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Sunday, August 4, 2013


You would not believe easily that San Francisco is a rich City and that the politicians here are hand picked to do the devil's work. 

Some of those that pretend that they represent in San Francisco - are quick to meet close doors to take bribes and listen to the more corrupted - lobbyists - to do the bidding of the devil. 

People say that Washington DC is saturated by lobbyists who can get anything they want -  about 35% of retired House members - go into lobbying - and about 50% of the Senators - do the same.

There is not a single piece of legislation - worth the salt - that is not tainted by the lobbyists. 

Corrupt to the core - these so called Representatives are a disgrace to our Republic - the United States of America.

Here is San Francisco we have Diane Feinstein and Nancy Pelosi - one worse than the other.

Notice I do not address them by their title - because they are pathetic - the Nation looks at these two old women - who have nothing holistic to offer - and have amassed great wealth for themselves and their minions - disgrace to the human race.

Both of these Representatives say they live in San Francisco - which they do a little - but have large homes in Washington DC, in the Napa Valley, and in other places - built with money - tainted money that Nancy's husband Paul Pelosi has amassed by treating the Polynesian with disdain.

Richard Blum who is Diane Feinstein husband who is linked with nefarious Real Estate investment, the likes of CBRE and more. Raking in the millions selling government property like Post Offices and making deals on behalf the United States government.

Our local politicians pander to these Representatives who have hoodwinked decent, hard working constituents, all these many years.

The time has come to kick these vermin out - and for a breath of fresh air to come in - and work for the commons.

San Francisco lacks affordable housing. No one has paid attention to the thousands of rental units that were converted into dorms by the Academy of Art University - that has lost its accreditation - and has adversely impacted - thousands of innocent students - mostly from abroad who do not know what to do now. Giving a bad rap to San Francisco.

Students who paid thousands of dollars to get an education - and are now wondering - what will happen to them - stranded in San Francisco without a degree or whatever they had in mind.

The San Francisco Planning Department and the Department of Building inspection has been asleep at the wheel - preaching to the constituents about permits, and buildings standards - while all the time pandering to the Academy of Art University - that has deprived thousands of hard working San Francisco constituents - of rental units - all over in City and County of San Francisco.

It is shameful that hard working people have to pay 80% of their salaries to get a one bed room or two bed room apartment. 

How can ordinary San Franciscans survive - more if they have children?

So decent families - father, mother and children - are leaving our City and County of San Francisco - and move out - many of them out of State.

One bed room apartments going on an average for $2000 and a two bed room apartment on an average for $2800.

People find it difficult in San Francisco - to get a full time job - that pay benefits. There are lots of temporary jobs that give you NO benefits.

The Tech Companies make things even difficult - they promise a lot but give little in return - companies like TWITTER which have been subsidized by the City and County of San Francisco.

Subsidies - initiated by folks like Supervisor Jane Kim from District 6. A panderer, who rolls her eyes - pretends she is useful - but behind close doors has been raking in the thousands - under the table.

The Middle Class is eroding in San Francisco.

In recent years millions of dollars has been flooding in San Francisco - and Chinese who cannot speak English - buy homes with cash - $800,000 to $1,000,000 plus. Where is this money coming from?

Carmen Chu who once was a Supervisor and is now an Assessor for the City and County of San Francisco - is beaming with joy - with all this tainted money.

Tainted money - that the City and County is pleased 
to receive - but - has failed to put in place - accountability and transparency - that adversely - impacts Quality of Life - issues in San Francisco.

I pressed upon two Chinese home owner who have bought homes in the area where I live in the Portola District.

They smile a lot - and say nothing - they know they are told to do so - say nothing.

So where do they get the money - large sums of money that these folks can make available to buy homes - in which they will live for all eternity - with on accountability.

As far I know China is not doing well - its economy is in the doldrums.

Here in the United States we are fortunate in the land of the Native American - that I call the First People - our population is about 320 million. 

We have fertile land to grown all kinds of food and rear animals and what we want for food.

Our lakes, rivers, and our watershed in many places is not polluted like China - and we can survive - and have been providing the world with rice, wheat, and a lot of help with money, equipment, technology, information, we are ready to share and more.

Right now we hold the number one spot when it comes to the manufacturing of cars.

Not long ago we were of the verge of folding many companies that manufactured our American cars - not any more.

This one fact show that where there is a will there is a way - and that we can turn our economy around.

We have to figure out why the ONE percent - is still amassing 80% of the Nation's wealth.

Who are those behind the scenes - that favor keeping the Middle Class down. The frustration is growing - and the Middle Class is eroding  - this cannot go on forever - something will give.

In the mean time our politicians in San Francisco - many of them now taking a long break that they do not deserve - immoral, unethical and mostly shallow and inept - the likes of Jane Kim, David Chiu, Scott Wiener, and Malia Cohen from District 10. 

We have stupid people; who have no clue what is happening to them.

We have a population of about 320 million and 99% of them are kept in the dark - check this documentary to learn but just the tip of the iceberg. I am not kidding you.

The One Percent - documentary: