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Tuesday, January 6, 2015


Lennar Urban is a "Rogue Developer" never, ever to be trusted.

No one invited Lennar Urban into our community in San Francisco. 

The mostly Blacks who are with Lennar Urban are "sell outs" and we are monitoring them closely.

On Parcel A - at Hunters Point - where Lennar Urban bombarded a large area with crushed "Serpertine Rock" that releases Asbestos structures and friables - from the year 2002 to the year 2009 - our City and County of San Francisco has done nothing - about this very serious issue - affecting the health and safety of thousands. 

The Bay Area Air Quality Management District fined Lennar Urban $515,000 - which Lennar Urban paid - because with intent they did - wrong. The were given a number of Notices of Violation (NOVs).

Right now the right thing to do - is complain to the Bay Area Air Quality Management District (BAAQMD) -  each and every day - and forward the reports to the SF Health Department, the Environmental Protection Agency, and the SF Police Department.

Do not bark the wrong tree - do not talk too much - take the right action by - building your portfolio of Notice of Violations.

Added to this the land is prone to liquefaction. It is just a matter of time a Church is very close proximity to Candlestick Stadium will sink. 

If the "implosion" take place  - hundreds of buildings will be adversely impacted.

Sacred remains lie buried where the main playground is - no one seems to care about - the Native American Graves Protection and Rehabilitation Act (NAGPRA). Time will tell.

As I said no one invited Lennar Urban a "rogue developer" to our community. For sure not the First People who land this is.
I represent the Muwekma Ohlone of such matters - and have stated this fact - too many times. 

Even Mayor Edwin Lee knows about it - and he may know about it - but if he does not do right by the law - and the patrimonial laws of which he knows little - it will be on him. Make no mistake.

For too long - have the First People - the Native American been abused - discriminated - cheated - bluffed - hoodwinked - and most idiots think - it is fine to do so. Not so this time - we are watching you all - like a HAWK.

All the while our infants, our children, our seniors others have suffered from respiratory diseases, in course of time all sorts of cancers, mesothelioma and other chronic diseases.

How many innocent people - do we know that are dying - and here we are "pussyfooting" with Lennar Urban. They must be driven out of our community - Lennar Urban is the "devil" itself.

Of course the community is not interested in such issues - when they are hungry, on drugs, and do not hold good - jobs.

This gentrification started 25 years ago - and while some of us were fighting on the front line - the rest were - just getting high and gossiping.

Many are not interested in bettering themselves - getting educated - taking care of their bodies, their mind, and of course their souls.

Spirituality is important when you deal with the crooks, the thieves, the devil - himself.

 Most wait only when the adverse issues comes to haunt them in their own back yards or at their front doors.

Still born babies, tumors, cancers, respiratory diseases of the worst kind - more since Lennar Urban has bombarded large areas - with toxic dirt - much of it laden with radio active elements - in high levels.

We have the empirical data - for those who want to verify what I have been stating for a long, long time. I have been monitoring Lennar since 1998 - since they first registered in Sacramento - helped by Willie L. Brown Jr. the former Black Mayor of San Francisco - who is a well known - "thug".

Lennar is despised all over our Nation - in Vallejo Lennar promised to build 10,000 homes on Mare Island - which comes under the jurisdiction of Vallejo.

When the time came to deliver Lennar Urban declared bankruptcy. We all know what is happening to Vallejo today.

This scenario has been repeated in Southern California, all over Florida, in New Mexico - Lennar has no shame - much as the devil cares only about devil and destruction of anything- good.

The Disposition and Development Agreement  - which is a legal document clearly states - that Lennar must address the de-construction of Candlestick Park - piece meal - demolishing it part by part and while doing so - pouring millions of gallons of water - to keep the Asbestos particles down.

This idea of "imploding" is illegal - and NO sane authority will give Lennar Urban the permission to "implode" Candlestick Stadium. 

Lennar has a habit to say one thing - propose one thing - and do as it pleases.

Lennar learned some from Stop Lennar Action Movement (SLAM) but this time - we are watching - like a HAWK.

This time - Lennar Urban with the backing of its minions - will wish it never, ever came to Bayview Hunters Point.

Kofi Bonner who hails from Ghana  and heads Lennar Urban should know better.

So should the other "thugs" Dwayne Jone, Aurelious Walker, Vernonica Hunnicutt, Doris Vincent, Sophie Maxwell, Malia Cohen, - others that we will not mention now - but we have mentioned them before. Scum bags of the worst order.

Yesterday's meeting at Saint Paul of the Shipwreck in the Bayview was a "sham". 

We have the Precautionary Principle an Ordinance on our City and County of San Francisco books. 

We have the Mather Ordinance on our books - all legal laws - that prohibit - much of what Lennar Urban is doing today.

It is time the Federal Bureau of Investigation - the Environmental Department - step in and look into Lennar Urban - a Mafia operation - well known to Law Enforcement.

Mayor Lee so far is sitting on the fence - waiting to jump on that side that he deems fit is green.

Barbara Gracia has let down the community when it comes to cancer, other chronic diseases, and God sees it all.

The community is divided, bought by Lennar Urban - we call them the sell outs - they talk - mostly Blacks from both sides of their mouth.

Today the folks have NO money to buy essentials - food and any nourishment to survive - and Lennar Urban is thinking of building high end shopping malls - when we have the best in San Francisco - down town.

Poor people have no intention getting any where high end shopping malls - where to be frank half the products are fake.

This time we are watching - and when it happens - it will be an inferno - do not say you were not warned.

We the community do not want the "rogue community" Lennar Urban in our community.

The land belongs to the Muwekma Ohlone - I represent them on such matters - we do not want you Lennar anywhere in the Bay Area.

You built a shopping in Emeryville on a Shell Mound - and see what is happening. Lennar Urban is famous for desecrating. 

All over Candlestick Point are Sacred Remains - you play with fire - and you will be incinerated - you are warned.

Go to hell - Lennar Urban - that is where you belong. Now.