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Sunday, August 18, 2013


There is a lot happening in the San Francisco Bayview Hunters Point - it is a sort of parody - that only those comprehend the details - those who can connect the dots - and follow the paradoxical, flow.

The crooks gather at the YMCA on Lane Street in the Bayview Hunters Point - to figure out - how to take control of the neighborhood - they have met with some static - but, have no clue what is in store for them. 

Crooks mostly get caught in the high; while they are stealing, deceiving, cheating, have no conscience- they are caught up in their new found high - just like any dophin, any drug addict, any whore not worth the salt. Any criminal and we know the many who surround them.

Then one day - just like that  - a few seconds, like a fleeting moment - BOOM.

They realize they have had it - wrong - it does not pay to be the devil - they reel; they think they cannot fail but fall on their dumb, evil, faces - and wallow in the cesspool of their own sordid, creation.

Nothing good comes from Willie L. Brown Jr. just check his record - he is a slime ball - respected by no one in the best  of circles where decency is admired and king.Where honesty and standards count - where spirituality is a must - mention Willie and you think - "sordid" - scum of the earth.

Among the crooks there is where he holds some grip - but not for long.

His failing sight gone - he is groping in the dark - and when he meets his MASTER - he will beg for forgiveness -  he will have to read his own commentary from memory - only this time - he will not be able to - BLUFF.

So, when his minions do the dirty work trying to foster gentrification. And being Black they are a disgrace to the human race - they leave a legacy that is not to be admired less touched.

We have seen it before - we saw it with LENNAR and brought them to the floor.

There is more - round two will be even better - Lennar will be reeling in the cesspool of their own making.

They incorporated in 1998 and it is 2013 - and as the years go by - LENNAR will get dipper into the PIT - for sordidness and utter, disgrace.

The YMCA has no business getting involved with the key issues in the neighborhood - especially when they cannot comprehend the basic standards - linked to Transportation, the Housing Element, Health, Education, Community Policing, Land Use, the general economic situation facing our Nation - and there is more. 

Nothing good comes from the leaders that lead the YMCA on Lane Street that has been plagued with rampant corruption. Adversely impacting thousands - who should be helped - siding with those that foster evil - like Lenanr and the very corrupt politicians like Malia Cohen - a good for nothing - piece of crap.

Folks who once lived for a short while in the neighborhood and are have come here to make a living - lying, cheating, stealing, bluffing, and taking advantage of those that know little.

Preying on abject - ignorance - and to think of it Gina and Perry think little of what they are doing - with intent harming the community at large in the Bayview and beyond.

You can be in bed with the politicians - have your fake health fairs - one of which will be held on August 24, 2013.

Dumb folks trying to tackle - complicated and convoluted health issues. The YMCA is become a bed of thieves - Ali Baba and the many thieves - one worse than the other.

As usual the bigger crooks are Blacks - first it was the Poverty Pimp Pastors the likes of Calvin Jones, Aurelious Walker, the others too - too many and nasty to name.

A disgrace to the human race. Now, we have Gina and Kathy Perry trying to make hay while the sun shines - ignorant to the core about genuine issues - and preying on the humanity while raking in the money - from crooks of the worst order.

At Hunterview pandemonium reigns supreme - people are hoodwinked by the John Stewart Company - which has created the many Limited Liability Companies - to cheat and hoodwink the people.

Tenants were promised the world and are now left to fend for themselves. Who are these outsiders like the John Stewart Company - know to be crooked and corrupt - that keeps harming the indigent and those that cannot defend themselves.

The land belongs to the Ohlone - it was stolen from them. Anyway you look at the land - even given the recent history - these crooks negotiated with Human and Urban Development (HUD) - a federal entity - that at one time - boldly stated and wanted the people to lived in Public Housing - to own their units.

The crooks with intent ran down the units - using deferred maintenance.

Now the crooks - and of all the crooks - in the Property Management  business the John Stewart Company: has leased the property for 99 years - and is playing hell with the tenants - who have lived at Hunters Point for generations.

Can you imagine Blacks or people of color going into the White Community and committing such abhorring crimes - right before the eyes of those that live there - and have been promised in writing that they would be helped. Where is the justice, where is the fair play.

What is happening to our City and County of San Francisco?

Who is behind all these mayhem and who is going to take responsibility?

Depriving the tenants to live now at Hunters View and the surrounding area - from forming legal, viable, and sustainable tenant organizations.

Trying to hoodwink the neighbors  - by using crooks like Gina and Kathy Perry - to infiltrate and adversely impact hundreds of innocent people - living in Public Housing. All because their palms have been greased with "blood money".

Lennar is not respected in the community. Believe me - nothing good will happen on Parcel A.

Not a single good thing - on the entire Shipyard - the remains of the "First People" have been desecrated - and no one that does that - will enjoy peace of mind.

This is unwritten law that those that are ignorant and do not know to respect - will bear severe consequences for. Now and for a long, long time. No one can go forward - without acknowledging the fact - of the blatant - DESECRATION.

This time Lennar will fall flat on its face - even with it ploy to entice Chinese blood money.

Do not ever fool with the Chinese - they will get to you - in the worst possible way.

The land at Hunters Point is contaminated and no one worth the salt - should have anything to do with it.

Why build units to live in the middle of Chernobyl? Only a fool will do that.

So Gina you can dream of your YMCA in the middle of Hunters Point - you are your kind - and you can have all the fun - driving in your new found wealth - your Jaguar -  a toy of sorts that will come to haunt your ass.

I met you once and told you what is right and what is wrong.
You tried to listen but did not hear.

With intent - you now want to act as an agent to do wrong - you asked for it - and you will get it - not from mere human beings - but from a higher force - believe me; you will for your misdeeds.

The San Francisco Redevelopment Agency is dead.

The Successor Agency to the SF Redevelopment Agency with Tiffany Bohee is cooking the books - lying through her teeth - there is only so much of it that can be done.

One day soon these vermin will fall on their face - in utter disgrace. Right now their fate is being - determined.

Leading that group of crooks and evil to the core - Malia Cohen.