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Monday, August 26, 2013


I know for sure in the year 1989 when the Earthquake hit San Francisco and more the Marina District - the San Francisco Office of Emergency Services - (OES) - was not in existence. 

Over the years; since the OES was formed - tons of hot air - but, no really validity and less actual practicality - of how the OES really - operates.

Truly speaking today if we have a major emergency - and I do not want to paint a scenario - sufficient to say - nothing moves on Market Street because in three places - the traffic cannot be moved. Huge craters impede any movement,

Nothing moves on Mission Street - because the traffic has been brought to a stand still - in two places - needing very heavy equipment.

On Van Ness the same in three places - the traffic brought to a standstill - with six hydrants - spewing water into the air - and all this around 3 pm. - when the traffic is just about to build up.

The SF Office of Emergency Service - has nothing in place to offer help, move bodies, address the traffic - with everything brought to a standstill.

Large craters, large pits - that require - the use of large equipment and folks who can address - such infrastructure issues  - are never part of the planning. 

All the hot spots at pertinent junctures - where again and again there a traffic jams - on any ordinary day - in San Francisco.

These clown are so stupid to televise their meetings - when all they do in pat themselves on the back - like some red bum baboons - cackling and trying to bluff the public at large.

For heaven sake in the year 2013 we do not have a radio calling system that is viable. Our training is so pathetic - and experts who listen to the meetings - shake their head.

Thank God the U.S. Army and our Special Operations can come to our aid in less then two hours - if San Francisco - has to deal with a major catastrophe. Thank God - not these leaders who are perverts and cannot think straight. Just look at them obese and walking around the number one and two - ugly to the core - and when it come to logic, articulation - right down there - rock bottom.

The head of the OES and her right hand man a man who came from the U.S. Navy are out of sync - and it will take a big incident like the "Rim Fire" - to really comprehend - what has San Francisco - truly to offer - when we have a real, BIG - emergency.

Some twenty fire fighters from the San Francisco Fire Department at battling the Rim Fire.

When we should have done more. After all the resources near the Hetch Hetchy Resevoir - are in peril - and it belongs to us.

Not a word from the usual bragging - baboon patting fat asses who sit on their fat asses - and do presentation - bluffing their way to the bank - earning fat salaries - the San Francisco Office of Emergency Services (OES).

What help did the San Francisco Office of Emergency Services send to the Rim Fire - give us the time frame and how quick did you freaking idiots - have a plan in place to aid - and try to save our resources?

How many volunteers, experts, equipment, even ordinary materials beds, camping equipment, portable tools needs, food, medical supplies, nurses, doctors - what have you done?

I bet you these plans were not as part of your emergency services - because you all defer to other Law Enforcement - some one else to do the heavy lifting - while you all sit on your ugly fat asses - especially the top three in command - and bluff your way - each and every time.

I saw this when I worked for the  Sixth United States Army and Presidio of San Francisco - in 1989.

No one cared to take care about the area in the Tenderloin. After we put a action plan in place - the Red Cross came three weeks later - and took over.

Surprised that some one in San Francisco took charge of an area - where most people dared not to go - putting the frail, the elderly, cooped in their rooms, the elevators not working, and no one in place to provide them food and medicines and more.

We did it - and to this day the Cit and County of San Francisco has no clue. The commendations given to us by the Army and the presence of the Mayor of San Francisco - Art Agnos - may be the only faint remembrances - of that effort when the City of San Francisco was ill prepared on many levels.

Worse now with all the construction going on - the fools making Emergency Plan - cannot put themselves in the shoes of those that need help most.

Most of the Emergency Drills are artificial in nature - and none held in areas - where people need help most. The Southeast Sector of San Francisco. We have one Reservoir at University Mound that provides water to the entire Financial District and more. Cut that off and you can imagine the pandemonium. 

Shut off the sewer system and you can imagine the utter confusion and mess.

The Southeast is where all the heavy equipment is stored - block the routes - and the fools will be pulling their hair and teeth.

To add to the confusion - we have NO viable helicopter landing pad close to any hospital. We may have to use our playing fields - as things stand now.

We got rid of those emergency sites and tools - because of very poor leadership.

The routes to our best Emergency Hospitals are congested during the rush hours - 3 pm to 6 pm. Think about it. Try a dry run and see what happens in San Francisco?

The response from City Hall at that time in 1989 was utter confusion and more added confusion.

Even at the Marina the presence of the Army was critical putting out the fire - and addressing many of the Emergency situations - for which the Army got some credit - but we were not into getting praised and credit - we just did - what we did and did it well.

The Rim Fire has exposed the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission and its Chain of Command. The few general statements made by William Carlin could have been made by anyone. 

The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission has no true leadership - always deferring to paid, crooked - consultants.

Those contractors close to them - and already the buddy, buddy system is working first - and the real plan of action to save our assets - put on the back burner.

So, why not a word from Juliet Ellis the unethical, lacking standards, good for nothing individual - who purports to know everything.?

Paradoxically - she evil woman Juliet Ellis - is backed by the General Manager of the SFPUC - Harlan Kelly. Juliet Ellis should be fired.

Juliet Ellis being the Assistant General Manager and making over $200,000 - should have issued - at least one meaningful Press Release.

Juliet Ellis did this when is had she cohort Kay Fernandez draft the Press Release - and distributed saying that Juliet Ellis was not found culpable of "conflict of interest" - other felonies - that she committed for which she should be jailed - for a long, long - time.

 I bet you Juliet Ellis is pussyfoot around - grinning like a jack ass - and has made a fool of herself - one more time - proving her worth and ineptness. Pathetic.

San Francisco could have easily put its best foot forward - and shown the real world - how we can respond to a Real Emergency.

An Emergency - declared by the Governor of California - Jerry Brown - not only in the neighboring Hetch Hetchy Area - but linked to San Francisco - hundreds of miles away - because of hydro-electricity resources, our drinking water resources - our wild land resources - our very expensive pumps, generators, our very expensive infrastructure that has just been upgraded - billions spent.

Now all this and more has to be inspected, tested, and put in operation. All this will cost millions.

It is all tax payers money for which there was no money of this nature - set aside - whatever the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission may say. None of them can think straight quickly and come out with plans in a normal situation - today they are - all over the place and know not how to handle such a situation.

The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission has failed miserably - as the Public has seen - with the Calavares project, the many unethical employees - many abusing women, watching pornography material while at work, and so on and so forth.

There will be excuses - but only Jokers and Buffoons make excuses.The above stems from lack of leadership.

Good leaders know the way, show the way, and go the way.

Real women and men - with guts and brains - act and get the work done. They do not pussyfoot around like the many perverts hanging around the SFPUC.

Do you think real men and men are heading our departments and agencies in the City and County of San Francisco? 

Think one more time?

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