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Thursday, January 29, 2015


San Francisco rallies when there is a fire - the 1906 Earthquake and the events after the 1989 Earthquake in the Marina come to mind.

The 1906 played havoc in the Mission and more near Valencia - but, there are few alive who witnessed that raging fire on 1906. In recent times we have had two big ones - and now this one at 22nd Street and Mission.

So far one person is dead and six injured. The Red Cross will handle the situation as they are prepared and called upon - to offer the basic services.

Our Mayor must now step up as he knows so much about housing and talks so much about it.

Incorporate the stellar role or the shitty role he played personally - helping the victims - we in San Francisco are about action not just hot air.

In many of the near by high rise building that are hundreds of vacant units.

We can make temporary arrangements to create  'temporary leases". Test the know how and compassion of Scott Wiener, Kathy Tang, London Breed, Malia Cohen, others that talk the talk but cannot walk the walk.

We can test this plan - "temporary leases" can be given - for the families to stay in these units - built for the rich - but "compassion" compels us to find a solution - and here is one looking at high from high above.

The hundreds of vacant units - are not occupied right now - and this is San Francisco.

We private and other entities that have money - tons of it  - we must find solutions - and if our Mayor Edwin Lee has the balls - he must address the concerns of these unfortunate Mission Residents - who have no where to go - and some out with a practical solution - now.

The Property Managers - who have jurisdiction now over hundreds of Public Housing units - be it Bridge Developers, Mercy Housing, the John Stewart Company - want your flesh - they want their money - and will - put hurdles in our way - when it comes to occupying such units.

The paper work is long and process meant to oppress.

Again and again when I worked at the Presidio of San Francisco and we had hundreds of units vacant.

We had situations with large and small entities - that has to evacuate and need housing immediately - we cater to them - on an emergency basis - and leading our charge - was compassion.

I do not know where Colonel Arni Rossi is - but those that know him - can tell you - that we delivered. We even rented a large building at Fort Scott so that our SF Fire Fighters could do their training - Building 1216.

We did that many times and learned a lot - a different type of Property Management without filling out tons of paper work - asking questions that make you puke - put you to hurdles liked they do with the John Stewart Company and Mercy Housing.

We at the Presidio helped State College closer to Barker Beach - when they are hazmat conditions - and need some shelter - we gave them a good rate and even quicker access to our facilities.

Some of us have been there - done that - and are watching our Mayor Edwin Lee and those of his minions - who promises our homeless, other less fortunate - but state again and again to your face - that we have no vacant units. We have.

We we did that and helped many families who need housing on a temporary basis - there are so many situation - many of them - mind boggling.

Then came the John Stewart company at the Presidio of San Francisco and took control of Property Management - at Baker Beach and I still have the manifest and all the required documents. 

At that time a one bed room rented for $300 now rents for $1500 - and a two bed room for over $2000 - and it is all about - greed.

The City and County of San Francisco under HOPESF is pretending to say that they are doing something - but, there is no compassion to accommodate the poor, the indigent - those that have fallen on bad times.

The neighbors surrounding the huge building in inferno - were not informed - we have now established a Department in the City of San Francisco - the Department of Communication by Osmosis. Mayor Edwin Lee heads this department - because you have to be in the know - how to operate the the very complicated - equipment that needs especial - training.

The SF City of San Francisco plan - coming from City Hall - any way you look at it is gentrification.

There is no Blue Print for such emergencies - in any of our poorer neighborhoods. No Blue Print - no Point of Contacts - and of course NO skills to undertake such emergency operations and services - more coming from the Office of Emergency Service or whatever they call themselves - now.

These jerks talk - they have  NO viable and sustainable Blue Print on housing - the last three Housing Elements have landed in court.

If you have money - you an get what you want - if you have little - fork out at much at $1800 for a one bed room unit and you are lucky - but the going price now is over$2000 and at times $3000 for a one bed room - for one month - with tons of restrictions. 

When something like this happens - we must think - what really will happen - when the Big One comes?

We, astute San Franciscans must gather our senses and monitor how our City Hall jerks continue to spew diatribe and hot air.

How they contribute - with all the talk by the Office of Emergency Services,  what role our City Administrator plays - how that weasel Olson Lee who is in charge of the Mayor's Housing - the role he plays - if it is one of compassionate.

The others too many to mention - those of us who are advocates have a " rap sheet" on them - they are the walking, talking, corrupt - thugs that pretend to do good but fuck you over.

AirB&B owes City money - millions of dollars - we can call upon this corrupt entity - for a donation to set the ball rolling.

They have hundreds of units - that AirB&B can set aside for the victims fallen prey to at 22nd Street and Mission.

Even the Internal Revenue Service - will give them a - break - if they fill out their paper work right.

Willie L. Brown the former "thug" Mayor of San Francisco has amassed millions - with stakes in casinos in Macao and other places.

It is now possible for Willie L. Brown Jr to write off some of the expenses - he has a flair and there must be hidden in that slow dying heart - which, I know he is losing his eye sight - some little - compassion is left in that body.

Today, at this lat hour all the facts are not out there - we may find out about more deaths.

More injuries - but for sure we will find out - that the building - must be torn and brought down - in toto.

All those who lived there - we live with the memories of that building - for all their lives. Hopefully, what is left will be good ones - as months turn to years and years to decades. We all are on this journey - and with a little help form friends - we can all may it. The Mission is special - and so from that fertile area - we must smell some roses,

Our City and County must shine with compassion - and Mayor Edwin Lee - has been bragging that we are doing well - with high rises and "corrupt" business that do not pay their taxes.

The Mayor has been begging those business - more tech business to invest in future projects. The Mayor senses some economic down turns in China, even here are home - and want to be prepared for the future. And all that may sound nice - but it is hot air.

Practically speaking we are here  -  now it is time to "invest" in those that have become victims - through no fault of theirs. This is a test - and if they does not farm out - we must set the alarm - too much talk and very little walk.

It allows San Franciscans to evaluate our hydrants and all the talk we have of putting in place this especial "flex pipe line" - leading to the San Francisco General Hospital.

Find out how prepared our hospitals are - and the role of Saint Luke Hospital this time around not far from 22nd Street and Mission.

Our Fire Chief has done well - and always has on occasions such as this.

The Chief of Police is out of town - but he will come and have something to say.

Our Mayor, Edwin Lee is in town - and i will be listening to his comments - I am for action, compassion, solution - sound leadership.

Good leaders know the way, show the way and go the way.

The Department of Building Inspections has been sleeping at the cockpit .

The Department of Building Inspection -  must step up - may be for the first time the Commissioners who sit on that "sordid" commission - put to work.

The SF Planning Department asked to work on solution - if a fire ten times this one - occurs - which it will - what plans do they have in mind - more linked to Quality of Life issues.

In one unit I know eight people were staying - such conditions do not bear well - when it comes to exiting a fire such as this - in an old building - that fails to meet many current standards. A fire that consumes, in hot and incinerates so fast - that in seconds - what you see before is - but an - inferno.

Come on SF Board of Supervisors - we want to hear from all you - not just David Campos - all of you - what real, practical solutions do you have - to accommodate the families - caught as victims of this fire - at 22nd Street and Mission.

God helps us all - and more those that need help most at this time of need.

The infants, the children, the youth, the seniors, those that have jobs but now have no shelter.

We can do it San Francisco - not by simply talking but by real time - action - and proven solutions. 

Here is a glimpse if the link open - about the fire: