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Thursday, December 19, 2013


The United States Navy has to understand clearly; the constituents of the Bayview Hunters Point - San Franciscans in the know - are fed up with the ploys and machinations of the U.S. Navy on Hunters Point Naval Shipyard.

The window of opportunity is very narrow and the time to act and do right - is now. The U.S. Navy has a tendency to play with fire - and this time - if they do not take the necessary steps - the fire that they play with - will play - havoc.

The U.S. Navy contaminated large areas over 900 acres at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard all of which comes under their jurisdiction - except Parcel A which is now controlled by the Rogue Developer - LENNAR.

The U.S. Navy also has jurisdiction of the Bay bordering its many toxic and contaminated parcels - the Bay named Parcel F - and has full responsibility to do the clean up - abatement, mitigation - and bringing the entire Shipyard ideally to Residential Standards.

Way back in the year 2000 we the constituents of San Francisco - through a Ballot Measure demanded and mandated that the U.S. Navy clean up the entire Hunters Point Naval Shipyard.

Bring the entire area to residential standards.

87% of the voting constituents voted in favor of that Proposition P - and we must adhere to that Proposition - and abide with the voice of the people.

The U.S. Navy has been dilly dallying and today continues to bluff, hoodwink, lie, and thinks that the U.S. Navy and one Mr Keith Forman in charge of the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard Project -  can fool all the people all the time. This will never happen.

He operates from San Diego, California and comes here - now and then to take us on - and we fed up with the constant lies and bluffing - do not want the confrontation - but he forces the worst i us advocates and other well meaning citizens - and has done our Bayview Hunters Point community - great harm.

The officials higher up should take charge of this situation - and please do not do disservice to the already - suffering populace adversely affected by the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard and the populace living around the 5 mile area.

Our City and Count of San Francisco has the Precautionary Principal on its books.

If for any reason - however small we the constituents of San Francisco feel because of a valid cause - any life will be adversely impacted - we can STOP any project.

The U.S. Navy has again and again failed the constituents of Bayview Hunters Point, San Francisco, the Bay Area, all of California and the Nation.

Remember atomic bombs left Hunters Point Naval Shipyard during World War II - bombs dropped on Japan - that led to the killings of millions. Karma.

Depleted Uranium and other very hazardous experiments - more leaving high levels of radioactive elements - are found on Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - adversely impacting thousands - and the U.S. Navy continues to look the other way - and has NOT done due diligence.

The U.S. Navy demolished two hills containing the remains of the Ohlone and with the dirt and the remains - without blinking an eye spread the dirt and the remains - all over the entire Shipyard.

Parcel E2 is a reminder that the U.S. Navy took upon itself with intent to contaminate, pollute, and leave a toxic dump.

Now it is time for abatement, mitigation, and the people; the majority of the people want the contents of Parcel E2 removed - contained safely and RAILED to a safe place outside California - so that the contents can be dealt with - once and for all.

Enough is enough.

Not one square inch has been surveyed to meet decency and deal with the Native American Grave Protection and Rehabilitation Act (NAGPRA).

The U.S. Navy and now our City and County of San Francisco - want Lennar to have it all - Lennar that let us down on Parcel A.
Bombarded our community  - harmed our children and elders - Lennar the Rogue Developer that will never, ever succeed.

Using John Scott a sell out and others who take money from the U.S. Navy who are not from the community. John had the audacity to tell me he is a consultant - he is a sell out.

Trying to facilitate a meeting - he is not from our community - and as I said a sell out - he must stay out of our business. Telling us what to do - coming into our living rooms - to rearrange the furniture - without our tacit - permission.

These sell outs do not live in our community - and think - we will tolerate them. 

You are put on notice. Yesterday we were polite - do not take our kindness for a given. You are put on notice.

If you Black sell outs take the money from the U.S. Navy to facilitate, do some FAKE outreach - you have BLOOD on your hands. Because with intent the U.S. Navy is harming our community and has harmed our community in the past.

As a representative of the Muwekma Ohlone on Base Closure and Infrastructure Issue - I have stated clearly - for the last 30 years plus: " No good will ever come at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard".

Lennar will fail and fall flat on its face.

I stood and won with Proposition F.

Lennar confronted us with Proposition G and spent $10 million - we spent $5 thousand.

Today Lennar is reeling in the cesspool of its own making - making no headway - exposing workers to high level of Asbestos Structures.

Failing to abide with standards - set by the Bay Area Air Quality Management District - (BAAQMD). Failing to use large amounts of water to keep the Asbestos Structures down - if done properly - millions of gallons have to be used - and this is not done - because the developer and the builders - are on a shoe-string budget.

Mr Jack Broadbent who is the head of BAAQMD must issue the necessary Notice of Violations - and shut the on going operations - slowly killing the workers who are working without -
being told that they are exposed to very high levels of Asbestos Structures.

On three occasions just the readings by the Trailer that records - has be found to malfunction - reminding us of the on going shenanigans in 2004. At this time Lennar removed the batteries from the Monitoring Devices - and the Bay Area Air Quality Management District - failed to do dues diligence.

It was only after the community protested for months - that Lennar was fined the largest fine ever - $515,000 and paid the fine - for bombarding the community with Asbestos Structures and adversely impacting thousands.

To this day thousands are suffering. Now the U.S. Navy and Keith Forman who is NOR doing due diligence - continues to adversely impact the community.

Parcel A does not belong to the U.S. Navy it now is Lennar's - but Lennar has no control over the wind and the Asbestos that flies wherever the wind take the Asbestos Structures - 40 and 50 miles per hour winds - and sometimes - greater.

More so when the other Parcels B, C, D, E, E2, UC 1 - others are next door - just a few feet from the contaminated Parcel A - that most in authority are looking the other way.

I want Jack Broadbent, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Congress to have a hearing. Our failing representative Nancy Pelosi and Diane Feinstein. I will bring this to the attention of our President Barack Hussein Obama.

The Department of Defense has spent $500 Billion - yes BILLION on the wars - in Iraq, in Afghanistan, in other areas - on bombs, missiles, tanks, planes, infrastructure - bringing great harm to our Nation and continuing to harm thousands of innocent - tax payers.

Thousands of our soldiers and their families have been adversely impacted and will be impacted - for decades.

The U.S. Navy says it has no money to do the clean up.

Yet, it has the money to shoot and drop $5 million, $10 million powerful missiles, bombs, and use weapons to kill - enter a Nation to seek Weapons of Mass Destruction and find nothing at all.

Here is San Francisco we are fast, fast asleep the U.S. Navy continues to act in a nonchalant manner - and we must now act - and stop the shenanigans, ploys, and machinations - with a Court Order.

The U.S. Navy must not and cannot transport millions of toxic dirt through our streets and adversely impact our constituents.

The U.S. must rail the content and can rail the contents.

More; the U.S. Navy must remove all the contamination on Parcel E2.

This is a mandate from the people - most decent San Franciscans.

The U.S. Navy led by Keith Forman must stop the bluffing game - get a reality check - and do the right thing. If not he will have BLOOD on his hands.

The poor characterization of the entire Parcel E and E2 must be exposed in its totality.

Stop using the chocolate cookie concept - picking this and that and thinking all is well. Remove the entire toxic contents wherever it is found in and out of Parcel E2 - and stop the contents going into as it seeps now and will be absorbed b the Bay - when Climate Change does its dirty - deed.

Climate Change is upon us - and the entire 900 acres plus -  now known Hunters Point Naval Shipyard and surrounding area - all landfill, prone to liquefaction and flooding - will be inundated with  sea water.

There is NO doubt about that this event will take place soon - we now have empirical data - of the rising sea level - and its adverse affects all over the world.

The Bay Area authorities have been warned - and we cannot ignore the data that is before our eyes. The Superfund Site that is Hunters Point Naval Shipyard is too close to a large residential area.

Thousands of homes are planned for the future - as many as 30,000 a little further away at Candlestick Point and so on. A Causeway connecting the homes - and grandiose plans - and here we have a " Time Bomb" - wait to detonate - what is happening to our dumb, idiotic, policy makers and planners.

 The entire contents that now the U.S. Navy wants to cap will be swept out into the Bay - and this "disaster" can be avoided - if the entire contents are - removed and railed to a far away safe site.

Now is the time to deal with the removal on all the dangerous contents - on Parcel E and Parcel E 2.

Stop the shenanigans, the ploys, the machinations - and more the LIES. Aho.

Learn more about the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard and questions the United States Navy - for continuing to stalled the total cleanup of the very toxic and contaminated - Hunters Point Naval Shipyard: