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Tuesday, January 20, 2015


Decent people leave a legacy by their deeds - untarnished deeds - that do not adversely impact the body, the mind, the soul of innocent, decent, human beings. 

That is what humanity is all about.

Pope Francis has decided that he will make his upcoming visit to the United States and visit the National Shrine in Washington DC.

He will not be coming to California - to Carmel to be exposed in another light - that will open a can of worms.

 The National Shrine is beautiful piece of work - I have been there.

It is a well designed, huge, and is used by dignitaries for all sorts of occasions - mostly when it is time to say good bye.

People in general - like to talk much after some one has passed away and cannot truly listen to what is uttered.

We are on this for short time - a journey that has to be be treasured - we must leave a legacy - and this can come about only with things that are wholesome,  fortitude, compassion, love and good actions that take us all to a better - place. 

The National Shrine not too long ago was damaged by a Earthquake - the repairs were done - and right now - all is ready at the Shrine for any kind of event.

Father Junipero Serra may be what he is called - and there are millions of other saints - all judged by an "unseen force".

The ones that leave a "legacy" in can case leave a holistic legacy - that has nothing what so ever to do - with evil - torture, duress, as was the treatment meted out to the Native Americans.

In this case closer to San Francisco - the Ohlone, the Miwoks, the Pomps, the Piutes and so on - as second class citizens - right here in the Bay Area.

The Mission the first ten of them built on the coast of California -
under the jurisdiction of Father Junipero Serra - adversely impacted many Native American Indians.

I know these Native Americans and they have revealed to me - what they reveal to trusted friends.

The Ohlone from California and the ancestors of the Muwekma Ohone for sure - suffered much under the Franciscans and the then Catholic Church.

The Catholic Church was corrupt then and more corrupt today - you have to be inside to know what is happening - and what you see if you are sane, educated on issues, have the guts to ask the right questions - is not what most envision.

The deeds of the Franciscans - at that time have been evaluated, light shed upon by historians, theologians,  judges, others of good faith and mind.

The final decision - does not favor the  Franciscans  the "intent and the deeds" - were evil.

Tarnished and simply put "wrong" - the times may have been different but the deed remains for all eternity and shed light - more wrong and less of any kind of right.

Closer to our times and the deeds of those who are called Catholic priests -  these clergy have had much to be desired.

Those preying on children - pedophiles.

Others who sodomize - others make good - as a sort of restitution or reparation - selling  Catholic church property and other things - to right some wrong - but this is just a facade.

For sure not in the eyes of God - such actions cry to heaven for justice.

Such actions cry to God - all the time - and no one really knows - what justice befalls such "perverts" of a kind - more who say one thing when they preach and do antoher.

More those that prey on children, on women when they are forced into adultery.

It is not for us to judge - some say - but for the Great Father - the Great Spirit that sees it all.

In San Francisco the Muwekma Ohlone Tribe has jurisdiction over matter pertaining to "patrimonial jurisdiction".

We have seen others - purporting to act as spokespersons.

We who care - we who have a heart - we who have made sacrifices and truly love our ancestors - have not seen them when the time comes to participate in the Shell Mound walks.

More - to offer - what we really needs to be offered - from the bottom of our hearts.

These shrines built by the Catholic Church are theirs to keep and venerate.

The shrines that dotted many areas - huge jurisdictions in San Francisco, the Bay Area - the Shell Mounds bear witness to a time - when people were decent, decent enough to offer their best to those that - passed away.

Decent people who took good care of the land - Mother Earth.

At these shell mounds many mourned for months - and as part of their diet had Abolone - not found in plenty, now - as they were found in those days.

To put it simply large clams - the size of a football - seeing is believing.

If you have seen a well formed Abolone and its huge shell - it is a wonder to behold.

The Abolone shells, the other shells from other shell fish - as times went along - with multiple death events - helped create these large Shell Mounds.

That we today - associate - with the ancestors - the ancestors being the Ohlone - all over California.

The acupuncture points - that brought healing to the land.

The Emmeyrville  Shopping Mall - was such a Sacred Burial ground.

 Kofi Bonner - the President of Lennar Urban - a despicable person - with intent - built the Shopping Mall there - and nothing good will - happen there at Emeryville.

It is the same with the Shell Mounds found at Hunters Point, Candlestick Point - even at Executive Point - we know what we are talking about - because, we have done - and are doing - due diligence.

You would not expect Willie L. Brown, Jr, the former "thug" Mayor of San Francisco.

Gavin Newsom also a former Mayor of San Francisco - in our circles we call him Mr Dipstick.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee to know about Shell Mounds, the Ohlone, and the respect that has to be given to the ancestors.

The City and  County has never, ever followed protocol - at any decent event held at City Hall - and must be ashamed of themselves. 

This is Ohlone land - remember that.

Those who ignore protocol, disrespect the ancestors, the local host the Ohlone - are "vermin" - scum bags.

These despicable vermin - mostly live for the moment and "greed" and "money" is all they are interested in.

Any faith should bring about peace, bring about a healthy understanding of humanity, which is good for the mind, body, and soul.

Just like we feed our body with good, wholesome food.

We must do the same for our mind.

Mostly importantly for our soul and God will bless us in all our works, deeds, thoughts.

There is nothing complicated or convoluted about - these facts.

It is a fact that evil things were done - never mind which period - evil things - were done - they still stand tall and proclaim the deeds of the time. Shed light on what was good and what was evil.

Much like good deeds stand tall and leave a legacy - this time - for something good - something that takes one to a better place.

It is time for Pope Francis to sit down and discuss about all Native American Tribes and the status of these tribe after over 300 years - the Federal Recognition.

Much like Pope Francis had a talk and agreed to bring Cuba into the fold.

When are we so called decent citizens of the United States going to bring the Native Americans into the fold.

Here in the United States - also know as Turtle Island - as true citizens who took care of Mother Earth for thousands of years.

Much before some strangers came and destroyed our Redwood Forests, killed thousands of Buffalo for their skin, desecrated the land by spilling Native American blood - killing infants, children, women, old women and men - and those who could not defend - themselves.

In California with the blessing of the Catholic Church that did not take a stand - you could kill a Native American and fetch $5 -that was until 1924.

These deeds and more are all documented.

The paradox the Native Americans - the Iroquois, the Six Nations - influenced our Founding Fathers - in the making and creation of the Constitution of the United States.

The good of this land - we call the United States of America - that has a population of about 320 million.

In area mass which is 3,717,812.8 square miles - all of which belongs to the Native Americans.

We must acknowledge this fact. All of us who are NOT Native Americans.

Thieves do not - not at the Vatican - with all the stolen goods from all over the world - in the Vatican Museum.

The City and County of San Francisco does NOT have one single document - giving them jurisdiction - no document where the Native Americans handed this land - we call San Francisco to the local authorities.

18 treaties were signed between the California, Native American Tribes and the United States - never, ever ratified.

That clearly shows - what is the present state of affairs - and what was the state when the Franciscans took land in the name of the Pope and the King of Spain.

There is more - but those ignorant - must be educated on issues.

More on facts that stand good for all time.

Not diatribe, hot air - that our local, state, and federal politicians - including President Barack Hussein Obama - displays - ignorance and not being educated on issues.

Of course those that have wisdom will tell you that it is difficult to do the right things.

Easy to please the devil - pussyfoot and be evil - follow the money and foster - GREED. Aho.