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Monday, December 16, 2013


Truly speaking no one means serious business at the Municipal Transportation Agency (MTA) Commission meetings.

It does not matter if  the MTA tags with the Small Business Commission - to address mundane business. The bottom line the passengers who travel on our Public Transportation - MUNI - are fed up. Local as well as those that come to work in San Francisco.

Now, most people occasionally take MUNI but I take it daily - and I know what I am talking about and after over 35 years - travelling on the most heavily plied routes and more.

Let us put it this way I took MUNI when the fare was 25 cents.

Now we pay more and get less of the $2 that adults have to shell out and $0.75 that the youth and physically challenged have to feed the MUNI meters with. The monthly MUNI pass it getting closer to $80 a month - with no transparent improvement in the daily MUNI - services.

We have other bus transportation services be it AC transit, Caltrains, the Golden Gate Bus Transportation - and they all are fairly clean and well maintained. Seeing is believing.

Why are not those who litter openly fined on MUNI. Or on the Light Rail - we tolerate people littering and what is more spitting - which is disgusting. Public advertisements in Chinese, Spanish, English and in the other languages must state - why cleanliness is important - for the welfare of all.

After all we are a First Class City - spitting and littering should not be tolerated. Also putting your feet on the seats - never caring that others have to seat down - babies and other vulnerable to dirt and diseases of all sorts - that such sordid behavior brings about. 

What is it with MUNI tolerating dirty, stinky buses?

Who is in charge of maintenance - at leas that part - where the MUNI buses must be cleaned - so that diseases and other adverse impacts of the worst nature - and not showered on the passengers.

Why do we have to have 8 to 10 bus inspectors - sometimes with two or three Law Enforcement - checking the tickets of the passengers - outside at Bus Stops.

More intimidating those that may not have bought a ticket - when the same diligence is not applied to keeping and maintaining the cleanliness on our MUNI buses - other horrible habits that are no tolerated on the other transportation system in the Bay Area and in other civilized countries.

On some lines the passengers are packed like sardines - and no one cares to give the Seniors and those challenged a seat.

So why have I never, ever seen a ticket given to those - who should not be seating on seats reserved for seniors and those physically - challenged?

It is about time that that fine be posted - next to the sign that says reserved for Seniors and the Physically Challenged.

Stop paying these folks who are suppose to enforce the laws - but cannot do it inside the bus or light rail system.

They do it outside - and in numbers - just in case they are attacked by the passengers.

We know for a fact that 80% of the cameras on the MUNI buses do not work. The cameras cost thousands but they do not work. Has anyone taken time to investigate this fact?

Really speaking who are the vendors who install these cameras?

When was any test conducted - to see that the cameras work - can this information be posted on the MTA web site - so that we all may be safe? We need to evaluated this empirical data. Who is hiding this information - we have had shootings, beating, robberies galore - and the cameras are NOT working!

Can this information be posted in real time - stating - the camera on this bus does work or is not operational. " You are traveling on this bus at your own risk". How about you all implement this one - suggestion. Try it and see how the public reacts.

MUNI stinks and continues to stink - never mind if Scott Weiner tries his best to speak in favor of MUNI getting funds - MUNI is a deep hole - you pour in the money and get nothing in return.

Why? Very poor management - they talk the talk but cannot walk the talk. Good leaders know the way, show the way, and go the way. Good leaders are educated on issues and must know the proven history of MUNI - in the old days - Management worked hard to keep the system going and had standards - no more.

In large measure MUNI drivers or Operators do not have confidence in the way they are treated by Management.

Even the MTA Union are now despised - because many grievances are not addressed - and the Operators - are treated with disdain.

Hundreds of MUNI drivers are my good friends and they tell me the truth.

Again the MUNI drivers or Operators - feel that they are taken for a ride by Management.

On many levels the morale of the Operators is so low - this climate is bad for MUNI and must be fixed on a War Footing.

It does not help with the two-tier system the only tier having better fringe benefits and the latest one - giving the Operators less.

The MUNI Union bosses have failed the Operators and in a significant way failed the riders.

The MUNI Union must think outside the box. They fail to attend the San Francisco County Transportation Authority meetings. They fail to represent on many committees linked with transportation.

Occasionally the MUNI Union Representative will show up at City Hall and say they are not kept informed and that may be true - but what have they done to be informed.?

What have they done - to better communication - what have they done to put Management on notice and told Management to inform them ?

 It is time the blaming game STOP - and that there be cooperation of the highest caliber to bring all things on track quickly to serve the public at large San Franciscans and our thousands of visitors.

MUNI has severe problems with its software on many lines - never mind they want to spend millions on their communication system.

Many of their present software systems are primitive - Smithsonian.

The truth be told - the left hand does not know what the right hand is doing.

The man who cannot hear - and is still in charge of Operations at MUNI - has to be replaced.

 MUNI is getting worse - what else is left to happen - a major derailment and hundreds of passengers injured and killed.

In the old days MUNI Management was on the ball - no more - now the mentality is to put in some time - reap the maximum benefits - and leave.

In fact most of the Management do not live in San Francisco - and so they do not care much - except to get their "fat check" and laugh all the way to the bank.

The MTA Commission is a joke. They screwed the Taxi Drivers taking the Taxi Drivers under their wing. The first thing MTA dipped into the Trust Funds of the Taxi Drivers. That says it all.

The MTA is constantly begging for money - while devious folks like Richard Blum are making money off MTA - other crooks too - too many to mention.

The Controller has the information but his hands are tied too.

The Mayor knows about the cameras that do not work - but he is keeping mum too.

Ed Reiskin wants to do something - but he too has stalled - he wants the money - and he will NOT get it.

Bottom line the riders are fed up.

Perhaps the only light at the end of tunnel was giving the youth a chance to take MUNI for free to get to school.

This money too is funded by other Transportation Sources - and we had to fight for it.

Never mind who took credit for the youth getting to school and the poor and indigent families getting a break.

All in all MTA Commission needs a brain transplant to fix its system.

Perhaps they all should line up at the University of California San Francisco Medical Hospital - in earnest - to better themselves and the failing MUNI - system. Aho.