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Monday, December 29, 2014


The United States has now the technology to produce thousands of tons of organic food using a modified artificial light using less energy, no pesticides.

A special modified dirt with no contamination, no pollution - and produce "organic" vegetables and fruits - that will astound the world.

We now have to created the logistics, the marketing, the know how to have like minded countries and entities who will fight MONSANTO.

MONSANTO and like minded entities - who are producing food products that adversely impact - humankind - with adverse impacts that lead to all sorts of diseases and early - death.

Some of us have been debating how to get rid of the toxic business tactics of MONSANTO that are backed by many entities.

Including some "greed" fools who pretend they love San Francisco and its people - but whose "heart" is in the wrong - place - and in bed with MONSANTO.

The Central Valley has chosen to waste millions of gallons of clean drinking water in California. Known as the bread basket of the United States and the world.

We use to be the 5th largest economy in the world and are now the 8th largest economy - not bad for a State in our Nation - known the world over as the United States of America.

These conversation is about clean drinking water, the water shed, the air, the forest, the lakes and rivers, the land, the animals, the fish, that has been misused.

The indigenous people for thousands of years - affectionately called the Earth - Mother Earth.

Not so the White men - who will do anything to sell his or her mother for a dime.

These evil people killed the Buffalo in the thousands and left the flesh to rot, they clear cut the old growth red wood forest without blinking an eye, the stole the land and the gold - gold that was found on the surface of the land.

I have lived long enough to enjoy pristine places all over the world. 

Recently God has given me insights - into the "evil designs" led by the Zionists in San Francisco, filthy corrupt politicians in San Francisco - all of whom - will meet their fate here on Earth - soon.

Met thousands of indigenous people all over the worlk and here in the United States and love them to death. 

Fought for the indigenous people - including the Muwekma Ohlone the First People - of San Francisco. 

All of San Francisco belongs to the Muwekma Ohlone: 

There is no doubt that the indigenous people - always have something to inform us about - many a time without saying much - just actions - good, sound, holistic actions.

Soon, will be will be entering the year 2015 - and as we enter this year - we are witnessing all sorts of turmoils.

Not that some of us that monitor things - "spiritual" are not aware of this phenomenon - but life is life - and in the end Mother Earth always win.

This Earth has seen it all - the utter destruction of all life - the sunlight blocked and all life that relied on the light of the "SUN" - decimate all life - plants life, animals life, fish, the big and the small.

We human know this - but we try to defy Mother Earth - but the day is coming to challenge those like MONSANTO - to get out of the way.

America can play this role - the COMMONS - our youth - our students, those that can see and have better access to quality information. Bring change - because their heart is in the best - place.

Those that can discern and have access to the best information - are the best educated. 

If spiritually you are strong - than most everything is with you - and what is important - God is with you. You will go to the best place - ever.

Human beings need  water, we need the best food, we need our air be clean and most of all we need to respect our land. Mother Earth.

Our higher calling is to be with God - with God on our side - we will win. That is a given. Aho.