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Thursday, August 22, 2013


From the inception the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC) has had its teething problems.

An Enterprise Department - with crooked officials - have used this one of kind Enterprise Department to steal, wheel and deal, and do things as they please. Formerly the Water Department - which the present SF Water Department continues to do most of the work for the SFPUC - also the San Francisco Department of Public Works - that receives millions in contracts - that it doles out to those that have the right - connections.

The biggest crook behind the scene that has control over what happens at the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission in terms of contracts - is the former Mayor - Willie L. Brown Jr. a "thug major" from San Francisco.

Mayor Willie L. Brown Jr - who has left a bad taste in the mouth of any individual who aspires to decency, standards, morals, and sound ethics.

Some years ago  San Franciscans were cheated and lied to that a bond measure was required to fix our Clean Water and Waste Water infrastructure.

Most decent San Franciscans voted to do right - and voted for the $2.4 Billion bond measure.

Yes, a $2.4 Billion Bond Measure - which most of us thought too much to spend - but worth every penny - to upgrade our infrastructure - both Waste Water and Clean Water.

In course of time the Clean Water Project - got a fancy name the Water System Improvement Project (WSIP).

The Waste Water is now called the Sewer System Improvement Project - all fancy names - tons of talks - but no walk.

Today, the WSIP is at its tail end - and we all are watching - what is happening at Calavares - which some of us - have been monitoring for years.

Monitoring the inept, spineless, nonchalant SF Public Utilities Commission - Project Manager - and Julie LaBonte comes to mind - too much talk, loud barking - and less sound action. Julie LaBonte has compromised the Calavares Project - make no bones about it.

The Calavares Project is a mess - in access of $300 million has been expanded.  The required borings was not done - to find out and evaluate the soil and the state of the rock fromation - prone to Earthquakes.

Many faults know to the United States Geological Survey - that has maps - all well depicted - showing the various faults, the impending impacts - all part of the history of Earth Quakes in the region by the now Calavares Dam.

A long time ago - I advised the SF Public Utilities Commission to seek the advice of the United States Geological Survey.

There was vain talk that this was done - but, to the contrary URS the Prime who has connection with Richard Blum the husband of Senator Diane Feinstein - got this huge contract - and URS engineers - have comprised the entire project.

Millions of tons of dirt had to be removed to re-enforce one side of the hill side - where two former faults - large cracks were found.

A tunnel was dug at great expense - stark naked in the middle of these two faults. If we do get an Earthquake - the entire Fremont area - will be flooded. Thousands will die - billions in liability. Think about it.

So much for the stupidity of San Francisco Public Utilities Commission and all those who worked for Julie LaBonte who has now jumped ship. Can you imagine she wanted the job of linked to the Assistant General Manager of Infrastructure. How many more lesbians can we accommodate at the SF Public Utilities Commission and other weird folks - who are a liability.

With Julie Labonte out of the way -good riddance of very bad rubbish.

The present SF Public Utilities Commission leadership cannot think outside the box. The only way they do it - with great fun fare it by hiring consultants and wasting millions of dollars.

Millions of dollars in grants - have been channeled to folks who know little if nothing -  under a evil, unethical, crooked and corrupt Assistant General Manager of External Affairs - all sorts of ploys and machinations - have gone unchecked.

Thousands of dollars funneled to her former non-profits - and project put in place to help the former non-profits Juliet Ellis worked for - some with the help of one SF Public Utilities Commissioner - who constantly runs her mouth.

This evil woman Juliet Ellis must be got ridden off.

Fired - and kept out of the system - debarred from holding a City and County of San Francisco job - but, she is still on the job with a group of women - all hired from her former non-profit organizations - who are creating havoc in San Francisco - and the impending Sewer System Improvement Project (SSIP). Time will tell.

Here is some history - to proved how much I know about the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission - and its ineptness. I have been involved with the SF Water Department and the SF Public Utilities Commission since the early 1980s.

Around 2002 the Main Force at 3rd Street and Marin was compromised. This is the Main Force that carries millions of gallons of secondary effluents into the Bay as much as 80% of the 80 million gallons treated daily - which increases to as much as 570 million gallons when it rains - we have a dual system - that carries both treated sewage as well as rain water.

Right by Pier 80 under which the Main Force passes. Today, this shed is used by Larry Ellison from Oracle who is vying to retain the World Cup - known as the America's Cup - the premier sailing cup linked to sailing - world wide. This year the races are been held in San Francisco - by the Bay near Alcatraz.

The SFPUC, a rogue developer Cattelus, the SF County Transportation Authority in the year 2002 - authorized tunneling three conduits under the Force Main - at 3rd and Marin in San Francisco.

As one would imagine the Force Main was compromised. 

Even though we brought this incident to the San Francisco Controller's Office - I in particular - up until today - I have received - no written statement - about the adjudication of this very serious incident.

There was some land on top of the Force Main - one and half acre or so -  twenty or thirty feet below this dirt land lay the Force Main.

On this patch of dirt - some of us created a Park - we called it the Muwekma Ohlone Park and Sanctuary. 

The land was really Port Property - but the SF Port Authority - in those days - could not look after its property. Deferred maintenance - let piers rot and fall into the Bay - so this plot of land - by Islais Creek - bordering this path of land - lay filthy, full of outgrown weeds and bushes.

The area was used by "drug addicts, prostitutes, and other unsavory characters.

So David Erickson and some of us who knew each other - cleaned the place - got it fenced - and kept the unsavory characters out.

We then created this garden - which we later named the Muwekma Ohlone Park and Sanctuary. Many people loved to come to the Park and Sanctuary by Islais Creek.

One of a kind birds made their abode in the Park and so did the Chorus frogs - which I will write a little bit about.

The benches we placed in the park - allowed those who loved the area to come and sit down and relax.

More on days - when there was a Full Moon - you could see the shadow of the giant facilities once used to store grain - the large cranes now falling apart - appearing like some "art work". 

During herring season - the creeks would slimmer and shine with herring - once so full that fisherman had a hay day.

The seals showed up and they would bark - and the large ships on the horizon - all made this area - look so surreal - but it was there in our back yard - and many chose to come and enjoy this one of kind Park.

The new Islias Creek Bridge was not there - the old one was operational - during the day.

One had the opportunity to see the bridge - rise up - like two hands and let the taller boats go by - to the other side - north.

When the Force Main was compromised the SF Port Authority was shocked - what had happened - the SF Port Authority - in those days was totally dysfunctional - better run today under Monique Moyer who I know pretty well and she calls me her friend.

The new employees like David Beaupre had just come on board and Diane Oshima - was the same - the know all - who knew little if nothing - then and now. The then Director Wong - cared only about his pet projects and the title of Port Director.

We formed a committee to save the Muwekma Ohlone Park and Sanctuary - that was compromised - and fought the SF Port Authority tooth and nail.

The SF Public Utilities Commission to this day - could have said something - but has not. It has chosen to know about this incident - but to wash its hand - like a Judas.

Those crooks within the SF Public Utilities Commission - involved in the grant making do not know this history - but purport to waste our tax payers money - more the money from the Bond Measure.

They will talk about "greening", open space, being sustainable, having no clue about what they are talking - spewing diatribe and shooting arrows in the air - cliches galore.

Empty - empty vessels that are full of hot air. Leading the chorus one Juliet Ellis who has no history about our fair City and County of San Francisco.

Corrupt, immoral, and unethical to the core. Matier and Ross had to expose her corruptness twice - and we still have people - backing this very corrupt woman.

Of interest to the public at large - this Muwekma Park and Sanctuary had a colony of frogs - Chorus frogs to be precise.

 A frog expert visited us - and we took him around and showed him - some other colonies of "chorus frogs". We played recording of this little rascal - the size of finger thumb - but boy can he croak and fill the air with sounds of a kind.

I wrote many articles about this incident that happened a long, long time ago. Well recorded and you can google and read the articles - I do.

 I keep watching these idiots and buffoons at the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission - avoiding any mention of the Muwekma Ohlone Park and Sanctuary which they destroyed - when the Force Main was compromised.

What about restitution? They want you to beg - but, we can and will shut them down - when the time comes. Right now we are watching them like a hawk.

Harlan Kelly worked for the Department of Public Works - he now heads the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission and is its General Manager.

There are others that know about this incident about compromising the Force Main.

The very corrupt former Supervisor of District 10 - Sophie Maxwell - we questioned  her about the compromised Force Main and she avoided answering.

When we asked her why were three conduits permitted to be tunneled under the Force Main - the idiotic woman - said she knew nothing about it and lied through her dirty, filthy - teeth.

We still have the same situation with Malia Cohen - under District 10 Supervisor who is worse than Sophie Maxwell - one worse than the other.

Always trying to rake in the thousands of dollar - Malia Cohen - so that she can pussyfoot around.

Millions wasted by the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission - more with the impending sewer system improvement project - crawling like a snail into the cesspool of the SF Public Utilities Commission own - putrid, making.