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Tuesday, December 3, 2013


You would think that San Francisco would take a stand for what is right - after the blatant Racist - San Francisco Redevelopment Agency - adversely impacted over 100,000 African Americans - that I will call Black. This all happened in the 1960s and continues until today.

Blacks were removed from their homes - from the Fillmore also known as Western Addition and forced to live in Single Residency Occupancy (SRO's) Hotel - in the Tenderloin.

Left there in filthy conditions - many Middle Class Black Families  - to die miserable deaths.  Most took to heroin and such drugs - others drank themselves to death.

The pain on the loss of their homes was too much to bear - and there was no one to help them. Those that are alive and know what I speak of - know that I speak the TRUTH.

The author behind the racism one Justine Herman. The Justin Herman Plaza must be named - Black Holocaust - and the many crooks - including BLACKS - named on the plaque - for all to see and bear witness.

That is when the name is changed - to Black Holocaust Plaza. I hope that will be soon - for the message has to be sent - loud and clear.  Justin Herman was a Racist and so are those that helped him and continue to help his policies today - many of them - BLACK. Aho.

Many BLACKS moved to the Bayview and found succor in the Public Housing there.

Other moved to far off places like East Palo Alto - and few know about this. Others stuck it out - through trials and tribulations.

The Victorian homes were placed on trailers and moved to other locations - they are now owned by mostly Whites - but few know the sordid story of the homes.

Prior to that most of these homes - were owned by the Japanese.T his untold story - should be documented in detail - to expose the Racism - blatant Racism that forced thousands of innocent American citizens of Japanese ancestry - into concentration camps.

Yet during the same war - singular Japanese units - fought with valor - and up to this day - their stellar battles are recalled - all for the Nation that betrayed their fellow children, women, and men - who were still held in concentration camps - while they shed blood on the battle fields - all over the world for America.

Much like the facts I am recalling - is the track record of the very corrupt and on going corrupt practices by Tiffany Bohee - who heads the Successor Agency to the dead - former SF Redevelopment Agency.

Leroy King is old now and about to kick the bucket. Much like Willie B. Kennedy who recently passed away - leaving no legacy - and being a sell out - so are folks like London Breed who was on the SF Redevelopment Agency and is now the current Supervisor for District 5 - all she does today - is sell out the community.

Talk about representation - London Breed is a disgrace to anything - decent.

Imagine the SF Redevelopment Agency with the help of Leroy King and another sell out that you hear little today - Francee Covington who was also on the SF Redevelopment Agency - giving YOSHI's and some other choice crooked entities - over $100 million - all these many years.

All the activities from the Fillmore Center - truly were meant to enhance the lives of the people in general in the Fillmore and for sure the Blacks who fought for so much - and in the bargain lost so much.

In the end today - most everything is a JOKE - and most of those who taught they had something - are left holding the empty bag.

The word "Jazz" originated in the Fillmore. Jazz and Jazz musicians have met me and told me in person - about the Harlem of the West - that was the Fillmore.

Today, what goes on at the few Jazz clubs - is just a passing shadow of the past.

People who go to the Fillmore to see the many activities - the many Barber shops, the dance clubs, those plying their trade some savory and other not - but, they were good times and there was music in the air.

Blacks owned their restaurants, their own motels because Blacks could not stay in the other hotels. There was blatant discrimination - and today the Black youth have no clue - and will have no clue - with their focus on BLING and other such - mundane aspects that fleet - away into oblivion.

The paradox is that sell out and mostly Black sell outs the likes of Leroy King, London Breed, Francee Covington, Amos Brown, the Dollar Pastor and a few others - have sold out the Black community.

Taken a legacy that most Black were proud off - and thrown in to the hogs.

It is the same with Marcus Garvey Housing Complex - the many in-fighting over buildings, institutions run by Blacks - more discord, more confusion, more pandemonium - and the situation is becoming - unbearable.

Those stellar Black leaders dead - and moving in the graves. What has happened to the Black community? Where is all this discord coming from? All over stale bread crumbs!

Much like Aurelious Walker, Calvin Jones, Veronica Hunnicutt, Lola Whittle, Doris Vincent, the demised Willie B. Kennedy, Dwayne Jones, Linda Richardson - continue to sell out the Bayview Hunters Point. The paradox is that  - all of the above are - Black.

Tiffany Bohee is half-Black - the Director of the Successor Agency to the SF Redevelopment Agency and one of those that keeps the fire burning for all the wrong reasons.

I have know here since those days when she was a peon - working for the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission. She went to work for Michael Cohen at the Mayor's Office of Economy and Workforce - and then for the SF Redevelopment Agency - and now is that stellar CROOK and LIAR - that is in the den - ruling the roost - Ali Baba and the forty thieves!

The Commission on Investment and Infrastructure - that represents the policy making of the Successor Agency to the SF Redevelopment Agency - are all incapable of understanding the fundamentals - of the making crooked - transactions - all these many, years.

No one can steal, hide, fail to be accountable, have no transparency and think for a second all is well.

No good will happen at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - even if the crooks today - pour in billions - yest BILLIONS. That project is cursed and will FAIL.

Can you imagine after pouring over $100 million plus into the Fillmore Center - in recent years - the last 10 years - propping some entities to pretend they are doing good work.

Assets that the former SF Redevelopment Agency controlled are now - going to be SOLD - because of very poor management.  The California State government is holding the SF Successor Agency and the Commission on Investment and Infrastructure - accountable.  All hell has broken loose!

Some one must to to JAIL for a long, long, time.

In the interim the State of California is being LIED to - the ROPS reports are tweaked  and have been - tweaked.

Tiffany Bohee has the audacity to tell us that using the State Representatives - folks like Phil Tang and Mark Leno - she will be able to - keep the auditors at Bay.

Yes - let us see how she does it. 

The current Successor Agency to the former SF Redevelopment Agency and the Commission on Investment and Infrastructure - have been less than truthful - millions of tax increment money - has been spent in areas - in years past - where they were not suppose to  be spent.

Even after the demise of the SF Redevelopment Agency - and the formation of the Successor Agency to the SF Redevelopment Agency - Willie B. Kennedy - was given a grant in access of $100,000. Prior to that another $500,000 - all tax payers money.

Who was really behind these ploys and machinations?

Projects that were grandfathered in many former Redevelopment Areas - the Church at Ingalls and Oakdale in the Bayview - the Grace Tabernacle Community Church - has been left - lurking in the dark. Promises made by Tiffany Bohee and others - and not kept.

Whoever brought SF Redevelopment to town - should be help responsible - because it need the blessing of the people.

I know Leroy King was a key player - I know that Mary Rogers - opposed the crooks - and she too - did not succeed - really.

 I know this because I use to have long conversations with Mary. 

The Mayor's Office of Community Housing may name a Housing Complex - after Mary Rogers - but there is more to the story. Even today the ploys and machinations are there - for those informed to see.

There must be a line item accountability for all the money spent - millions of dollars - in the name of JAZZ.

Faking it and trying to bring hope and improving the conditions of the Black in the Fillmore - it never happened.

Mostly Blacks were behind the scene - spending the money - I know this for a fact - the Dollar Pastor, a former Black Mayor, Leroy King, Amos Brown, Francee Covington, London Breed - all were part of the dubious ring - that did as they pleased.

Who will give us a report - detailed report about the Fillmore Center.

The lease given to Safeway and the other entities - on what ground - and who has been the entity that benefited from all the ploys? The people want to know - folks like Daniel Landry who has been following the shenanigans for a long time? On another level Ace Washington - Ace in your Face - who himself has become despondent.

These devils will drive you to your death - if you are spiritually weak and do not have the fortitude - to be laser beam focused. Have grass roots support - and are not educated on issues.

Who will evaluate on compassionate grounds the harm done to thousands of Blacks in the Fillmore?

Who will compensate at this very late date - the many who with intent were removed from their homes - by Racists Authorities - and left to die - in this City and County of San Francisco - in the 1960s.

These episodes are akin to a Black Holocaust - more in a place like San Francisco - that smiles on your face and stabs you in the back.

The families - the many Black families who suffered must be compensated. Time for RESTITUTION.

Blacks lost their homes and businesses - and up to now - in the year 2013 - NO COMPENSATION. The documents are there - but the justice and fair play - is playing hooky? What is Sacramento doing? What is Governor Jerry Brown doing? Where is the Federal Bureau of Investigation on this one? Millions of tax payers money - wasted by the crooks - I have named.

I have written about the on going corruption - many times - and more spoken about it at City Hall.

No compensation for these folks who were robbed in broad day light - and yet Million poured down the drain - to prop up YOSHI's and other businesses - that have now closed - and many assets are up for grabs.

Millions of dollars - tax payers money has been wasted and continues to be wasted.

Tiffany Bohee must be removed - making in access of $200,000  plus benefits - while people are suffering and dying - from her actions all over the place.

Tiffany lied and looked the other way while LENNAR poisoned our children.

Do you think we all who fought LENNAR will forget that?

All this in the Bayview Hunters Point?

At least we put up a fight - and brought LENNAR down - forced them to spend over $100 million - and they are now drowning in the CESSPOOL of their own creation.

Leroy King, Covington, London Breed must be held accountable - especially London Breed - the heifer - who thinks she can bluff her way - with sweet talk.

London Breed has NOT represented her community and she knows it. Pandering to the Fishers and other to rake in the money.

Leroy King may deny - and say - that all he did is right.

I will tell him to his face and I am putting it in writing - for the longest time ever - he got paid - he knows that - and he sold out his community - the Black community. I know that for sure.

The Commission on Investment and Infrastructure is a farce - they rubber stamp what they are told to do - Tiffany Bohee is behind most of the Shenanigans.

The Successor Agency to the San Francisco Redevelopment Agency is just that - they have no clout - just rubber stamp - what is put before - them.

The first four ROPS - fiscal reports - were audited with glaring mistakes by the State of California.

 No one can fool all the people - all the time.

We the people - know the crooks - you cannot teach old dogs new tricks. Birds of a feather stick together.

The crooks do know for sure and we know who they are. Aho.

Please be educated on issues - learn more how you can checkmate the Commission on Investment and Infrastructure - he Successor Agency to the SF Redevelopment - the other crooks hovering around: