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Saturday, January 10, 2015


Standards, morals, ethics, understanding and governing laws do not come from the thin - air.

No one can say she or he is a leader - when most of the time - what they do is pander - we saw this in the lengthy speeches recently when the San Francisco Board of Supervisors were sworn in for their new term.

A new President not worth the salt - elected by the other SF Board of Supervisors.

We once boasted having in San Francisco  a healthy Legislative Body - no more.

We had the City Administrator who was independent - and had a  real say - no more.

Willie L. Brown Jr. -  the "thug" Mayor changed that in 1996 - using our San Francisco Charter and the Ballot and hoodwinking the constituents of San Francisco - to bring the City Administrator under the wing of the Executive Branch.

The Executive Branch is the Mayor and his minions.

If there is an opportunity to evaluate from happens in Room 200 - by anyone who has solid experience and sense to adjudicate - given the empirical date - a can of worms will be open and the City and County of San Francisco - shamed.

We have the empirical data - and this information is out there - but where are the investigative reporters and more the investigative reporting.

 WE know for sure our Mayor Edwin Lee is not for those that need help - but for the filthy rich - those that contributed and continue to contribute today to his coming campaign.

Rich folks who do not pay their taxes.

This is Ohlone land - land that was stolen - there is NOT one single legal document that this City and County  of San Francisco  has in hand - where it is stated - that the parties agreed to sell the land. This land we call San Francisco - it was all stolen by the thieves.

18 treaties were signed and never ratified - between the California Tribes and the United States Government. No one teaches this to our students - and for sure our dumb so called Representatives - know less.

Years later the documents - linked to the signed treaties were found.

In the long years and in the interim - the damage was done.

Our local tribes - known as Native Americans known to most - the First People known to others.

The Ohlone - in the case of San Francisco the Muwekma Ohlone - the First People of San Francisco and the Bay Area - were hunted down and killed.

If one killed a Native American - you could legally fetch $5 for a scalp - that was until 1924. And even later - this continues.

Legal battles continue today - and even today in the Supreme Court the battle goes on - about Federal Recognition - and President Barack Hussein Obama - will soon leave office - having turned his back on the promises he has made.

Native American children were taken away and put into boarding schools and treated like animals.

Forced to learn English and deprived from practicing their culture - deprived of food that they were used to - and more mandated not to speak their language.

Let the above and more be taught in our schools and colleges - and we will learn more - about how spiritually bankrupt - those that govern, make polices, say they are leaders - but all they do is pander and pussyfoot.

Around 1900s and for sure the Raker Act that few know about - the Hetch Hetchy Valley - one of the most beautiful valleys in the world - was created as a reservoir - a dam.

All - so that the rich folks in San Francisco and near by - could get clean drinking water.

The famous John Muir fought to save the Hetch Hetchy Valley - he died despondent but the few of us that treasure his thoughts and action - revere him.

Of course no one remembers the many unjust edicts sent by the California Governors.

Where Californians mostly Whites - were encouraged to kill the Native Americans - be the they the Piutes, the Miwoks, the Ohlone the many other tribes who lived in California - and here in Northern California for thousands of years.

If this singular crime does not cry to heaven for justice - I do not know what does. But, here we are in 2015 - business as usual. Thieves, crooks, the corrupt - people who are spiritually bankrupt - trying to make polices that do not favor those that need - dire help.

To this day this mentality of NOT respecting, not saying a word about whose land this is - failing to acknowledge and give thanks to the host tribes continues. The authorities of this City and County of San Francisco - have never done the right thing - on this count. Never never.

This in Ohlone land and each and every square inch belongs to the Ohlone.

The thieves may say they own it - but that is not the truth.

Today at Hunters Point and Candlestick Point - the remains of the Ohlone continue to be desecrated - and no one is speaking up.

No one, worth the salt is speaking up - including our Mayor Edwin Lee - what befalls this area - we call San Francisco - will be an eye opener - but it will be too late. Karma.

The policies made at City Hall are convoluted.

We know that the advocates who once could have three minutes to voice their opinions at SF City hall - cannot do it anymore.

The "devils" now have reduced it to two minutes.

If I approach the podium - they give me one minute.

All I need is 45 seconds really - just to see them reek with fear - and wonder what I will say - and what I will demand - the expression on their faces - is sufficient to watch these folks "who mostly rubber stamp".

Weak in the knees, inept, and panders of the highest order.

The likes of Jane Kim, Malia Cohen, Katy Tang, London Breed, Scott Wiener - and those who continue to pander - and know - that what they are doing is totally - wrong. For sure they do not care to represent the constituents to the best of their ability.

The youth, the young adult, others that have tried to do right - are deprived of their rights. There is too much corruption at City Hall and more in Room 200.

When it comes to our foster children - they are left to survive - left to live on the streets - do whatever they can to survive. Face the inclement weather and many die - and many do not care and this is - wrong.

When it comes to our queer youth - who come here so that they get some support - it is even worse.

Our queer representatives have much to do - but they prefer to talk - and talk in generalities - fail to walk the walk.

One of them is Scott Wiener - who has no clue what it really means to represent - love to run this mouth for as long as he can - given the opportunity.

He for sure does not represent - all the constituents of the City and County of San Francisco.

London Breed is not to be trusted - she did nothing much when she was on the San Francisco Redevelopment Agency. We must remember all those who use to be on the SF Redevelopment Agency were hand picked - and all of them - were very, very corrupt.

London Breed has no real experience - except that from the Non-Profit - where she would pander to the Zionists and always beg for money.

Now, she will try to use our hard earned money - to continue pandering and fostering programs - that are not working. Adding fuel to fire - wasting money of programs that have no goals, less standards - no accountability and very little - transparency.

 London Breed may use the names of our children, our youth to beg for money  - in the end - if an audit is conducted - it is all about - pandering.

In District 10 Malia Cohen once owned a condominium - it went under.

If an investigation is conducted - a can of worms will be open.
Where did she live as soon as she was elected - in District 10 or in District 9. She represents District 10.

Today, Malia Cohen is on the payroll of Lennar Urban - we know that - and the few that support her - can continue pandering and supporting her.

Malia Cohen's actions -  will not benefit the majority - Malia Cohen is not about true, representation. She is a fake as they come.

There is something in the air - much like the protests going on - in the rest of the Nation.

Certain areas in San Francisco are strong - and we have the best minds in San Francisco - superior organizaton.

Much more astute, stellar, superior to the drab thinking of most of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors for sure.

They say our City is booming - they say that units are being built - but as long as one single San Franciscan is allowed to sleep on the streets of San Francisco - face the inclement weather - we all are responsible.

The SF Board of Supervisors have a hidden agenda - and David Chiu did all the damage he could - divided the SF Board of Supervisors and left for Sacramento.

The panders that were anointed the likes of Katy Tang - are having a field day. She shredded some pertinent documents - says she did not know that some document needed to be kept not shredded - few know about this fact.

Before that Carmen Chu - another panderer who now has a permanent job as the City's Assessor.

There remains very little of the so called "liberals" - what ever that means - today. You could be liberal; if are you are not educated on issues - nothing much works for anyone.

In the past we had liberals who were educated on issues - Matt Gonzalez comes to mind, Tom Ammiano, Aaron Peskin - they knew what they were talking about - and they mostly understood the constituents of San Francisco and stood by them.

Scott Wiener, Katy Tang, Jane Kim, Malia Cohen, London Breed - reeds moving any which way - as the wind blows - harboring near the cesspools - of their own creation. 

Time will tell - years pass by - we have seen several administrations - in our life time.

So we can make some assessments - it might be subjective - but, the fact remain we have seen the good, the bad and the ugly - and at close proximity.

There is a small window of opportunity for the youth and all that has happened at City College to stand up and fight for what is right and go to a better - place.

The foster children and queer youth to get their deserved - piece of the pie. The are citizens of these the United States of America.

The RICO Act needs to be enforced - and those Representatives that are corrupt - sent to jail where they belong - for a long, long time. The one on District 10 comes to mind.

No one seems to care about the Precautionary Principle which is on our books. The Mather Ordinance - linked to liquefaction and flooding. 

No one really wants to know about the nonsense going on at Mountain Tunnel - closer to the Hetch Hetchy reservoir.

The catastrophe linked to the Irvington Tunnel - the corruption of the highest order going on at the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission.

No one is really interested if the Candlestick Stadium is "imploded" where thousands will be adversely impacted.

This is serious - and thousands are monitoring and watching how this scene will unfold itself. Lennar Urban is a rogue developer that has adversely impacted us before - fine $515,000 and paid the fine - linked to atrocities committed on Parcel A - at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard.

Stop poisoning our infants, our children, our youth, our young adults, our seniors - our loved ones.

Your mandate is to represent - as elected officials - if you cannot represent - get out of the way.