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Sunday, January 25, 2015


We San Franciscans must not just talk the talk but walk the walk - in other words good actions count.

San Franciscans do not see our SF Board of Supervisors - truly representing.

Mayor Edwin Lee and his minions keep on thinking they can fool all the people all the time - their time has come - they will be facing the wrath of the people.

We cannot permit so many people and more families sleep on the streets of San Francisco.

This is a very rich City and the SF Planning Department and the SF Planning Commission - keep talking about SPUR and other organizations - that claim about 30 thousand units being vacant in San Francisco.

Not a word - about housing for low income and no income. Why?

We all know - the Academy of Art University that has bought hundreds of rental unit - buildings - all under rent control at one time - now all - gone.

All these once rental buildings  - the units converted to dormitories.

So why has not SPUR done some investigation on this fact - and how did these "evil design" come about. Anyone know Larry Badner - other such evil people - under the take - encouraging such - evil actions.

It has been years now - I have been talking about this debacle for over 6 years. Nothing done so far - nothing viable - there has been less transparency and even less accountability - when it comes to the Academy of Art University and the laws they do not follow and break with intent.

The SF Planning is still deciding, adjudicating about the Academy of Art University.

As I have been saying - for how long - - that is in trouble when is comes to Accountability and Transparency.

Of course those that conduct themselves - dealing with evil deeds, circumventing the law -  fill the campaign coffers of those that the Academy of Art University wants help from - and we know - who they are.

We are watching them like a hawk.

Look carefully and you will see that London Breed, Malia Cohen, Scott Wiener, Katy Tang, Jane Kim - others have done nothing for those those that fall into the category of 'low income" and "no income".

Not once has this City conducted a hearing, written some viable and sustainable policy - encouraging - "low" and "no income" - housing.

Yesterday, I was standing by the bus stop at Arleta and Bayshore - when I saw this aged Chinese woman - pushing a cart - and could not push it any more - short of breath. She came into the MUNI bus shelter and sat down. While I saw her suffering, short of breath, and watched over her.

I immediately stated praying for her - as I am accustomed to do - brought up Catholic and having a faith - at times like this I turn to Our Lady.

She has always listened to my prayers. After my 7th Hail Mary - I saw some positive results.

I signed to the Chinese woman if she had some thing to drink - she had a bottle of water.

I then saw a passerby a Chinese man and went to him - and begged him if he knew how to speak Chinese - to relay to me - what was happening to this old Chinese woman.

The man agreed to ask the Chinese woman in Chinese - some questions.

He told me she was resting - regaining her breath - and that she had an operation - and would take some medication.

After the Chinese man left - she took a cookie from a bag and offered it to me - I refused the offer - I am not into sweets and cookies much. More concerned about her health.

She kept saying - like a mantra - again and again - "thank you" - "thank you" while tears streamed down her cheek.

After some time she stood up - and slowly - pushed her cart - using all her little strength - to push this cart - full of recycled material - to get some little money.

This incident affected me a lot - and still affects me - because at close quarters - you not only see but feel the suffering - of those that are decent, work hard - and get NO help from our City and County of San Francisco. We all pay taxes - that is the decent - the crooks - get tax breaks - endorsed by some SF Board of Supervisors and our Mayor - Edwin Lee.

Let me tell you sincerely - our Mayor Edwin Lee must walk the streets of San Francisco - more in the Southeast Sector, incognito - and see for himself - what truly is happening - in San Francisco.

What once was Department of Defense Housing - what people call Pubic Housing - is turned over - to corrupt developers.

These greedy developers -  have the ability to cheat, deceive, hoodwink - using Property Managers to do the dirty work.

Lennar Urban has hired a couple of Property Manager who once worked for the very corrupt San Francisco Housing Authority - recently.

The poor have been spat upon, trodden, deprived of all their human rights. The United Nations started right here in San Francisco - and I bet the SF Board of Supervisor have not read anything much about Human Rights.

If they did they would be acting - not talking so much.

Our SF Board of Supervisors - representing 11 Districts - think that we the people are stupid.

The SF Board of Supervisors and the Mayor of San Francisco - Mayor Edwin Lee - is creating a situation - encouraging the "wrath" of the people - those that have been enduring - for so long.

What this action will be - is anyone guess - but, from what I know - it will be nasty - and the those that can do something now - better be aware. Your day is coming - and coming - soon.

When in San Francisco - you witness - hundreds looking deep into the garbage bins - for food.

When people cannot have access to Quality of Life issues - when poor people are deprived of their necessary needs.

Treated worse than those animals who are cared by the Society for the Prevention and Cruelty to Animals - just visit the SPCA by 16th and Potrero - and check things for yourself.

The SF Planning Department is more interested in Environmental Impact Reports.

Most of which are plagued with corruption - funny looking people involved in these shenanigans, gimmicks, ploys, machinations.

At all of the SF Planning Commissions - you see and witness the nonchalant manner - in which these meetings are conducted. Who is fooling whom?

In the interim - Mayor Edwin Lee like a little boy in the "sand box" loves cutting ribbons.

He is not at all concerned about the poor - many of them die - and are declared of  - "natural causes".

Ask for a report from the Coroner - and you have to wait for months - sometimes years.

It does not matter if you are rich or poor. The Coroner Officer is a mess - and they do not have the latest tools - to gather the real testing results - of the samples they send.

No one every has audited this Coroner Office in a long, long, long, long - time.

This great City and County of San Francisco has a budget of $9 Billion - we do not have a Toxicologist.

When we need a Toxicologist we go to the University of California - San Francisco- and hire one - when you pay for one - he or she cannot bite the hand that feeds, them.

Do you think that Mission Bay is safe - fit to build hospitals.

Our City and County thinks so. 

Contaminated dirt - was carted from 4th and King to the site where the current University of California - San Francisco was built.

I challenge anyone to visit the basements and collect any amount of air samples - see if you find "fungi" one of a kind. It is happening all over Mission Bay - at Huntersview, Oakdale, Sunnydale, Parcel A on Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - where such new developments are happening and going to happen.

New housing on land that is contaminated - Huntersview Phase I and Phase II - run by the John Stewart Company.

Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - where Depleted Uranium was tested.

No one seems to care - about the Empirical Data that is available for analysis.

Our City and our Mayor Edwin Lee - wants to build 30,000 units in the Southeast Sector  - mostly on land, air, and a watershed that has been contaminated.

We just have to review about those living at Midway housing - the cancers, the respiratory diseases, the unique tumors.

The same in and around Hunterview, Oakdale, Sunnydale, Potrero Hill - what does the Mayor think about Quality of Life issues - nothing.

Where are the so called Environmentalists on this one? Who do you think in behind the building of these units? The units planned near City College - if not the Mafia - from Pacific Heights - and those that have been stealing from the poor - and filling their pockets.

What does Mayor  Edwin Lee think about Mercy Housing, Bridge Developers, the John Stewart Company.

Mayor Edwin Lee wants their money. Where is his soul - he sold it to the "devil" a long, long time ago.

Much as Willie L Brown Jr the former Black - "thug mayor" of San Francisco.

In San Francisco we once had standards, we had compassion, God is watching everything.

This City and County of San Francisco and more those in charge doing nothing - will fall - FLAT on their faces.

More the sordid ones Katy Tang - keep on shredding your documents.

London Breed - saying one thing and doing another.

 Malia Cohen - with intent depriving the poor of their needs - it does not help giving your readers - more information - about the deplorable, despicable, sordid representatives we have at City Hall in San Francisco.

SF Board of Supervisors - who only care about - themselves.

More are spiritually - bankrupt.  God helps us all.