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Saturday, December 7, 2013


In the passing of Nelson Mandela the entire world has found more about Africa - learned more in the days leading the great Memorial Event and Nelson Mandela Resting Place here on Earth.

This, even thought most do not know a lot about Africa and the 53 Independent Countries - 61 if you count the territories and the smaller islands.

You hear people say; I went to Africa. It would sound funny if you said I went to America - when you just visited New York City. In my life time I have visited many African countries - and what I saw with my eyes - I will treasure for ever.

Africa has produce many great leaders from the days of Hannibal before and after - and in the last 60 years during my life time - leading to a great man - born in South Africa - Nelson Mandela - Rolihlahla.

Nelson Mandela took up arms to fight the "apartheid regime" of the all White South Africans (Afrikaner).

Nelson Mandela fled to the neighboring African countries - going so far into then Tanganika - now known as Tanzania - meeting with other African leaders - making many inroads during the liberation struggle - until he was captured and jailed for 27 years.

27 years may have mellowed this boxer; with a stature tall and dignified.

First and foremost he was a fighter for justice and maintained that all through his life. His name in the Xhosa language - was "Shaker of Trees" - meaning "Trouble Maker". A trouble maker for good.

The United States of America - had him listed as a "terrorist" on their list - had him removed from that list in 2008 - through the efforts of President George W. Bush Jr - who together with President Barack Hussein Obama will be attending the memorial services for Nelson Mandela in Cape Town and his village and resting place.

Bestowed the Nobel Prize to Nelson Mandela - other treasured honorary titles, respected and given a place of great respect by various people and of sorts of dignitaries, film stars and pop stars, sports men, women and children - Nelson Mandela was everything to everyone - humanity.

To understand Nelson Mandela - it is best to be African.

Not African- American which has nothing of importance to do with Africa.

Black suits the best description of Blacks in America. So many Blacks in America will say - whatever they want to say - but only an African comprehends best - what has to be said - and this may be - not a word.

Recently "Kanye" stated in his stupidity that he would be much more famous than Nelson Mandela.

Kanye - Kardashian fame thinks his music and his his affairs with women and whatever - does him fame. His uttering such nonsense - betrays his ignorance and that of those absorbed in - "BLINK" - and mundane stuff. Typical of those who are full of it.

Leaders like Nelson Mandela other African leaders - Kwame Nkrumah, Julius Nyerere, Jomo Kenyatta, Abdul Nasser are one of a kind - and their make up and rise to power are unique to the Africa and African context.

This is difficult for Blacks in America to comprehend - and so you will hear the many funny speeches made.

These Blacks want to say something - but they lack the very essence to approach greatness - so they mutter and in muttering - they betray their shallow - ignorance.

Our local Black leaders - those shallow, spineless, and very corrupt and right or wrongly say what they please about Nelson Mandela.As I said - it will be fluff - because they have no clue what the man went through - and what this legend - really stood for.

How can folks stand by to legacy - when they are but peons - caught up in dirty politics, corruption, and fail to represent.

 I could name them - you know them - if I did - this entire article would be tainted and tarnished.

It must be noted though in the early 1960s until the release of Nelson Mandela - stellar Blacks from America - more in Washington DC - initiated the boycott of trade with South Africa, boycott of investments in South Africa - other sanctions.

 Mr. Robinson and others were instrumental - one thing led to the other - and Nelson Mandela was released. In this effort it must noted - people of all races joined together to protest - the times were good and the people - sincere. God Bless those and their families who took the stand - that led to the release of Nelson Mandela.

Nelson Mandela had a soft corner for Americans, the Native Americans foremost - he understood wrong - you cannot and must not segregate the people that were first here in America.

The Native Americans and put them on Reservations - with little or nothing and expect them to survive. This is glaring crime - a crime crying to heaven aloud - for justice. Wake up America.

Much like we must feel for the thousands of Syrians in refugee camps, those refugees from Sudan in Kenya, others fleeing from dictators and corrupt regimes to live a life of despair.

We pray to God for justice -but as humans with compassion and a heart - we must do right - and lend a helping hand. Speak out aloud and do not permit the crooks and the corrupt to intimidate you.

In normal circumstances Nelson Mandela should have come out of Robben Island a bitter man.

You must remember he had his companions - he had to lead - and he had to be a good leader - and all those incarcerated with tell you - he did that - the entire 27 years plus.

In Nelson Mandela's stature those incarcerated saw hope. In his talk and sayings they saw and felt comfort. As long as he was alive - they envisioned - liberation.

At first all those incarcerated experienced horrible conditions - a blanket, on the cold ground, a bucket to defecate.

Bearing the inclement weather - never given an opportunity to feel the cool breeze - nor gaze into the sky and see the stars.

Then one day after years - 6 years or more - they were given this opportunity - to come out in the open and gaze at the stars, feel the breeze and the sun - what we all take for granted.

When they were given this opportunity - they all knew - this one change - would bring other - changes. And that happened.

Imagine looking toward Cape Town and seeing it all and hoping against hope - that one day freedom would be delivered.

That day came - and it was - and in a way - it started in America. In America with the good , the bad and the ugly.

Closer to home imagine being incarcerated on Alcatraz - and every day you see San Francisco - the lights and all - and that is all. Year after year for years - 27 years. Then one day - from the days of despair, destitution, horror - you are a free - person. Land in San Francisco and shout for joy.

To the readers I say we must not listen much to the Main Media or to the lying politicians.

These entities are Not to be trusted. They will say - what they want you all to hear.

Hear them - and analyse their words, discern, see if they can back up their words with action. If there is some action - however small - then they are worth the salt. If not they are the scum of the Earth - which they are - most of them.

I was born in Nairobi, Kenya and always proud of that fact.

I have been blessed to travel the world and see things for myself.

Here in San Francisco I have access to anyone worth the salt - they know me and I know them.

It does not matter if it is the Mayor Edwin Lee.

The City Administrator Naomi Kelly.

The Controller Ben Rosenfield.

The head of  the Department of Public Works Mohammed Nuru, his Deputy Chief Fuad Sweiss.

The City Attorney Dennis Herrera, the Chief of San Francisco Police Department - Gregory Suhr, one of his Deputy Chiefs - Cashman.

The General Manager Harlan Kelly - Trent Rhorer and Bevan Dufty who help the poor and indigent -- others too many to mention - you get the drift - the bottom line we must do - right. 

Truly speaking our San Francisco Supervisors act after the fact - long after the fact - they do not have the vision and so cannot represent as true leaders.

They play it safe - so that they continue to rake in the thousands if not millions.

I represent the Muwekma Ohlone on matters of Infrastructure and Base Closer - and that is why I take more pride in San Francisco. 

The Muwekma Ohlone  are the indigenous people of San Francisco.

In the living room of Nelson Mandela he had a wooden carving made of redwood - from San Franciscans to him - presented to him by the Mayor of Soweto - who visited San Francisco in 1999.

His note to me - made all the difference - calling me a friend and thanking me. A small connection but a bigger one - spurring kindness and goodness - and standing tall to do - right.

When some legend passes away - she or he does not really - fade away - if they lived a life pleasing to all - then they live in our hearts for ever.

In San Francisco I have been blessed to know so many - and to be supported by so many - the Blacks, the Latinos, the Polynesians, the Asians, the Whites.

Most of all the indigenous people - the Native Americans - others too. What else can I wish.

My pray to God - give me good health and peace of mind. Aho.

A legend Nelson Mandela has passed away - but as I said - he will live forever, for those that comprehend, live forever in our hearts and mind. Aho.