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Wednesday, January 28, 2015


A lot has changed in San Francisco - since the days that Mayor Edwin Lee says he was a young advocate and created a ruckus - protesting for those that needed so called affordable housing - in Chinatown and elsewhere in San Francisco.

If his heart was in the right place - he would be rolling up his sleeves and doing the right thing. His been at the Human Rights Commission, his been at the Department of Public Works, his being in Contracting, and his seen his share as the City Administrator - and more.

He could and should do more - addressing Quality of Life issues - schools, recreational facilities, infants and children, violence prevention, career jobs, our failing transportation system, congestion on our roads, our poor air - and the list goes on.

All those years some 20 plus - he did nothing much to make a change - more with the Academy of Art University - taking away - thousands of rental units off  the rental market. Today they are dormitories serving foreign students - paying an arm and a leg.

Today Mayor Edwin Lee and his minions are hand in glove in creating the great divide in San Francisco - which is Ohlone Land.  The Mayor must as he knows well - this is Ohlone land - you do right and all will be well - you do wrong - and you will be accountable - not before frail human beings - but before God.

Every square inch of San Francisco was stolen - and the City and County of San Francisco - does not one single document - proving they bought the land - from the First People of San Francisco - the Muwekma Ohlone.

They just stole the land from the Ohlone - have NO remorse - less respect and their time is coming.

Not too long ago in the 1700s the Ohlone lived peacefully in what is called today at the Southeast of San Francisco - and in other places like the Presidio of San Francisco - all documented - that is until the strangers came and stole the land.

The greedy strangers fished herrings, just raided the Bay where Abolone abounded - contaminated the land as part of the World War II efforts -  continued to give minorities low paying jobs to keep them down and with intent fostered - divisiveness.

Even today the readings at Parcel A- on Hunters Point Naval Shipyard -  Asbestos Structures are recorded and the recording are - high.

The workers keep working - the Bay Area Air Quality Management District - fails to give Notice of Violations (NOVs).
Fails to regularly maintain a log - we have a log - and we keep track of the high readings. On occasion I have sent a reading or two to the Mayor - Edwin Lee - he has never got back to me.

Twenty  years from now many of the workers exposed - will die from cancer, tumors one of a kind - Mesothelioma and other very chronic respiratory - diseases.

The SF Health Department is NOT doing anything to inform the workers about the dangers of Asbestos structures. A fact sheet should be distributed to the workers - all workers and residents - living 2 miles radius at least - on the adverse impacts of Asbestos structures.

The Federal Environmental Protection Agency is asleep at the wheel. The EPA - should do the same - send a fact sheet or make it available on line - so that we are agreed on the main elements - no one wants to take the role. 

The State Department of Toxic and Substances Control  (DTSC) - is being reorganized and revamped at last - having been proven to be totally - dysfunctional.

At a recent hearing in Sacramento - the DTSC - had failed to collect the fines - imposed on entities - that were fined years ago. The SF Port Authority was fined - $1 million for storing hazardous soil - PCB's, lead, and so on in the open at Pier 92.

The many so called Environmentalists in the Bay Area - know about these adverse impacts.

No one is writing about these issues - serious adverse impacts - that will be slowly but surely killing those innocent - who were NOT warned and less - safety precautions taken to prevent them being - adversely exposed and eventually - impacted.

There are over 60 churches in the Bayview Hunters Point - and there is abject poverty, everywhere.

Hot spots - where there is unemployment over 40% of the population - trying to make ends meet.

Come the 5th day of the month - the little the poor and indigent receive - that segment of the population - and has been betrayed by the former Mayors of San Francisco.

More the Supervisors that were supposed to do something - did nothing. They all have BLOOD on their hands. Leading the pack - the Supervisors from District 5 and District 10.

The recent killings and crimes of all kind - is going from bad to worse.

The Bayview Opera House - has been closed for renovation - all Summer long - the youth have been left to fend for themselves on the streets.

How much of this injustice can the people take?

The SF Board of Supervisors are a Joke and more with District 5 and London Breed trying to say something - but acting like a fool.

Don't even mention Malia Cohen she just had three killings recently - and not a word from her - office.

Malia Cohen favored the "implosion" of the Candlestick Stadium.

Malia Cohen who is a "political whore" - has no clue about abatement, less about mitigation - and absolutely does not care about the constituents of the Southeast Sector.

Lennar Urban is a rogue developer - who is is now trying to work with local Union 261 and others - trying to take control of the jobs. 

Those Unions involved with heavy equipment - have made deals with the local mostly Black "thugs" - nothing much has changed.

The same "thugs" many of them jail birds - doing what they do best - stealing, robbing, lying, hoodwinking - business as usual.

People still remember bodies floating in the Bay - these so called corrupt movers and shakers think - they can bulldoze their way and make things happen - to rake in million for themselves.

Much as the " thugs  " involved in clear cutting over 400 mature trees on Parcel A.

Those involved in - grading the land on Parcel A - and bombarding Asbestos Structures - more from 2004 to to 2008 - are doing the same thing now - and getting way with murder.

Outsiders seeking opportunities - coming into our community and thinking we KNOW nothing about the fake Environmental Impact Report endorsed hurriedly in 2010 linked to Candlestick Stadium.

The amendments made in front of the present SF Planning Department - that continues to Rubber Stamp projects - without enforcing the law - the rules and regulation that must be applied - to enforce Quality of Life issues.

The Department of Building Inspection - totally inept - looking the other way - quick to collect millions in fees - but very slow to do their job. Totally incompetent. 

We all know now - at this late date - that thousands are forced in San Francisco - to live anywhere they can find shelter.

Now, thousands live under bridges, under the bushes, on the streets, in dirty and noisy shelters - while the City and County has been pussyfooting around.

The pressure from a segment of the population that is stressed - will invade SF City Hall - soon. Protests from the streets to City Hall - and everything will come to a STOP.

We once had the Armory on Mission Street - where we could shelter those poor and indigent from the inclement weather.

The Armory that huge brick building on Mission Street - has been leased to Porno Company - where all sorts of sordid movies are made.

The rich and famous - can go and engage in sodomy, S&M, and what have you. 

They even have tours  - where those visiting San Francisco - can truly see that side of Sodom and Gomorrah. 

The mostly Black pastors the likes of those who belong to the Tabernacle Group - who know nothing about developing are Spiritually bankrupt.

They have NO influence - they sold their souls to mammon - a long time ago.

They are contributing to the lack of sound leadership among the Black Pastors.

The youth, the young adults - want to keep it real - they do not respect these charlatans. These crooks - all they want is money - to carry out their nefarious activities.

Visit the churches - to get a pulse of what is happening - you see the elderly who live in the past and talk about the past - and the babies who cry to heaven for justice - in their innate innocence - surrounded by evil.

The youth and young adults come to me and talk to me - they youth and young adults want a sense of what is happening.

Where are the career jobs Mr Mayor - Edwin Lee - your speech writers - are living on another planet?

Your speech writers high light - one of two cases of success - we have a population of about 810,000 and a full 80% of them - are having a difficult time - surviving.

The elderly Chinese go from stop to stop - all over San Francisco - gathering food donations.

Then they create their circles - to sell some of the food and make some "little money" to survive - much like some Third World countries.

The mentally challenged are left to fend for themselves.

Many die and no one really cares - not Barbara Gracia and her Health Commission - that talk the talk but fail to walk the walk.

President Barack Hussein Obama - says he wants to do something - billions are spent on the wars - where we had no business interfering with Nations that did nothing to us - and more failing to abide by the Geneva Convention.

We compromised our own security and the politicians - many of whom live in San Francisco have NOT served their Nation - are talking from both sides of their mouth.

When those that know want to say something - City Hall gives them two minutes for public comment.

While sordid morons like London Breed, Scott Wiener and Malia Cohen can go - on and on and on - spewing hot air.

Public comment at the SF Board of Supervisor is like a circus - I wonder if the SF Board of Supervisors - review their actions, their diabolic talk - and think this nonsense will go on forever. Never.

The killings and shooting in San Francisco will increase - and in greater numbers - in proportion to the stress, the difficult living conditions, the lack of Quality of Life services.

Thousands continue to live on our streets - and now it is becoming a common scene and accepted.

Now, HOPESF with "thugs" who are sleek like the John Stewart Company, Bridge Developers, Mercy Housing and other minions - want to tear down Public Housing and cause even more - pandemonium.

Of course Mayor Edwin Lee has no real clue - not with the lies and sweet nothings - that Olson Lee whispers in his ears.

All over our great City - people are really suffering - and here is our Mayor - Edwin Lee spewing diatribe surrounded by those who must work at their Departments and make decisions that better the working of our City.

Not watch the Mayor cut those ribbons that mean - nothing.

City officials are fed up - they cannot do their work - pretending to side with the Mayor - while talking bad behind his behind.

The congestion, the red tape for small businesses, the parking restrictions on San Bruno Avenue in San Francisco - without consulting the small businesses on San Bruno.

The small businesses on San Bruno work hard - and here the City comes with restrictions that favor huge rigs and deprive customers who have shopped for decades - but now cannot find parking. Who came up with these parking restrictions? They must be fired.

Pot holes all over the place in our City.

Our City has Million of dollars to fix our streets - but there is no viable and sustainable Blue Print with Accountability and Transparency.

Van Ness is a mess when it comes to those who are Physically Challenged - crossing the street.

The political whores and pimps - know about it - but they care only about themselves.

The "zero vision" crap is more talk and less action.

Some fuss is made after some pedestrians die - then, it is back to normal - even the very traffic in front of  - City Hall.