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Wednesday, January 21, 2015


Malia Cohen as is London Breed - one from District 10 and the other in District 5 - talk the talk but cannot walk the walk when it comes to Violence Prevention and Intervention.

We have 11 Districts in San Francisco.

Malia Cohen wants an audit done on the over $50 million spent on trying to address and bring about some stability linked to Violence Prevention and Violence Intervention.

This lack of sound leadership and a blue print that is proven and sound has been lacking for years.

The people that know about Community Policing are fully aware of the pit falls.

They are many - some have some experience - and with a $9 Billion dollar budget - we can come about with - solutions.

Our heart must be in the right place - and we must not be spiritually bankrupt.

We all must know what it means to submit - not to the "bad guys" but to a Supreme Force.

You cannot have the devil in the cockpit - calling the shots - that is what is happening - right now.

Well, how can anyone bring about stability if we do not have proven and sound policies - on violence prevention and violence intervention - good leaders - who know the way, show the way, and go the way?

We use to have the Mayor's Office of Criminal Justice. What happened to it?

Good leaders know the way, show the way, and go the way.

Who are the experts that are educated on issues - and why were the Safety Committee meetings stopped?

These questions and more must be addressed - in a holistic manner.

Who in the Mayor Office is fully in charge about Violence Prevention and Intervention? What qualification do they have to do the work - professionally?

Always delegating - others who have no clue - to carry our half-baked orders? Messing things up - and when - the problem becomes to much as it happened at Double Rock - Alice Griffith - use people like a dirty rag - and call it is a day.

Who in the Mayor's Office knows truly about Law Enforcement - every aspect of it - having a sound experience about each and every district - and we have eleven in San Francisco?

Who is the Mayor's Office understands "Cultural Competency"?

We have advisers that used to work for Mayors Willie L. Brown Jr and Gavin Newsom - one worse than the other - and do you think any good will happen - with old failed polices and a mentality that stinks to high heaven? 

How can crime - any type of crime - serious factors that cause stress on numerous levels and severe turbulence - truly. be controlled when people cannot enjoy Quality of Life issues?

When such adverse impacts - are experienced by families - more with children - every single day. Gun shots - killings and shootings, petty crimes - home invasions - are becoming common.

Recently we had four youth shot and killed - and people are wondering what is happening - you all can wonder all you want - the question is - who is in charge?

The Mayor Edwin Lee knows about this - but lives in a dream world - cutting ribbons - and having no idea what so ever - what is happening at ground zero.

London Breed and Malia Cohen are selfish so called politicians - who are for themselves.

They have NOT proved in the past as being able to represent the people that most need help.

Both these deplorable so called politicians - cannot and will not represent - San Franciscans - as decent San Franciscans more families with children - need to be represented.

Right now Malia Cohen at this late hour - has awoken from her slumber - while all sorts of contamination, pollution, and other adverse impacts - have increase 800% in District 10.

There are more chronic diseases that contribute to Violence in her District - the SF Health Department gets millions to address Violence and Violence Prevention.

Malia Cohen knows a lot about the shenanigans - but is now faking it - and wants to do something.

Malia Cohen is inept, shallow, has no clue what she is talking about - and most of the time - talks from both sides of her sordid - mouth.

This Black woman is as fake as they come - and has not been able to address Quality of Life issues - in a meaningful way.

Malia Cohen is a sell out - and when she has her meetings - all you see there - present - are the sell outs.

These meetings are by invitation only - that says a lot. 

Have an open hearing on Violence Prevention and Intervention - and let us see how much you truly know - Malia Cohen - you and your minions?

It is time to call the RICO Act on you - despicable woman.

Mayor Edwin Lee thinks it is fine to have a Wellness Center at 3450 Third by Cargo Way - one of the most contaminated hot spots in San Francisco. Why?

Just because California Pacific Medical Center - donated $4 million. Just because the 49ers donated another $300,000. Just because FaceBook gave some more millions - to carry out the operations of this Wellness Center - when can we have an audit on this sordid - issue - using infants, children, youth to rake in millions. 

A 3450 Third Street which is a hot spot that is one of the worst areas in San Francisco - and here our infants, our children, our youth - are treated by sell outs - who are in for the money - are not holistic - and care less about genuinely helping those that need help - most.

There can be NO holistic process unless we have Community Policing.

One can repeat this mantra a million times.

Some one must hear it - but more some one must comprehend it.

The Mayor Edwin Lee will not get it.

Malia Cohen and London Breed will not get it.

Why - because they cannot fathom the harm done - when anyone is killed - more Blacks who form 5% of our community -  more Blacks die - because of lack of policies in place.

In our jails and places of incarceration over 50% are Blacks. Blacks form 5% of the population. Our SF population is about 610,000.

Our Law Enforce spent $400,000 to conduct surveys and came out with a document that is sitting and gathering dust on the shelves - PERF.

Just google the word and read the document.

Even if you post the document on any blog - any website - these morons like Malia Cohen and London Breed will not read it - simply because they think - they know it all.

Violence Prevention and Violence Intervention is a business - with the San Francisco Health Department, the Mayor Office of Children, Youth, and Families - other agencies who get money - raking in millions.

Other models are used one of them is called  "out sourcing" - everyone playing some instrument - and all the instrument NOT tuned, less in sync.

The result instead of harmony - we have noise, confusion, pandemonium, havoc.

San Francisco Police Department - is not interested working with lay folks - they think as a para-military force - they can carry out any operation.

The consequences of their actions - are written on the wall.

The SF Police Officers who shoot to kill and ask question afterwards - will do it - again and again - unless -they are given specific orientation.

Much like is done in some cities - but again - it does not matter who expresses such concerns - the SF Police Department - follow orders - and brag and think they are the best in our Nation.

Anyway you look at the Nieto case - that death was not warranted.

But it happened and we must watch and hear the plea of the mother - and no one - in our City - not the Mayor of San Francisco Edwin Lee, not the City Administrator, Naomi Kelly, not anyone worth the salt - has sat with the mother and discussed this case.

In recent months millions of dollars are spent on Domestic Violence - encouraging a different type of Violence Prevention and Intervention - without any sound and proven policy.

The blind leading the blind - and millions of dollars - wasted. I said wasted. Some 20 groups making hay while the sun shines.

The City has chosen much like some dogs do - to bark up the wrong tree.

Now making us all - watch this madness - that adversely impacts Quality of Life issues.

I would like to sit with the Mayor Edwin Lee and the Chief of Police - with empirical data - no so called experts in the picture - to discuss really what is happening.

Just the three of us - and have a talk.

Even if it is for half an hour - on Violence Prevention and Intervention.