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Saturday, January 17, 2015


God has blessed me and taken me to so many places - and among them the highest places that most Catholics would want to visit.

People in so called high places they may want to meet - but for some strange reason - I have been there - done that.

There was a time when the now famous Jesuits were censored, their authority to conduct as a Religious Body curtailed.

Many Kings and Queen thought the Jesuits were becoming too powerful - and even the Catholic Church that benefited a lot from the Jesuits - sided with the nobility.

The Kings and Queens through the Jesuits had control of vast land,  treaties that would bring the Catholic Church - untold, priceless riches.

All this was taken away from the Jesuits - and it was after years - that some was restored to the Jesuits - but, not as much as they had - when someone stole from them - what truly was not theirs - in the first place. The kept most of it - and reading the facts - is amazing about the many crooks and corrupt in the Catholic Church.

One has just to visit the Vatican Museum - to see and witness first hand - how much loot was taken - and brought to the Vatican. Time to return the loot - and ask for forgiveness.

In the year 1793 Miguel Joseph Serra came into this world - born November 24, 1793 to Antonio Serra and his wife Margarita Ferrer.

The family was poor - ordinary peasants - farmers who lived on the Spanish island of Mallorca.

Miguel Joseph Serra was given the same name; of the first born of this couple - who died in infancy.

There was turmoil in the Catholic Church in those years.

The Catholic Church vying for black gold, spices, treaties the could allow them to control vast amounts of land - and all in the name of God to convert those who land was stolen.

The indigenous people who lived in foreign countries - that Spain, Portugal, the Dutch, others invaded - should their superior weapons and the name to God kill and steal.

All these facts recorded - often getting help from the California Native Americans - and then biting the hand that fed them.

At the age of 16 years it is reported Father Junipero Serra joined the Franciscans.

There was always a rivalry among the Jesuits and the Franciscans. I know that more having studied with the Jesuits and gone deep into this rivalry - as part of my vast - reading of history and checking on facts.

After completing his primary priesthood studies Philosophy and Theology - Father Joseph Junipero Serra set out for Mexico as a missionary.

His quest as was those that were with him and those that he new -  and counted as his good friend -Father Francisco Palou.

The famous Palou Street in Francisco - named after the Franciscan Father Francisco Palou - where I have one of my offices in San Francisco.

We all know about the famous Junipero Serra Highway that leads us to the many shopping malls.

Few of us paying attention - after whom these streets and boulevards were named - they were named after those who came to South America, Mexico, California - in search for gold, land, and in the bargain - with intent - used duress to capture souls that belong to God - for their King, Queen and the Catholic Church.

No one has the right to convert anyone under duress.

This statement will be challenged by many - there is no place - written - no place where witness abound - where Jesus Christ - converted anyone - by force and under duress.

In the 1800s and even before that in the 1500s - Catholic missionaries were sent in the name of the Kings, Queens, the Pope to do just that - covert ordinary people under duress.

if anyone resisted - many were killed.

Killed by the sword. This crime cries to heaven for justice - so we challenge this sainthood and many others too - where the victims who died are the true saints. 

Why after so many years?  Why open a can of worms?

King Carlos III of Spain had already expelled the Jesuits from Baja California - few people know about this history.

The then Pope with the help of the Kings and Queens and other viceroys - expelled the Jesuits and they were persecuted.

Much as were the Jews at a later time - by Catholics - all recorded but no one wants to know about this sordid - history.

By 1769 Father Junipero Serra had well established himself - founding Missions with the help of the local Native Americans - most of whom were not treated well and exploited.

Forced to convert to a religions they had no idea about - and embrace a mentality and philosophy so foreign - that scholars today that know something - find it mind boggling.

We all know Carmel in California - and some of us may have visited this Mission and the church. It was here that Father Junipero Serra died and was buried on August 28, 1784.

Twice his grave was opened under the Mission Carmel Sanctuary Floor - and twice his remains were found in place.

In 1884 the California Legislature passed a resolution declaring the 100th Anniversary of Father Junipero Serra - his death and burial a legal holiday in all of California.

Up until 1924 edicts were sent out by the Governors of California to go kill the Native Americans - for a scalp delivered - mostly Whites could fetch - $5.

In the interim - stakeholders - could claim land - just because they planted a stake - paid someone to survey - and took thousands of acres of land - for themselves. This history is true - and the facts are there so this day - to read the deeds of a segment of the population mostly white - that should be ashamed of themselves.


I doubt Governor Jerry Brown would do that - we have become civilized - never mind that Governor Jerry Brown - as do I - share a bond with the Jesuits.

The Jesuits - who trained us well - to speak the Truth.

All for the greater glory of God - and other choice words - led some of us to - good actions. I said some - there is still a lot of sordid deeds committed in the Catholic Church.

In 1963 President John F. Kennedy the first Catholic President of the United States of America - authorized the Secretary of the Treasury to mine - "not less than 2000" medals commemorating Father Junipero Serra 250th birthday.

Approved on October 16, 1963, public law 88-144 describes Father Junipero Serra and that history makes very interesting reading.

The founder of the first 10 Mission that are so famous - many restored by the public and private money and foundation. Visiting the Mission some of them are here closer to San Francisco - Mission Dolores for example, you can visit the Presidio of San Francisco and view the murals at the Presidio Church perched on top of the hill - the  murals depict - the signs of the times.

Many of these Missions controlled by the Franciscans - harbored the locals - had schools, small clinics or hospitals.

Fostered agriculture, live stock - cattle, sheep, goats - modes of travel.

Horses that Spaniards brought along - music that we love so much - and the list goes on.

Adobe structures one of kind - and you can visit the Presidio of San Francisco where I worked for a long time - visit the museum at the Presidio Officers' Club - and learn a lot - about history and just "cultural competency" of that day and today.

The many generations of Catholics from Mexico who came to California - land which belonged to Mexico - that most do not know about.

All this land and treaties - was brought and signed by the United States with gold that the United States had plenty of. How they came to have it - is anyone guess?

18 treaties signed by the United States of America and the California Native Americans were not ratified. It is not wrong to state - that all the land in San Francisco was stolen. It was and the land in close proximity - we call the Bay Area. All Ohlone land that the crooks, the corrupt, do not want to talk about.

There was plenty of gold in California - California named after a mystical Black woman goddess - people do not know that - but it is true and a fact.

Gold was found everywhere - the Native Americans were not greedy  - they took care of Mother Earth.

Good actions - as they did the Redwood Forest and the rivers, the streams, the lakes, nature in general - and by default are Saints.

Action counts - good deeds count, respecting people and nature counts - not narratives and fabrication - that can lead to false and evil - assumptions.

In 1988 Father Joseph Junipero Serra was beatified by Pope John Paul II - who I met and spoke with in Rome - as part of my travels and sojourn. I made good friends, have good friends, and kept my sound contacts with the Jesuits.

In the year 2015 - the present Pope Francis who paradoxically is Jesuit - the first Jesuit who is a Pope - a Catholic Pope who resides in Rome - and lives with the seminaries - a modest life.

The General of the Jesuits is known as the Black Pope.

The Pope that we all know of - we call him a Pope. First time in history - a Jesuit has been chosen to bestow sainthood upon a Franciscan - as the ruling Pope. History will be made - but more analyzed.

Recently Pope Francisco traveled to Sri Lanka known to others - older folks better - as Ceylon - famous for its tea, rubber, rubies, its warm climate, its beautiful beaches and cuisine - the people very hospitable.

Hundreds of years back the Dutch did not want to have anything to do with the Catholics in India and Ceylon.

So Father Jose Vaz who hails from Goa, India - ventured to Ceylon - and during his recent visit to Sri Lanka - Pope Francis bestowed on Father Jose Vaz - sainthood.

Pope Francis is making history - his actions are subjective - it is left to those whose heart is in the right place - to speak to the Truth.

There must be an apology - for it is simply wrong to exploit the indigenous people of California - all along the famous Missions and its vast properties - where, even now the present Missions carry out their so called - "missionary work".

At one time they Franciscans converted the indigenous people at the point of the sword - enslaved them - divided Native American families, destroyed the culture of the Native Americans in California.

The Franciscans today have apologized in a general way - but there must be a apology made in an ecumenical manner - Catholic means universal - and there is nothing wrong with expressing humility and apology for the - right reasons - directed to the right people.

Pope Francis may find it shocking that over 60% of Native American tribes in California are NOT - Federally Recognized. In other words they are - "second class citizens". I hope to reach Pope Francisco and bring this to his attention.

Pope Francis and President Barack Hussein Obama can work something out - and restore the right status to the California Native Americans - including the Muwekma Ohlone:

Pope Francis loves riding motor bikes - he had a Harley - and I have nothing against that. He speaks sometimes and challenges one to think - one may say - he thinks outside the box.

Children, women, men of God - must do right.

Never, ever force anyone to do what they do not want to act upon or desire in the hearts - to force anything against their wishes, their God given freedom is - WRONG. 

May the Great Spirit that watches everything bless you all. Aho.