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Tuesday, August 20, 2013


Our youth in the Bayview are taunted, cheated, lied to, deprived of opportunities - by crooks who have made their nest at the YMCA in the Bayview in San Francisco.

Pretending to do good - while all the time - doing the worst possible things - and adversely impacting the Bayview Hunters Point constituents - folks who run the YMCA on Lane Street in the Bayview Hunters Point.

The mostly Black crooks who work for Lennar a Rogue Developer, take money from the City and County of San Francisco too - tax payers money - and laugh all the way to the bank.

The mostly Black crooks keep diving the community - and the segment that is mostly affected our youth - who need help most. 

You cannot enter the YMCA unless to pay a hefty fee - the once Catholic facilities - are now under the jurisdiction of the worst type of human beings - who do anything to make a fast buck.

Folks who lack spirituality and far from the ideals and principles of the YMCA. I know what I am speaking of - having had dealing with the YMCA - since my days working at the Presidio of San Francisco - where the finest YMCA facilities were built.

The Bayview YMCA poking their nose into the affairs of the people at Hunters View.

Taking control of facilities - pretending to help the residents - when there is no " effectual tenants association" - in numbers - using proxy sell outs - again all Black to do more damage - to the innocent resident who are hoodwinked.

The John Stewart Company that fosters Zionist philosophy - has no place at Hunterview.

Not with its sordid history - linked to the Geneva Towers - and the thousands that were impacted - when the Geneva Towers were imploded.

Then, at that time - the people impacted were promised housing - one on one - and other choice promises.

In the end only 3% of those that once lived in the Geneva Towers complex - got good housing.

The rest moved - driven away - many of them to DIE on the streets of San Francisco - more in the Tenderloin - on Sixth Street.

You just have to go to Sixth Street today - hundreds of Blacks that once lived on the Hill - what we  also call Middle Point, Kiska Road, North Ridge - Mariners' Village and more - have been moved out of their units -  forced out - and left to fend for themselves - on the Streets of San Francisco - more, once again on Sixth Street.

After living for generation on the Hill - now left to die in sordid conditions - while some Blacks the likes of Gina and Kathy Perry - think they can control the destiny of everyone.

More - without having any training in planning, land use, housing, the housing element. Less knowledge, even less experience, stupid to the core, arrogant - and using ploys and machination - to hoodwink the constituents at large.

We are watching them like a hawk.

A good opportunity would be to bring yourselves on August 24, 2013 at 9 am  at the YMCA on Lane Street - and check for yourself how these good for nothing scum bags - address - "Health Issues". See for yourselves what these crooks have to offer in terms of practicality and empirical data.

You can talk the talk but can you walk the walk.

Ask them what is happening to the Southeast Health Center - and why the patients who come there for help - cannot get the required help.

Ask the organizers what are the doing to monitor the air, the water, the contamination in the soil. If the results can be posted on any notably website.

Why do we have an increase of cancer and other chronic diseases. Why are respiratory diseases on the increase in the Bayview?

Why do we have so many truants in the Bayview - not attending school?

Why do we have over 50% drop out without no health care given them - they catch the worse diseases - before the reach their teens.

Why do we have so many teen prostitutes in the Bayview?

Who is selling the drugs and why is not the YMCA involved in addressing - "drug addiction" - working with Malia Cohen who is political whore - anyway you look at it.

Ask them why we have high readings linked to Asbestos Structures - on Parcel A - and Lennar has once again NOT informed the community?

You can get the information by contacting the Bay Area Air Quality Management District - the SF Health Department. Contact Barbara Gracia.

Ask them what are they doing to provide good child care - and why are outsiders taking control of our childcare facilities - in our neighborhood?

Ask them why are they demanding Credit Card reports from tenants on the Hill - to move in the units at Huntersview ?

When these issues or factors - were not highlighted initially - a long time ago - when the initial deliberations were conducted?

The land - all of it - belongs to the Ohone - the First People and I represent them.

The strangers stole the land, raped the women, killed the children. Up until 1927 you could kill a Native American and fetch $5 for a scalp.

The land for sure should not be given to a company like the John Stewart Company - Zionists who are protected by the evil - and make deals with the devil and have for all these years.

Now Blacks who are on the fore-front selling out the community - encouraging crooks to build units on land that has been desecrated. 

As I said we are monitoring - but here is something I will reveal to you all - in three months on Parcel A - an incident will happen - that will send a signal to STOP any work on Parcel A and beyond.

 Remember today's date, the month, when you read it first - today August 20, 2013. Three months from today. Aho.

We must stand united and be educated on issues.

Keep the Black sell outs at bay - and clean the area of such vermin.

Never mind if the City and County of San Francisco backs them - we are in charge of our own back yards - and those home owners who value their pride - better speak up - now.

The people united - can bring the crooks down - make them fall in utter disgrace - on their faces. Sell outs; more Blacks - who are a disgrace to the human race.

Leading the way - the District 10 Supervisors - a sell out - Malia Cohen who is now pussyfooting away - with all the shootings and killings going on - and has NOT uttered a word.