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Thursday, January 29, 2015


We are on this Earth - on a journey - each one of us - and the important thing to do is right.

Leave a legacy. This is about Charles Williams  who was shot and killed on 3rd Street - right by the side of the Bank of America - shot and running across Third Street to save his life. He fell down on the sidewalk - and slowly passed away. We will remember him - those of us who really - knew him.

Charles Williams was 24 years old.

Charles Williams - better known as CW - is no more - one more youth gone - and our City leaders have nothing to say. More, the Representative from District 10 - who talks from both sides of her mouth.

There is a memorial of balloons, flowers, candles, memories left on bottles and lip prints of love - wondering - why did some have to take a life - and one so young.

Some are trying hard to find out - and it just a matter of time - when the coward will be found - late but not too late - to put away one very bad apple - more a coward.

Many know this rapper as CW - I know him as Charles - when he would request me to buy his works, his songs, his music on CDs - and being a rapper he put his best in his work.

I listened to his work - and he knew I listened to his work - because he knew I had listened to his lyrics - when I spoke to him - and spoke or quoted some lines from his work.

His message was unique - much like most of us - affected by our surroundings - the environment.

There is something each of us artists - want to say, when we write, we dare to sing - it not always that it is comes out - just right - more, in our novice years - we make our best attempt.

With experience we bloom and if our creation our works - it leads one to the bright star in the sky - it means a lot to any budding artist.

We were tight and Charles Williams shared with me his email.

Charles will not get a chance to read this article - he is no more with us - but, he did read my articles - be it - not all of them.

Charles Williams' funeral is planned in two weeks - according to reliable sources. 

Charles is with us in spirit though - and he is wondering no more; about tomorrow - CW did what he could - he did right - and there was no need for any "thug" to take his innocent life - in such a cowardly, manner.

At times I met Charles on the MUNI bus - he was taking some classes - learning to edit music and film.

Final Cut a program that he did not own - but had to go to some place - where it was shared.

I spoke of another software CS5 - now it may be CS6 -  we made small talk - on such issues - common to us and to his work and mine on one level - as well.

Charles Williams knew some of my friends in the Bayview Hunters Point area.

I knew some of his friends and relatives. 

Charles was in a movie and had potential - more a documentary - the movie was shot right here in the Bayview and some adjacent places.

They showed it at a movie house in the Mission and we all went to see it - and we liked what we saw - our youth and a budding Movie Director - doing what they do best - portraying the youth - as the youth themselves - showed that side that no one sees.

In one of the shots is a scene - right outside a store he was shot right by the store he frequented on Third Street and Quesada.

After being shot he ran across and succumbed to his death.
He wanted to live - he loved life - but, that was not to be. 

Today, there is a memorial - and people pass by and when they are told about Charles - they are shocked.

I was shocked too -  that in itself is traumatic - considering this killing and violence on a young 24 year old Black young man - and more when it is Black on Black violence.

I was walking and when I saw this memorial some days ago by the Bank of America.

I felt I had to make some inquiries - had some gut feelings -  so I approached one of the Bank of America managers who knew me - and this Manager told me about Charles Williams.

The guard who knows JT the Big Figure - said to me - I know you from a documentary - and showed me my picture from one of the videos on his telephone - created by JT who has moved to the East Coast.

Back to Charles - I was shown some more pictures - the dreads Charles Williams wore.

My heart was beating - and my mind aghast - why do we have to have so many shootings and killings - in our neighborhood? What is happening to this City and County of San Francisco?

In the interim the Mayor, Edwin Lee is busy making fake speeches and cutting ribbons. Thousands of people need housing - others need career jobs - the man is JOKE and it does not even know it.

Where is the leadership?

Why is the Bayview Opera House closed for so long?

Who is in charge and who from our community - truly makes the decisions? Where is Malia Cohen on this one case - the other case where an innocent woman was killed by a stray bullet.

Do the leaders at San Francisco City Hall really care about our infants, our children, our youth, and our young adults - more if they are Black?

Does San Francisco offer that segment of the population that needs to be helped more - the required amenities - addressing Quality of Life issues.

Recreational facilities - like those offered to those that live in the Pacific Height area. I want to know?

We once created the Community Response Network - only for it to fail.

Strangers coming in our community - teaming with other sell outs - folks like Jacob Moody - and suddenly the goals and objectives of our initial goals and objectives - changed.

We have a group now - funded by the Mayor's Office - sole sourced to another entity HealthRight360.

HealthRight360 is putting their best foot forward - and they are doing what needs to be done. The four victims recently killed all has their funeral expenses - taken care off. Today, is the last funeral - the fourth one putting tremendous stress on these young women and men - God bless them all.

We have the SF Health Department involved - others involved - in gathering information and using the data to get grants - in the millions of dollars.

Our City has  NO viable and sustainable Blue Print - no sound policy - when it comes to Violence Prevention and Intervention.

We have nefarious entities raking the millions in the name of the people - who are adversely impacted - once these nefarious entities receive the money - they spend it as they wish. They forget about Accountability and less about Transparency.

No accountability and less transparency - and more making decision in a vacuum - hoodwinking the constituents of San Francisco more in the areas - where killings and shooting abound - with less transparency and even less - accountability.

Surveys are initiated by the San Francisco Health Department - the data sent to State and Federal entities.

Millions in grants are given to the SF Health Department - clearly showing the increase in cancer, respiratory diseases - the contamination, the toxic air - triggers factor that make people prone to violence, stress, anger and so on and so forth.

The District 10 Supervisor - a sell out - a political whore - spoke up the other day.

Malia suddenly wants an audit - connected with Violence Prevention and Intervention - funds. All this time Malia Cohen has been pussyfooting - around.

An audit on the millions spent on Violence Prevention and Intervention - all of us on the front lines - know what is happening - the important question to ask - where is the leadership?.

The Mayor Edwin Lee - came up with an acronym - IPO - whatever vision he saw those letters - high on greed and out of touch - with the real - world.

Charles helped people - I saw him give money to those that needed money.

CW always he had that smile - an unique smile - and as he gave the little he had - he always was happy that he had made someone's day.

I was walking past the memorial and saw two plain clothes policemen in an unmarked car.

Looking more as if they worked for the FBI or the CIA - looking at me funny - I walked and thought about these - clowns - who make the entire San Francisco Police Department - look bad.

I went home that evening - and there was this news of a Public Defender being handcuffed - just because she told the SF Police Officer - not to take photographs nor speak to her client - a young Black man.

Jeff Adachi the Public Defender came to the rescue of his fellow employee - " if this is the way the SF Police Officers behave towards a Public Defender - you can imagine how the SF Police Officers - treat the folks on the street".

I will not take it that far - but there is a lot truth in that statement.

Just because you have some authority - and in this case - we are not dealing in a hostile environment.

Show some respect to the Public Defender's office. The same office that found two SF Police Officers -  invading hotel rooms with warrants - stealing and failing to act as professionals.

Disgracing the entire SF Police Force and making Chief Greg Suhr look bad.

The Chief, Greg Suhr knows me and I know him. I text him once in a while and he responds to me. He knows where by heart is on most matters right - and when I take a stand - be it -  when I speak my mind and some do not like it. 

That is me - and on some issues- I know some are afraid to discuss the issues - most look the other way.

In doing so they pander to the corrupt and the SF City Hall is full of them.