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Friday, August 23, 2013


Juliet Ellis the Assistant General Manager of the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission - has NO clue how to send a Press Statement - about the RIM FIRE -  by the time I post this article - will near the Hetch Hetchy Resevoir - where San Franciscans get most of their clean drinking water.

Most of the reports we get now are from the Main Media - with Juliet Ellis and her sordid minions -  quiet on the Western Front.

The same minions that put out a Press Statement - on behalf of the General Manager Harlan Kelly - stating that Juliet Ellis should still be in office.

After the many conflict of interest crimes - blatant crimes that should send this evil woman; Juliet Ellis to jail - for a long, long time.

It is in moment like this that we find out the true color of those that purport to know about this, that, and the other.

Only for us to find out they are shallow, inept, sordid, corrupt, but what is more ignorant and arrogant. Juliet Ellis must be ashamed of herself.

Not a word posted on the website about the "Rim Fire" and the many adverse impacts to the area in and and around the Hetch Hetchy - reservoir.

Who is responsible for hiring these corrupt people - who have no understanding about our vital resources linked to the Hetch Hetchy system?

We want to know the quality of our clean drinking water?

We want to know about the general state of affair linked to pollution and contamination - in and around the Hetch Hetchy - reservoir?

We want to know who made the decision to shut the power - forcing SF Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC) to buy electricity from other sources - other than Hetch Hetchy hydro- electricity?

We want to know who made this decision - and if we had a plan in place - to execute such a model in an emergency? How much does this plan cost - and how much more will the tax payer from San Francisco - shell out?

We the people who pay for our drinking water and do not trust the SFPUC - want to know who truly is in charge of the ever changing situation - linked to the "Rim Fire" - and who is responsible in this digital age - to give us the constituent - real time news?

We love to hear Francesca Vietor who is a SF Public Utilities Commission - pretending to know so much. The Rim Fire - was a perfect situation - to express her concern - and when I attend the next SFPUC meeting - I will grill this woman - about the Rim Fire - and hear her comments - that is if she can answer me.

Idiots run the SFPUC today - they have no Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)  in place.

They are NOT trained to handle a situation like the "Rim Fire" - the SFPUC will call upon the U.S. Forest Department, the National Park Service - and when is trouble - seek out contractors and consultants - that they have a cozy relationship - to waste tax payers money - in the millions.

We already know how this idiots operate - at the next San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC) - we the people want an answer about the Rim Fire - the adverse impacts - the losses to the SFPUC - and we want detail answers and want to know the role of the Assistant General Manager linked to External Affairs - Juliet Ellis - what training did she have to address such situations?

SFPUC has a Safety Officer - paid in excess of $200,000 per year - we want to hear from this Safety Officer - who overseas such a situation - as was adversely impacted by the "Rim Fire" - we want to know - how many hours Juliet Ellis per se - spent with this Safety Officer - understanding the situation - and monitoring the situation at hand?

Much as we know the ploys and machinations Juliet Ellis spent in Washington DC pussyfooting around - wasting tax payers money - corrupt, unethical, immoral and most of all as I have been saying ignorant and very arrogant. Juliet Ellis and the minions she has hired.

In a couple of hours - we will get a report about the "Rim Fire" it is about 11:00 pm on Friday, August 23, 2013 and on Saturday, August 24, 2013 - before 9 am.

 I will get more detail information - from my sources. I do not work for the SFPUC! Am trained to understand emergency situations such as the Rim Fire.

I want to hear and see for myself the ability of the SFPUC to address such situation at the "Rim Fire" - it would shed a lot of light on the inept External Affairs under the jurisdiction of Juliet Ellis who has been charged with many conflict of interest cases - cannot do her job - talks the talk but cannot walk the walk. Aho. 

Here is one report from last night - today - Saturday, August 24 around 9 am - I will get another report - in the mean time this report from last night - gives some idea about the expanding " RIM FIRE" - that I wrote about when it first started:

Hetch Hetcy Power Supply Affected:

Over 130,000 acres burned and the raging fire knows no bounds - we have over 44 large fires Nationwide - resources spread - but our women and men are doing their best - fighting this one of a kind fire - that keeps on growing: