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Wednesday, January 14, 2015


San Francisco is NOT China Town - where until a few years ago - most American Chinese - living in China town and elsewhere in San Francisco did not vote.

Many of them were not educated on issues - and even now - the so called "shot callers" - have to send some smoke signal - over some "pig grill" on a windy day to reach all parts of the City - to entice who are the candidates and who has to vote - in what manner. Never mind if they are inept, shallow, and not experienced.

Of course Mayor Edwin Lee has been going with the flow - agreeing with these shenanigans not to upset the apple cart.

Who is Rose Pak - who loves to smoke - and speak from both sides of her mouth - intimidate and rake in millions - to aid mostly inept, corrupt folks - make sordid policies in San Francisco. Who is this Miss Piggy - who on occasion will tout a cigar?

Astute leaders and some few decent politicians from other Districts besides District 3 - will not agree that if some big hefty heifer - who just happens to smoke like a chimney; who can garner and make others cough up thousands - raise thousands of dollars - by intimidation.

You scratch my back and I will yours - that type of philosophy is not what  we San Franciscans are about.

San Franciscans - will NOT fall for that crap.

Shouting at some meeting - begging Lennar to cough up millions for some Chinese Hospital - just because the "rogue company" has something to do with Hunter Point and development.

Where is the etiquette and if some one thinks they can get away with murder - they better think twice.

The present Chair of the San Francisco Planning Commission Cindy Wu - is drab to say the least.

Has no innovative ideas - and is very good at rubber stamping - keeping a straight face.

We San Franciscans - those of us that know about Land Use and sound City Planning - the Housing Element and the City and County of San Francisco's General Management Plan are wondering - some one really thought of appointing Cindy Wu to the District 3 vacant seat?

You must be kidding?

Where is the Democracy - or are we hear to Shanghai or imitate some other city in China - where most are anointed and  appointments made based on power brokers.

This is San Francisco and we must adhere to standards, ethics, morals and most of all encourage - spirituality.

Do people still think we care about Gavin Newsom?

Few know why Gavin Newsom had to declare that he was not going to run for Governor the first time around? 

People think they know why - we know - the ones who followed him around even to Santa Barbara and San Diego and heard and saw Gavin Newsom lie - so many times.

 Gavin was taking credit for things Tom Ammiano did - the rainy day fund - taking credit for all the good that our City and County of San Francisco had to offer - and all the bad - was on some one else.

That includes giving lee way to the former Mayor of San Francisco Willie L. Borwn Jr - his minions Rose Pak, the other crooks who intimidate others directly and indirectly to get money and receive - favors.

Governor Jerry Brown will prepare the way - for the future leadership of California - and for sure it will not be Gavin Newsom.

Gavin Newsom is not a family man in the strict sense of the word.

Tat is why I gave him this neutral - well understood name - Mr Dipstick. He see something like a lolly pop - he salivates and before you - you see him licking away.

Willie L. Brown Jr who is technically blind - many do not know that - not only in sight - but as far as morals, ethics, standards, you name it - he does not touch by osmosis - anything that is decent - still uses intimidation to rake in millions.

Anyone who backs up those "thugs" - are being watched - raising millions in campaign funds - for folks like Jane Kim, Katy Tang, David Chiu, Scott Wiener, Malia Cohen others in the pipe line - even Mayor Edwin Lee is part of this sordid - group and way of operating.

That is the Chinese way - you partake - eat some to that "pork meat" never mind if it well cooked or not - you say yes - and the "dragon" will dance - and the red envelops will fly and can be opened - and you will see red - and less of blue - as is the color of the sky on a clear day.

Our politicians are suckers these days in San Francisco - just look at the present make up San Francisco Board of Supervisors.

They SF Board of Supervisors -  beholden to the crooks - they love to make their appearances - when the Mayor - Mayor Edwin Lee for all practical purposes - is well know as  the ribbon cutting Mayor of San Francisco.

This is Ohlone Land and all must remember that even Rose Pak - who will smoke on the steps of City Hall - a few feet from those - suppose to protect City Hall who work for the Sheriff Department.

Imagine some brave Sheriff - approaching  Rose Park and telling her to step some fifty feet away - counting the steps to go down to the ground level -  under the trees - closer to the statute of Abraham Lincoln - and doing her sordid thing there - smoking.

No one has the guts and there is where the problem is.

We know who breaks the laws in San Francisco - we know them.

Law enforcement and others look the other way - we must take them to task - and send them to reflect in some jail - where things are not so Rosy.