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Wednesday, August 28, 2013


With over 200,000 acres impacted directly and indirectly - by the now famous Rim Fire - contaminating, a very large area - rivers, the watershed, the lakes, forests, open space, hill and mountain tops - contaminating the air, creating all sorts of hot spots - only for the spokesman fool to state - everything is fine.

Everything is NOT fine - and there is much more to come. Those who are not educated on issues, cannot discern, have to vision less comprehend Mother Earth, and not spiritual - and in the dark so when the utter words - they literally spew - diatribe.

First and foremost we need EMPIRICAL data on the impacts of contamination - linked to the Carbon Footprint - linked to the impacts of the Rim Fire in its entirety.

We keep listening to the crooked, corrupt, evil - pale faces - lie, cheat, bluff, and say what they feel - though it is far from the truth. Who is fooling whom?

We need to know the state of the watershed -  that is polluted - all sorts of water streams; have been adversely impacted - and in factoring these elements and real factors - all sorts of water containment.

The thousands of trees that have been reduced to ashes have left the land - the Earth barren - and exposed to all sorts of adverse impacts.

The impact is so drastic and the magnitude so immense that even the spaceship has reported this fact - again and again.

Land slides, mud run offs that can cause immense damage, soil erosion the likes that cannot be ever, imagined.

I know for a fact the United States Forest Department, the National Park Service, and most importantly the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission - is far removed from protecting the Earth.  Their past history has been poor if not despicable.

The Rim Fire has affected a very large area - the impacted area - must have a plan of action to stop erosion, slides, and what have you by creating ditches and barriers.

Spread seeds that can quickly germinate - that should be on the ready.

Having in place a plan of action - to address all sorts of tree planting - there is no such plan in sight - and everyone is groping in the dark.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency must hold the feet of the U.S. Forest Department, the Nation Park Service, and the SF Public Utilities Commission to the fire.

These despicable agencies - talk a good talk - mostly Whites who have no clue what they are talking about - much as they have robbed, raped, and put most of the rivers, lakes, and forests - in harms way.

These agencies are salivating at the mouth - waiting to receive tax payers money - just to waste it - we need a plan and quarterly reports how the money has been spent. Make no bones about it. Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) money - is our tax payers money that these crooks have been wasting in the first place.

They say this is the 7th largest California fire - that is from the records going back 150 years.

Most of the damage occurred - because evil pale faces decided to flood the Hetch Hetchy Valley.

Adversely impacting the large protected forests by failing to clear the under-growth. Looking after the treasured, land mark trees of historic importance. Preservation and Protection has been thrown to the wind.

Agencies mandated to care for our Forest and other natural resources have been using the money for other trivial and mundane projects.

 I adamantly fault the United States Forest Department - for lacking in leadership and failing to care for the trees and our treasured and priced trees like the Redwood trees and most importantly the Sequoia Trees.

Much before the pale faces that talk a good talk - but cannot walk the walk - took charge of pretending to preserve and protect our National Parks and our National Forests; the all Black Buffalo Soldier - took care of our Federal Lands.

These large tracts of land the Sequoia National Park, Yosemite and many other smaller and some large Parks - all part of the Federal Lands - in the early late 1800s and the early 1900s.

The all Black Buffalo Soldiers did well - but the White Man has chosen with intent - NOT to reveal this pertinent this important history - taking credit for everything - and now we have this episode of sorts the Rim Fire - and all sorts of blatant, fabricated - silly excuses. Time will tell.

The National Park was formed in 1916 - of course the Standard Operation Procedures - how to run the Federal Lands was written by the all Black - Buffalo Soldiers.

When the National Park was formed under the auspices of the Department of Interior - all those who could work for the racist National Park Service - were Whites. The Standard Operation Procedures to this day - belong to the all Black Buffalo Soldiers. No knows this - but only those that have a moral compass.

Even today you witness the Whites talk and lie through their teeth. As if the land belongs to them when it belongs to the Native Americans. The assets stolen, the women raped, the men killed to steal the land.

Crimes crying to heaven for justice. The Great Spirit watches it all - but frail men continue to live with Blood on their hands - and they all fall into that category - pale faces who are a disgrace to the entire - human race.

It is the same with the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission - always a White Spokesman talking - utter nonsense.

The word "turbidity" has been introduce as part of stating the state of affairs - linked to contamination - and the "Nephelometric Turbidity Unit (NTU).

Now - we need to know about the state of affairs - linked to the Watershed in the area of the Rim Fire.

We  the people need to know and the agencies that have jurisdiction should post the information on the Internet.

Information about the quality of air, the quality of the water in the near by lakes and rivers.  Most importantly the Tuolumene River - about which very little is spoken about.

And there is more - no one can fool all the people all the time.

The idiotic pale face thinks he lives in the past - where his evil deed went unnoticed - today - we are watching you  - more, despicable folks - like a hawk. Aho.

Some true history of the Hetch Hetchy as per one of many records - describing how the City of San Francisco shafted the National Park Service - it has always been about lies and more lies - bluffs and more bluffs: