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Tuesday, August 27, 2013


The Rim Fire already has some drastic adverse impacts - and in the months to some - the Hetch Hetchy dam will suffer the consequences.

Mostly - because the ashes will increase the "Nephelometric Turbidity Units" - the measure of "Turbidity" - will increase, to a level where some drastic measures will have to be taken to - create a plan of action to address the situation at hand.

A situation at hand that the "leadership" has no clue - not the buffoons mostly Whites who sit round this table - and feed off the Media News - and put out Press Notice - that are not worth the salt.

The Jesuit trained Governor Jerry Brown was inspecting the "Rim Fire".

He is the man who declared the Emergency - knowing well that even with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) footing 75% of the bill - linked to the Rim Fire - the rest by the State of California.

Some gigantic measure have to be taken now - to save the little that can be saved. The leaders in San Francisco still cannot get it.

The U.S.Forest Department, the National Park Service, the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission - have all been stumped by this raging fire. It may subside in December, 2013 - may a few months later. We are in August, 2013.

 The so called experts have resigned and now state - will take months to have the famous Rim Fire - completely under - control.

As I said the month of December 2013 is touted when mostly everything may come under control.

The fire raging is large - as large as one can imagine - over 150,000 acres plus raging fire - an inferno - choosing any which way it wants to go.

We may get some little rain by Thursday and I hope this helps control the fire.

In the mean time our women and men fire fighting - have done a stellar job. Kudos to them.

To date - San Francisco with all the talk - has not sent in the doctors, the nurses, the assets that we have - but, can pay for to take care of those front line workers - women and men who are risking their lives.

A gratitude for drinking the water all this many years - making money of the hydro-electricity - shame on the leaders of San Francisco.

The SF Public Utilities Commission keeps monitoring the situation remote control - spewing cliches.

No a prudent word from the SF Public Utilities Commission - I suppose - they only care about policies - and helping shelter crooks like Juliet Ellis.

The very corrupt Assistant General Manager for External Affairs - and has not said a word about the "Rim Fire" - that has affected thousands.

For sure the Turbidity of the Hetch Hetchy will increase with the expansion of the raging fire.

The Rim Fire - has reduced thousands of acres of forest and brush - to ashes - ashes fly - and ashes - carbon - in huge doses - contaminates.

That is just how Mother Earth - is teaching the Pale Faces - that for all their technology - they are pathetic and must now plan for their future - and fall back on their local resource - in humility.

In 1913 the Raker Act passed - where crooks from San Francisco - in Congress - helped pass this sordid, legislation.

More to steal the land, and dam the Hetch Hetchy Valley.

The Hetch Hetchy valley - one of the most beautiful valleys in the world.

So beautiful that anyone who saw what was before them  - was stunned by its beauty - the beauty of the Hetch Hetchy valley - but not the greedy, the pale face ghosts - who have destroyed so much on this Earth.

These evil people - with intent - flooded the Valley - so that they could capture the water - within the granite walls of the Hetch Hetchy - an artificial dam.

Capture the water from the near by rivers and lakes - and send the water - down hundreds of miles - to San Francisco.

The Native American elders did not approve of this evil deeds.

Today the Great Spirit has sent one of many signs - signs of the time - you pale faces and those that harm the Earth - will fall and have been falling - flat on your face. There is more to come.

Some years ago - I invited the local Native Americans - to speak to the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission. 

The elders and others spoke - but to this day - the SF Public Utilities Commission - has not acknowledged the Native Americans of the area - be it the Piautes, the Miwoks, the Mono - others.

There is an unwritten history - and a spirituality that the crooks, the corrupt, the evil - will never fathom.

All they understand - is when "death" - knocks on the door. When calamity strikes hard - and most everything the White Men depends on - is suddenly taken away.

Today, in San Francisco without much thought - thousands of housing units are planned - but no one truly has planned for resources - like clean drinking water, electricity, and other essential needs - for the future.

The leaders are acting like the devil - consumed in their high salaries, making deals, and deceiving the people - the tax payers, the constituents, those that think those in authority are working for the people - when the opposite is happening.

This fake talk about our Carbon Footprint - has been shattered to pieces - how can anyone - now calculate the adverse Carbon Footprint left by the Rim Fire -  you can even see the damage - from the roving spy machine - in the sky.

We human beings are frail and foolish. We must think hard - that what was pristine for thousands of years - human beings - more White folks - have destroyed in less than two hundred years.

If this one act does not cry to Great Spirit for justice - I do not know what does.

What was once pristine, beautiful, awe inspiring - has been reduced to rubble.

The idiots still do not get it - this is the largest fire ever in the area - in modern times - and the pale faces - still do not get it.