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Friday, January 16, 2015


Mayor Edwin Lee had all the time - and still has - to adjudicate the case about the Academy of Art University - that has been buying properties - many of them Rental Units and then converting them illegally - to be used for dormitories.

Hundreds of rental buildings - thousands of rental units - once under rental control - no more. What is Mayor Edwin Lee doing about this sordid deed? What are our City leaders including the City Administrator doing?  The SF Board of Supervisors - nothing, nada - standing and looking the other way.

More, for the Academy of Art University - to accommodate - dormitories - for mostly foreign students.

Students - who have been cheated, deceived, and given a certificate - after spending thousands - not worth the salt.

The case is before the San Francisco Planning Department, before the Department of Building Inspection, before the Mayor Edwin Lee and his minions - but, nothing much is - happening.

We all know too many people - more decent families who have left San Francisco.

Of course the mostly queer folks who dabble is spewing diatribe in their blogs - would not know that.

Once lost this treasure of astute, decent, moral and ethical families - once we loose this families - to bring them back is next to impossible.

Much like the era - when we lost of artists - thousands of them and have yet to see - those great artists come back and enjoy their company and their work.

We have a Mayor, Edwin Lee who has no sense of "cultural competency".

Does not sit down with experience people who know the facts. 

Does not believe in listening to those that have solutions.

We have a Mayor true - but he is no leader. Talk is cheap - and spewing diatribe is for - "fools".

It is too costly to live in our City and County of San Francisco.

We have a over $9 billion plus budget - but, all this is negated with all the pot holes that takes ages to repair. Infrastructure at every level - left to with maintenance - it is called deferred maintenance.

The Mayor's advisors talk - but you cannot talk to Caligula - who has already made up his mind. Greed and more greed - and false promises - that will never, ever be delivered - when it come to good housing for those that need it most.

Broken clean drinking water pipes - and a SF Public Utilities Commission that is corrupt.

AECOM a prime that already gets - billions from the SF Public Utilities Commission (SPUC) just bought URS - that truly is fucked up - has messed things at Calavares and other major projects.

We have Primes who bid - lock, stock, and barrel and do not deliver. 

All of them fill the campaign coffers of the Mayor, Mayor Edwin Lee and of course the SF Board of Supervisors - $500 a seat for breakfast - here folks hog on pig meat and other such so called - sordid, delicacies. 

The congestion on our roads.

The very poor performance of the Municipal Transportation Agency - Ed Reiskin tries - but it is not him - the issues are the "teams" - the so many teams - that say they can do this and that - but are so Smithsonian.

Scott Wiener can keep on dreaming to make fake policies and try his bid to be the next Mayor of San Francisco. That is all I will say at the moment - even the "queer youth" despise him - he talks the talk - but when it comes to action - he is no where to be found.

London Breed that to deal with a situation - the situation was brought right in front of her door step - more the non-profit she ran.

Four youth - cut short - shot and killed.

The mothers, the friends, others too who knew the killed youth.

I knew two of them - all of us shocked. So what is the City doing - at least those with a holistic plan?

The City and County of San Francisco once had sufficient money - from the State of California and other sources - to lend the families a helping hand.

Now, our Mayor Edwin Lee who is busy making promises and talking from sides of his mouth - may find it difficult that a measly sum of $5000 had been offered to the victims.

The families have been reaching out to others.

As before some of us that are familiar - with the situation - have to deal with the situation and we do - because we still have a few constituents - in San Francisco - who have a heart - and we still have decent, moral, ethical constituents that have compassion.

Violence is on the increase - and this City and County of San Francisco does not give a "rat's ass" - about Quality of Life issues.

So, when the four youth were killed - the area around Hayes and mostly the Whites - were shocked and some traumatized - but there is more to come.

We have the very rich and the very poor - and when poor youth - are not given opportunities - real opportunities - not treated with respect.

The more the black youth are looked down with disdain - nothing much will change.

Go to the places of incarceration and when you see in our City - more than 50% jailed and look at the color of their skin and they are Black - something stinks in Denmark.

Not a word about this situation from Mayor Edwin Lee. Not a word about Community Policing - a lot about AirB&B, Twitter, other drab companies - that will all come tumbling - down.

Watch out - I have personally brought this issue before the Mayor Edwin Lee and before San Francisco Chief of Police - Chief Gregory Suhr.

It is a JOKE watch the SF Police Commission - these "idiots" I repeat "idiots" - have no clue what is happening - in San Francisco. 

The SF Police Officers - the ones that have experience can spear head - and make good things happen. But they are full of excuses - and what our City needs today - are solutions - solutions that take us - to a better place.

The SF Police Officers Association (POA) is fighting to hire 300 plus Police Officers - and that goal may be flawed - if more minorities are not hired.

More, if we look deeply into the diversity of the constituents of San Francisco - and how they are faring.

Mayor Edwin Lee should make time to sit down with those who understand the issues - I mean constituents, leaders in the community who comprehend - Community Policing.

Try sitting down with the parents of those killed - and try listening to them - and try having a heart - that is if you - have one. Politicians are full of hot air - we know that - so we must - remember the next time around - when we vote for morons. 

No one is paying attention to anyone who spews diatribe in San Francisco - boasting one of the few places - with educated - constituents who vote and participate.

The bloggers or the Mayor Edwin himself are not educated on issues - and some have tunnel vision that makes it - worse.

The SF Board of Supervisors - who are there for their salaries leading the pack Jane Kim, Katy Tang, Scott Wiener, Malia Cohen, and London Breed.

Our great City and County of San Francisco has miles to go - and the good thing is that we have some astute leaders in San Francisco - many among them who pay their taxes and contribute to our great City - named after Saint Francis of Assisi.

This is Ohlone land and all of it was stolen by those who have no respect.

Even to this day - there is no respect for those that kept our land - pristine for thousands of years - today - greed and contamination and more sordid contamination - rules.

Good leaders know the way, show the way, and go the way. God Bless.