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Friday, January 9, 2015


The world was shocked when we started STOP LENNAR ACTION MOVEMENT (SLAM) - and remained very active and are active until this day. God watches - everything.

We, in the Bayview - the Bayview Hunters Point - the Southeast Sector have NO hope in the corrupt and crooked adults - especially those that we deem and term - sell outs. Damn them all.

Most of them will say and react to something - only, when the issues keep burning their own assess - when it is in their own backyard.

We saw this before -  their nonchalant attitude - thinking it was fine - for Lennar Urban to grade a large area - and bombard our infants, our children, our single mothers, our seniors, others whose health was compromised by diseases such as cancer, tumors, chronic respiratory diseases - and look the other way - show no support - what so ever.

We all stood firm - we all know who we were are are to this day - and we are watching Lennar Urban like a HAWK.

The demographics of the Bayview Hunters Point has changed - we all know that - but, the point I am making the good people, the ones educated on issues, the ones with compassion, the ones that are ready and waiting for the signal to take on the "devil" - are all well organized - they are still here - present and ready for action.

In the year 2008 when Lennar Urban - had its plans - the economy that brought about the downward spiraling of our Nation's economy - brought Lennar Urban and the the affiliated companies - to their knees.

Lennar Urban and its affiliated lost and have not recovered - now with the second round of economic woes - things will get - worse.

Lennar Urban has NO money - it has its credit cards that it has over extended.

The many Black sellouts who were on Lennar's Urban payroll - know that.

Other Blacks who worked hard for Lennar Urban - left Lennar Urban with disgust. One of them their former Public Relations person - she found out very late - about the - devil, itself and how the community was used.

The present one hired by Lennar Urban is shallow - has no clue what she is talking about.

She is for all practical purposes - a Black sell out - and we will meet her and deal with her - when we have issues that - required her undivided attention.

For now she is just a reed in the wind - blowing any which way - and taking directions - from those that are spiritually - bankrupt.

Our support comes from all over the Nation - and soon leading attorneys - will be visiting us - to fact find;d review, evaluate the information we have sent them.

Form teams - so that Lennar Urban - leaves Bayview Hunters Point and stays away.

The Bay Area and we in San Francisco - never  did  invite Lennar Urban and we do not want them in our midst. The sooner we get rid of the skunks the better - no one worth the salt - wants to deal with Lennar Urban.

Just ask the people of Vallejo - they will tell you - the promises that were made - and how many of those promises were kept. Today, Vallejo is suffering - because of Lennar Urban turning its back on Vallejo and its constituents.

I represent the Muwekma Ohlone - the First People - so I really do not care what Mayor Edwin Lee and his minions have in mind. 

Mayor Ed Lee wants it all - he thinks he knows it all.

He even thinks he know about the the Muwekma Ohone - he know some but he has a long way to go.

Most people know little about the indigenous people - because most of them do not respect Mother Earth and mostly those that do not respect Mother Earth are spiritually - bankrupt.

The indigenous people - are real and caring, compassion, care and are careful when it comes to all living beings.

Mayor Edwin Lee has the empirical data - but he has to learn a lot - when it comes to adversely impacting our infants who are innocent, our children who are innocent, our single mothers who need help - the many mothers that suffer from cancer - other who give still birth.

The hundreds that sleep on our streets, the many other who lived one, two, three families in one room. While he takes money from evil entities and sides with developers - who will all fail.

Our problems stem from pollution - radio active element at high levels - in the Southeast Sector the last frontier.

Those who have no clue about these facts - like Mayor Edwin Lee, the Director of SF Health Department Barbara Gracia, we have no Toxicologist on our City and County of San Francisco's - pay roll.

Other people who know but fail to understand - Amy Brownell who has been selling the community for ages and work for the SF Environment that comes under Dr Barbara Gracia.

Hundreds who get paid - do not comprehend the seriousness of the issues.

Those that cannot comprehend the fundamentals - the world is there - they see it - they do things - but their ignorance - rules their own tunnel vision world - their spiritual bankruptcy adds fuel to fire.

It has not been easy fight the Lennar Urban and other evil entities all these more than 35 years - and documenting the issues. One can talk the talk but to walk the walk the walk - is something else.

We have the support of the Polynesians - who being indigenous understand about Mother Earth. Mother Earth plays a keen role - and those that abuse Mother Earth - will get their punishment - right here on this Earth.

Our Latino sisters and brother have stood with us and we appreciate their support a lot. It is not always possible to mention the names - especially when their support comes in the hundreds.

We have Blacks who support us and are part of our inner circle - so we really know who the " sellouts" are - when we mention names.

We have the empirical data - and we can reveal further details.

Anyway, you look at it the Blacks the likes of  Aurelious Walker, Calvin Jones, Malia Cohen, Sophie Maxwell, Dwayne Jones, Linda Richardson - and there are more - have done the most, damage.

Again nothing good will happen at Candlestick Point where the remains of the Ohlone - taken from the side of Bayview Hill - was taken and used as "in fill" at the Candlestick Stadium.

This is a desecration of the highest order - not written in any White Men fake orders of adjudication and their fake court system that has strayed away for fairness and justice.

Those who did this - those who commit these atrocities - those who are aware of these injustices - those who do not know anything about the Native American Graves Protection and Rehabilitation Act ( NAGPRA ) - must fully understand about restitution and adjudication and abide by the rule - Patrimonial Jurisdiction - that few know about and so fewer can exercise.

It is the same at Hunters Point where once there were two hills - both containing the Sacred Remains of the Ohlone.

The hills were demolished and the remains used as in fill - all over the Hunters Point - which is 95% - in fill - prone to liquefaction and severe - flooding.

I meet people all the time - some educated - who have no clue about their history.

 In this Nation we have had the blessing to have had great leaders - Frederick Doughlass for example, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. - and I can name a hundred more - the important thing to note they were all spiritually sound and their heart in the right - place.

Today leaders - mostly Black are spiritually bankrupt.

Think about it. When your soul is dead - you are a living zombie - we see them all over the place - talking from both sides of their mouth. Not understand a thing - but most importantly having no morals, no standards, no ethics - spiritually bankrupt.

Like an empty vessel making a not of loud noise - noise that does not count - noise that further creates confusion - convoluted and mindless.

Our issues linked to the Bayview and the Southeast Sector - are here - and they will be addressed.

The spiritually strong will win. Mother Earth is here - and will be here - long after the spiritually dead zombies pass away - living NO - legacy.

Do right, speak the truth, respect your ancestors, those that have thought you to do right - have compassion, and leave a legacy.

God watches everything - I pray daily - and I know what I speak, talk, and write about.

This is Ohlone land - it was pristine and kept pristine for thousands of years.

That is until the strangers - some call them  "devils" came and and created the mess we all are experiencing today. Aho.