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Monday, January 12, 2015


Most Blacks in San Francisco are NOT fully aware of South Park - on Third Street closer to down town San Francisco - down a few blocks from Howard Street - Market Street down town or the Hearst Building.

Blacks lived here and what is beautiful there was a beautiful Park right in the middle - surrounded by homes.

There are a few blacks that still remember those days - and I had the fortune to know some who lived in this area.

Today there are no blacks, no black establishment, and you have funny looking people who act as if they lived in this area all their lives. Some when told the truth look at you funny - and others deny that black ever lived in this area.

The City and County of San Francisco should declare the area a Historic District - have some display that tells the facts - but you could NOT expect that from Mayor Edwin Lee and Room 200. They are all busy - pussyfooting - selling fake conceptual plans and on a war path with the poor - busy driving good, decent, San Franciscans out of San Francisco.

One day - some years ago - I got a call that the San Francisco Police Department were called by some Whites to STOP a reunion of former black residents - who use to gather at South Park every year - this time around - those who had gathered were told to go elsewhere.

I met the SF Police Officers and explained the situation - and I also had the direct number to the Chief of Police at that time - if this problem was not resolved. Lucky for me - at that time - I had the connections to make good things - happen.

Today, if you go to South Park - you can check things for yourselves.

It is trendy, it is inundated with "techies" who could not give a rat's ass - about people of color - who lived in South Park and their contribution.

The few landmark building - the culture significance of the contribution of Blacks all over San Francisco - at South Park, South of Market Area, in areas on Pine Street, Bush Street, even the Fillmore - is being erased with intent. Time will tell.

This is the case all over San Francisco - and that is why in our middle schools, our high schools, our colleges and universities - we have to dwell on our neighborhoods - and keep the facts from becoming - fiction.

Funny folks from far off places -  coming and destroying our neighborhoods - the likes of Jane Kim and Scott Wiener.

In the Portola District for example we had the French, the Maltese, the Germans.

Jews in the thousands and that is why you have the Jewish Home on Silver and Mission. You had "kosher" butchers who helped those that were adversely impacted - in the 1906 earthquake. Few know this history but it is important that more - and better still that is be - recorded and taught in our schools and colleges.

In other neighborhoods people met and shared - played softball, basket ball, ran track, shared their unique cuisine from the many countries they came from - and it was all good.

Our San Francisco Planning Department stopped paying attention to these pertinent cultural factors.

Stopped even thinking whose land this was - that was stolen - the land of the Ohlone. Even today these folks look at you like dumb assess - when you tell them this land was stolen and belongs to the Muwekma Ohlone.

At one time not too long ago if you asked a SF Planner about shell mounds that they would look at you funny. The have no clue about the Sacred Remains of the Ohlone - and less about the Native American Graves Protection and Rehabilitation Act (NAGPRA).

There is something missing when there is a huge void - more spiritual bankruptcy - when it comes to reality, facts, more when they relate to the land - Mother Earth - and this area we call the Bay Area and more San Francisco.

Our present Director of Planning has been having a " hay day " - screwing the constituents of San Francisco- rubber stamping fake conceptual plans.

Four teams of SF Planners - you pay to play - you want the permits on a platter - the devil himself will deliver it - so forget about Environmental Impact Reports and Studies, the California Environmental Quality Act, the Precautionary Principle, the other laws that must be followed - you pay to play.

Even more the SF Planning Commission - a bunch of "idiots" - who talk more about process and less about " true planning".

The SF Planning Commissioners - acting more like Project Managers and have no clue about our unique history.

The history of the once unique neighborhoods that attracted so many from all over the world.

Nurtured the talents of thousands - produced so many artists, leaders, talented individuals that made San Francisco - proud.

The SF Planning does not represent the constituents of San Francisco - there is a dark side to their sordid - deeds.

The last three Housing Elements produced every five years - all have been faulty - all have gone before the courts to be adjudicated.

San Francisco and decent San Franciscans had and have a lot to share and made those that visited us before and now - as comfortable as they can - more because they love San Francisco -  today as they they did - yesterday.

Today, in the year 2015 downtown is a mess with the traffic and the congestion -  one of the worst in the Nation.

The San Francisco Board of Supervisors - talk in generalities and have NO power - none what so ever - not even to fix a "pot hole".

Some SF Supervisors the likes of London Breed and Scott Wiener are of the opinion that we the constituents - truly appreciate that one of them hails from the hood full of  "thugs" - and another from the Bronx - where ugly things happen today - even as they happened forever.

We the people - appreciate and have forgotten that there was a time when the pledge was taken by all the SF Board of Supervisors.

Then came Jane Kim who thought and thinks that respecting our Nation's Flag was NOT important. But, now suddenly she fakes and pays some respect - but this gesture is not sincere.

Once a crook always a crook - Jane Kim's heart in not in the right place. Not even with her recently found - significant other - and her fake promises to those that she purports to help.

Katy Tang who was caught with her hand in the cookie jar - shredding important documents.

Then pretending - that she knew nothing much.

Such fake jerks - who want to stop prostitution in their own districts - the oldest thriving business in the world - and endorsed in China to this day.

Concubines and things connected - are in the open - where ever the Chinese make their dwelling - you have just to read the Chinese newspapers.

The crookedness behind which Katy Tang hides - is behind close doors and evil - and pales in comparison to her fight to stop sex and the sale of sex of Chinese women in her District 4 - which is a thriving business to this day.

Scott Wiener can speak all he wants for himself - but he does not represent all of San Francisco.

Nor does London Breed who failed San Francisco and San Franciscans when she was anointed a Commissioner on the SF Redevelopment Agency.

Malia Cohen the laughing jack ass who is on the payroll of Lennar - she will burn in hell - for being a first class - sell out.

When the SF Board of Supervisors give huge tax breaks to the "techies" - and think that all is fine.

When these matter are not deliberated - no one cares to bring it our our attention - we the people who pay the taxes. Then we are in deep, deep trouble.

More when in the last years we have seen rent increases over  - 500% - something stinks in Denmark.

People come to me everyday for help and I do help them. That is not to say that are not a couple of heads of Departments in our City and County - who have their hearts - in the right place.

But to be sincere most others are corrupt, sordid, lack fortitude - and spiritually - bankrupt.

We once had Supervisors that cared - no more - we know more what is happening in Room 200 - we have our connections - and so when we say something - we are revealing the facts - because we know more.

Nancy Pelosi, Diane Feinstein should just move away - much like Barbara Boxer - no one respects these hags.

Not Diane anyway - and what she may think she knows - when she know less about the on going troubling issues - the world over - - she a spy for the Zionists and must be kept at arm's length.

The Zionists are everywhere - from the role that SPUR is playing in San Francisco.

SPUR -  trying to influence SF Planning and housing for example - to the lack of development  - less Recreation Facilities - playing grounds that Fishers want to control - with artificial turf that is know to adversely harm thousands - especially our children.

The Fishers can have all the artificial turf - but genuine San Franciscans must fight these people, the  contaminated surfaces they want in place on our playing fields that belong to us.

These contaminated surfaces that can cause respiratory diseases, tumors, cancers, and the Zionists have no business - coming in our neighborhoods and messing with our lives. More with intent killing our infants, our children, our youth, our young adults - much like a present day - holocaust of sorts.

Once such people were kept in Ghettos - people who do not know their history - know less - about sordid people lending money at great interests - despised and kept out of sight.

History repeats itself - and what is see today is because of sordid greed, worshiping money - and behind every big project - the Zionists.

Cheating, is in their DNA - anything that was deemed sordid - seems to have made their home in their very being.

Anything to do with jewelry and pawning - loan sharking, lending money at great interests. Those who use to deal with such issues - were  cast aside and lived in Ghettos.

Given the freedom in this Nation - we saw what happened in the year 2008 - the large financial institutions - up to this day - they are NOT regulated. 

Watch them at City Hall - come with their ploys and machinations - while those of us look on and have permitted them to do as they wish - why?

People forget about the role of certain people - the horrendous results that such sordid people caused in years past.

Even today - in France, in Italy, in Germany, in Iran, in Syria,  in the Middle East and here in the United States and elsewhere.

You will be shocked who is behind the arm sales - making profits in the billions - the "blood diamond" sales in the millions.

The real estate sales all over the Bay Area. How attempts are made to control our parking -  the Italians are out - the Zionists are in.

Not every Jew is a Zionist but every Zionist is a Jew. Once you fundamentally comprehend this - all things - fall in place.

There are many decent Jews who do right - do not get me wrong.
I have good Jewish friends who I have know for over 50 years.

They  live right -  have compassion - fortitude and carry on acts of charity. 

When it comes to the Zionists - it is a totally different story - they will sell their mothers' for a nickel.

At City Hall some of them hold positions - they favor their own kind of sordid crooks - the rogue developer Lennar Urban, the John Stewart Company, other corrupt Primes like URS.

Use of tax payers money - State, local and Federal money - when it comes to building housing and  giving housing to those that they please - shunning those that truly - need housing.

We have decent San Franciscans who have fallen on bad times - sleeping on the streets of San Francisco - facing inclement weather. The Mayor Edwin Lee thinks this is a joke - let us see for how long - these shenanigans go on.

Treasure Island, the Presidio of San Francisco, Huntersview, Northridge Housing, hundreds of units in the SF Tenderloin - all that housing has been paid for - a thousand times over.

So why should the John Stewart Company - set high prices - and control so much housing - meant for those that need it. More over given Federal, State, and Local grants - to rake in millions?

The John Stewart Company - that is corrupt, crooked and a very large Zionist Property Management Company. Who is fooling whom?

At Simmonds Loop on the Presidio of San Francisco - homes are rented for $7000 a month and some for as much as $10,000 a month.

At Baker Beach where once you could rent for $300 - it is now $1500 - $2500 - $3000 - for a one, two, or three bed room home.
Who is fooling whom?

If you are not educated on issues - and if you have no clue what is happening - you can keep clicking your lolly pop - and hope for the best that will NOT come your way.

These vermin want it all - they are in our community and we did not invite them - the few Blacks are on their pay roll but these crooked and corrupt Blacks are not for the community.

Projects after projects started by these Zionists - one after another - contaminating, polluting Mother Earth - while the sordid Zionists - may hay while the sun shines.

We must preserve our neighborhoods - and rid those that do not have our best interests.

Never mind if SF City Hall is in bed with these vermin - the sooner we plan to do this the better.