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Friday, August 23, 2013


Many of us in San Francisco take our Hetch Hetchy water for granted. The once pristine Hetch Hetchy valley dammed by those that knew no better.

Once there was an abundance of snow fall - that kept the rivers full - no more - and as the years go by - fires - hell fires - a warning to the Pale Faces.

To see before their very eyes their fake monuments - turned to ashes. This is but a warning - wait till they get consumed and that one last cry - when life is taken away - for all the evil deeds they have committed all these many generations.

In 200 years destroyed what was pristine and good for thousands of years.

Creating concrete walls, damming, building monuments that are now falling before natural forces like fire - and there is more to come.

 Now, when the Governor  of California has declared an "emergency" - linked to the Yosemite Hell Fire - because of the impending fire - very large tracts of forest - thousands of acres are on fire - and the fire has crossed the RIM - once across the RIM - we are talking big trouble - the controllable fire. 

Over 44 huge fires all over the Nation and fire resource thinned out, thousands of acres daily on fire daily being added to the operations - and fire fighters - permanent and those trained as volunteers exhausted - we are now thinking seriously - bringing fire fighters from other countries.

Lost - thousands large mature trees some of the best in the world - redwood trees, fir trees, other trees - many of them playing an important role - reducing the Carbon Foot Print - that some talk so much about - but do little to reduce.

The HELL fire - destroying and taking down precious resources, polluting the air, the water, all that once was good. Frail homes, and what you mundane folks think is precious - people have been awoken from their slumber - just like that.

Those at the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission - especially the air-headed Juliet Ellis, the nonchalant Francesca Vector, others I can name - but will stick with these two names for now.

Such air-heads like the ones above; must be sent to the front lines to learn - what these two can learn - if they have the ability to learn, absorb, and retain - if ever. There is a connection deep connection between the raging fires and the actions of the SF Public Utilities Commission and the other agencies.

Already the SF Public Utilities Commission - is gearing for emergency work to be given to those they favor - they think we do not know their ploys - but, as I often say - we are watching. 

The SF Public Utilities Commission will be tested this time - they have cut off all power - fearing the power lines tapped into the Hetch Hetchy power system - could cause further damage. 

All power from Hetch Hetchy is at a stand still - and power from other sources - are brought in to test the emergency models - in place hopefully - to conduct business as usual. Time is of essence - but having had practical experience in these kinds of operations - let us see how the leaders execute - and how best they can work as a team. Emergency work is fun - when you get to see the buffoons forget the fundamentals - and screw up time and time again.

At the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission - we have tons of buffoons who love to hire consultants - and I have said - heave already reached out - to give emergency work - to those chosen few - favorites on the list of the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission - contracting and infrastructure group.

In recent years drab, shallow, inept Commissioners have been appointed to the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission.

One of them is Francesca Vector - some rich broad - that earned money - from some Jello Industry - and now thinks she can give her drab, shallow, worthless commentary on things - environmental - spewing, diatribe - most of the time.

Talking in circles.

Jello is a good example for liquefaction - and a good example of how some - so artificial in nature - wanting to make headlines - linked to Community Choice Aggregation; think and move in the right direction - and do not raise waves - that so make some moot point - and make vague, fleeting headlines.

More - without having any sense - about true sustainability, greening, viability, fortitude - fostering accountability and transparency - with morals, standards, ethics - that are far removed from their daily thinking and living - and snobs to the core.

Some of us have known Paul Fenn for a long time - he made and makes his money as a consultant - linked to issues with Community Choice Aggregation.

Paul Fenn is no more to be seen - his contract was in excess of $300,000. When the tough questions are asked - no one who is shallow; as is Juliet Ellis and Francesca Vector - want to answer correctly, more - what is viable, holistic, sustainable and pertinent. 

Hence the recent votes by the rest of the SF Public Utilities Commissioners - which was poignant, relevant and what is most important over due. The issue of rate unit energy rate charges - and dirty energy bundled with clean energy.

Flakes like Juliet Ellis and Francesca Vector with their connection to the San Francisco Foundation.

The many drab non-profits like Green for All, Habitat for Humanity, and the many who use the San Francisco Foundation - to wheel and deal - cannot sway the constituents of San Francisco - from choosing what is right - educated folks from San Francisco who know wrong from right.

Not so contaminated and unethical folks like Juliet Ellis who case is before the Ethics Commission - who have deep dealings, are in bed - with the corrupt Green for All.

The San Francisco Foundation who have chosen to deal with LENNAR that has adversely impacted the constituents of the Southeast Sector. You have revealed your true colors and you unethical - do not know we are watching you all - despicable.

Folks like Juliet Ellis who originally hails from Jamaica - the minions she has hired; all with connections that Juliet Ellis controlled and are now working in Juliet Ellis den of thieves and cheaters - Juliet having the position of Assistant Manager of External Affairs - at the SF Public Utilities Commission.

Juliet Ellis'  proxy Francesca Vector - prodding Juliet Ellis along to get involved and do wrong - linked to grants, fake surveys, and a host of things all planned out in detail - to adversely impact thousands.

Juliet Ellis crossed the line many times over and the time for her is ripe to go - go now; when the time is given and you have an opportunity to disappear into oblivion.

Soon there will be NO - green light. We want you and your corrupt minions - gone. The days of  your evil ploys and machinations are over - and truly speaking you must go to jail for a long, long time. Thinks about it. This is San Francisco even if you may know Barack Obama - or the Jones guy who was fired by the White House. Go now - and forever get lost.

When those who were asleep saw the true light recently - they all realized how  Juliet Ellis was caught - with her hand in the cookie jar.

Now that many have seen the true light - Francesca Vector - should move away too - go to where you can eat all the jello you can and wallow in that artificial world - of ill fame.

Take your time time there - where you can enjoy your ploys and machinations.

Around Yosemite evil, sordid Whites stole the land - they simply killed the Native Americans - raped the women, killed the children - took what they could.

Up until 1927 you could scalp a Native American and get $5 - no questions asked. 

Any one connected with Hetch Hetchy and the natural reservoir - that is Hetch Hetch with its pristine water - with walls of granite - knows that one act of damming the valley was wrong.

That crime that killed John Muir - cries to heaven for justice - we are just realizing that act and there is more to come - for those that have NO conscience, less morals, and have been blinded.

John Muir died of despondency and more because no one listened to him - and today - we see the blatant results in the Hetch Hetchy Valley, the neighboring forests, the rivers - the general environment.

Whites - the most despicable creature to set foot on other lands - be it the continent of Africa, South America, North America - other land belonging to the indigenous - greedy to the core and the destroyer of things - good.

Your time to have a bad time has come. Wallow in the cesspool of your own creation - you know it best when you have to taste - hell fire - hell fire of your own making.

The current raging fire will teach a lesson the United States Forest Department - but also those that head the Hetch Hetchy operations, the National Park Service, and other State and Federal Agencies like Fish and Gaming.

More so the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission that no one can rest on their sordid and evil laurels - steal, rob, pilfer, and think for a second - that there is no hand, no higher force, no accountability, no transparency. There is adjudication and there must be reparation and restitution.

At one time filthy rich Congressmen and Senators from San Francisco  who had jurisdiction over wide areas and tons of money - barons who stole, killed, took what they wanted - bribed folks in Washington DC and got what they wanted.

The Raker Act of 1913 was one of them - today in the year 2013 - few have learned from the consequences - but as far as Mother Earth is concerned - time is on her side - frail crooks will be consumed by the fire of their own making. Ashes unto ashes.

Yosemite and Hetch Hetchy is far away from San Francisco - and no one thinks it is demeaning that we dammed the Hetch Hetchy Valley, stole the land , stole the water, did away with the noble tradition of the Paiutes, the Miwoks.

The many other tribes around Yosemite. Tribes who kept the land pristine, the rivers full of salmon, the old growth red woods trees, the bear and buffalo roaming freely - only for the strangers to invade.

The pale face to come steal and destroy - take more than they wanted - to reduce the fate of what once was good in the eyes of the Great Spirit - to the fate - that we must deal today.

More in the years; we have witnessed and the years to come.

Hell fire and sordid transgression - yet to be witnessed with those that have no soul - no eyes with clear vision to witness their impending doom - which is at hand - hell fire.

This one time the fire will STOP with a warning and scars that will remind those that can see - the few that remain.

Then there will be more and more - until those that deserve what they deserve will be consumed - no lies, no bad deals, no pussyfooting - ashes that will remain for just so much time - and fly about - and make those think - the origins of Carbon.

Our Carbon Footprint today is a joke - we calculate what we want to - and as has been pointed out in the main press - the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission has been slow to do right - and has failed - miserably. 

Paying consultant in the millions - to prop and put a face that is as fake as fake can be - with folks like Juliet Ellis and Francesca Vector at the helms of affair. Despicable.

I have been an environmentalist since the early 1960s was born in Nairobi, Kenya the land where human beings originated.

I have served this Nation working for the U.S. Army, the National Park Service and many other stellar organizations. I am the Director of Environmental Justice Advocacy - and have witness the many clowns - all these many years - at the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission.

I have seen clowns, artificial like Jello - move like jello - fake to the core and artificial and mundane - fade away and there are more to come. 

For some reason - many of the fake environmentalists are here in the Bay Area.

Most of them talking about the Carbon Footprint, pretending to know what is viable and sustainable, mostly Whites and mostly uneducated on issues.

The empirical data contradicts their thinking and reveals to the world the shallowness of their thinking and sordid - mentality.

These so called environmentalists - mostly Whites - come out from the wood works. There is nothing indigenous about them - they are bland and their culture - stinks - their ancestors were mostly thieves - came to America to plunder and thief.

These Whites come to say something - but they know nothing much - but prodded by Francesca Vector and corrupt, unethical folks like Juliet Ellis and her hired minions - one worse than the other. Praising one another, patting each other's asses - much like the baboons and exhibiting - buffoonery of the highest order. Pathetic - more in this day and age.

Around Yosemite Hell Fire - Resources in Ashes - and a Warning to the Strangers - You Think You Know - but Learn more from this Declared Emergency and what you have done to Mother Earth.

You owe it to the Native American - the First People - learn before you perish - from your sordid deeds.

Leading the charge for despondency the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission and the many crooks who have received grants - I will deal with each of them - name them and their underhand activities.

There is time for Jello and more.