closer to the Southeast Commission Facility situated at 1800 Oakdale Street in the Bayview Hunters Point Area in District 10.

Time will tell.

Read a little about the Sewer System Improvement Project: