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Friday, August 2, 2013


No one should be bluffed, hoodwinked to live on the most contaminated site in San Francisco - that is Parcel A - on Hunters Point Naval Shipyard. This in the Southeast part of San Francisco - the last frontier.

The Restoration Advisory Board (RAB) which most people have forgotten - a body of civilians to advise the United States Navy  refused to acknowledge the Record of Decision (ROD) and did not agree that Parcel A - at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard was ready to be developed and more ready to be conveyed or transferred.

The RAB made its voice heard and the U.S. Navy under pressure - dismissed the RAB - and did so - by firing the RAB. Few know this but it is important to note this fact - and the shenanigans that have been taking places - all these many years.

More since 1976. We are now in 2013.

The then so called Representatives including Gavin Newsom the sordid Mayor of San Francisco - arm twisted the U.S. Navy - more the Under Secretary of of the U.S. Navy with Nancy Pelosi, Diane Feinstein, Sophie Maxwell, Linda Richardson other devious folks - all set to pressure the U.S. Navy - to transfer  Parcel A to the City and County of San Francisco. 

The City got the parcel; transferred and land it to their proxy the San Francisco Redevelopment Agency - who lost no time to hand it over to LENNAR - a Rogue Developer. The rest in history - convoluted, tainted, evil - to the core.

In 2004 Lennar with intent bombarded the innocent residents living around Parcel A. LENNAR, he Rogue Developer - chose to grade the site and in doing so - level over 33 feet of Serpentinite Rock - when crushed releases Asbestos Structures.

As one may expect the people who were breathing the dust - the contamination released from moving thousands of tons of dirt - with Asbestos structures flying all over the place.

Prior to this some thugs clear cut over 400 mature trees without any permits.

Some of us protested but no one paid any attention.

All this in an area where some fake environmentalists are trying to address - trumped up issues - but did not utter a word - when these illegal activities were brought to their attention.

Some of us had to protest - go before the Bay Area Air Quality Management District - and after months of protesting - the Bay Area Air Quality Management District (BAAQMD) fined Lennar the highest fine ever.

For this Rouge Developer that was a tiny slap on the wrist - someone should have been sent to jail. This has to happen now - by these same thugs resuming work and bombarding the community with Asbestos structures.

You cannot put a price on health and many infants, youth, young adults, seniors - others, have been suffering to this day.

In years to come - many of these victim will die from Asbestos related diseases - Asbestosis.

Today many suffer chronic respiratory diseases - have had their immune system compromised - because laced with the dust - were other elements - more radio active elements at high levels.

People reported getting tumors, severe bleeding and vomiting, burning throats and eyes - and a whole gamut of ailments - that took the community by surprise and made the Bayview community - very angry.

Not a word was said by Sophie Maxwell the then leading Black representative - a Supervisor of District 10.

Nancy Pelosi the then Speaker of the House said nothing, nor did the aged Diane Feinstein - nor did Gavin Newsom the metro-sexual Mayor of San Francisco.

Nor did anyone else who knew and participated with intent in the nefarious activities that adversely harmed so many - all have blood on their hands.

Now, why would anyone want to build over 1600 units and other facilities in the middle of Chernobyl? Parcel A is cleaned some - but contaminated as I have explained.

Parcel A should be abated, mitigated, clean to Residential Standards - on that land - human beings can live. More the entire Shipyard must be cleaned to Residential Standards.

Where is the Precautionary Principal when it comes to clean up in San Francisco - on all the toxic hot spots and more on Hunters Point Naval Shipyard.

Simply stated the Precautionary Principle states if there is any doubt that any living being is adversely impacted - all work must stop. An investigation conducted and the conditions restored to where everything is restored to that no living beings are harmed. 

What is paramount to note is that the other parcels B, C, D, E, E2, G,  and other parcel carved out - to develop buildings and facilities - are all contaminated. Some one proposed to the 49ers the local American Football Team to build their stadium on Parcel G. 

The 49ers have built a state of the art stadium in Santa Clara - very near their headquarters and they are doing well - and in a year time will be open to the public to watch quality football in a even cleaner environment.

After this season the stadium the 49ers use at Candlestick Stadium near Candlestick Park - will be imploded.

A shopping mall is planned - and time will tell us - more of the same - or possibly - something else - hopefully - good, happens.

The marketing has begun and the Chinese from China are enticed to invest large sums of money to buy a housing unit and get entry to live in the United States. 

This will not be easy for the Chinese - not with the present relations - getting sour - by the hour.

Law Enforcement on the Federal level must apply the RICO act  and investigate those behind these ploys.

On the front line one Willie L. Brown Jr. a Black and former Mayor of San Francisco.

Some Chinese in the East Bay ignorant of the facts - have been helping Willie and the end result will be an investigation - that hopefully should send these devious folks to jail - for a long, long time.

We should not entice innocent people to live on contaminated ground -  more the Regulatory Agencies must step in and do something - and so fast - most everyone who is bribed - is looking the other way.

The  Black sellouts are raking in the money distributed by Lennar who has collected over $90 million of the blood money.

Lennar thinks it will succeed this time - having been defeated and brought to its knees the last time around.

Air samples collected show an increase of Asbestos structures in the area in and around Parcel A.

Jack Broadbent from the Bay Area Air Quality Management District (BAAQMD) - should collect some air samples and post the results on the BAAQMD - website.

The community has seen nothing much from the fines collected the last time around in 2004 .

The community demands that the Regulatory agencies to do right - the BAAQMD.

The Environmental Protection Agency and Jared Blumenfeld who knows too much about this situation.

The Department of Toxic Substances Control, the Regional Water Board - and the local SF Health Department and related departments - the SF Department of Building Inspection - all fast asleep at the wheel.

It is easy to talk the talk but very difficult to walk the walk. Do something.