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Monday, December 9, 2013


In the last 40 years for sure the changes in the many neighborhoods have been drastic.

Where once people gathered - where there were Block Parties, where like and kind minded folks from all over compete in sports - and showed off their cars - where dances were held and memories held; to be etched in our minds and hearts - for years to come.

Where friends meant something, where families came together. When there there was a funeral  and some dear one passed away - most anyone that had compassion was affected. Those funerals brought to fore - what life was all about - and gave deep meaning to our very existence.

When there was a new born - the joy was supreme and overwhelming.

Even though you were just a friend you rejoiced at life - and you saw it just like your good friend - his wife and his family - and as the child grew up - you participated - and you were part of that village.

When the plague of the visited the neighborhoods - we saw how money could wipe out an entire segment of the population.

No one ever thought - just like that thousands of artists could be displaced but they were.

I saved a coupe of hundred at the Presidio of San Francisco - giving them an opportunity to survive and aiding them with what I could.

At least they had a roof over their head - and in some of our larger warehouses - they could ply their trade. 

The times were difficult - but we somehow - were resilient to hurdles, the many obstacles - and carved out - our artistic jurisdiction - and with artistic freedom - helped create a niche of kind.

That was in the late 1990s  to the mid-2003 - and then that bubble burst. The vanished just like that - and with that phase - all the bad stuff those greed - good for nothing - jerks, brought to the fore.

In the 2008 we had the economic spiraling of our economy - which really started in 2007 with sub-prime loans, derivatives, other shenanigans.

People buying stuff they could not afford - you asked the bank for $100,000 and they would loan you $800,000. Some could not afford one home - but they bought two - only to lose everything and more and declare - bankruptcy.

We are now in the year 2013 and the new scourge for the last four years - gradually impacting - hard working families the "techies".

That scourge from the past is visiting us again.

These folks - nonchalant, shallow, their focus on things mundane and on apps that they value much - for one purpose and one purpose only - money.

Lacking spirituality they are worthless - much like the politicians that look you in the eye and lie. Good for nothing - not worth the salt. As far as culture is concerned - this folks have nothing to offer in terms of food, dance, music, spirituality, they are blend  as blend - as cardboard.

In the Mission, in the Sunset, in the Fillmore, in the Bayview, in the South of Market Area, Middle Market - where TWITTER and others - have invaded.

They are all over the place - like the proverbial "locust ".

The folks from India - who make good money -but culturally have no clue - how to interact with the populace. They will pay for luxuries, for sex, for anything that gives them temporary satisfaction. They work to spend and spend to work.

I talk to them and all they want is to get a Green Card once their work visa expires. 

There are all sort of crooked agents - raking in thousands - promising these workers - who are here on their " Work Visas" the world - and most of the time - they are taken for a ride.

TWITTER, ZINGA, SALESFORCE, others who purport to do our economy good - do not employ too many people from the local community.

These vermin - they rake in the millions - on Wall Street and on other places - and that money is not real money as we have come to know it.

Twitter has never made a profit - but those in the 1% circle - can buy shares - and Twitter can boast that some in their inner circle - have acquired thousands have shares.

They may have bought them for little - but now - those same shares - have been inflated - and suddenly Twitter as did FaceBook - have folks with shares - worth - millions.

Most hard working families have no time to engage in shares and stocks - they are focused on paying their rent.

Making ends meet - feed their families - caring for the loved ones, praying to God that those that are Greedy - may not adversely impact them.

One bed room in San Francisco going for $2000 - two bed rooms for $3500 - three bed rooms for $5000.

Those fortunate to have rents under the San Francisco City's rent control - and now targeted by Ellis Evictions.

All sorts of ploys and machinations. It is not uncommon for 10 to 15 people to live in a two bed room unit - with Quality of Life issues - thrown - asunder. 

Of course we know that the Stock Market and Wall Street will take a fall - of course we know that the Federal Sequestration - is sending chills to the Banks and other large Financial Institution.

We would be crazy NOT to know that we owe China - Trillions - and that we are paying them - just the interest - on what we owe them.

Just like your Credit Card tells you - if you pay just the minimum it will take you - 50 years.

And you know that you have only 30 years to live. Human have some fear - and they pay up. Government could not care less - if future generations have a good life or not.

President George W Bush Jr screwed up - and this present President for all his talk - did the same - our Representatives Diane Feinstein and Nancy Pelosi - part of the corruption - yet the idiots vote them in - every single time. One worst than the other.

Both have big mansions in San Francisco - Diane has two - and Nancy has large estate in the Napa Valley.

Why cannot we take control of our own destiny - and vote in - the kind of people who will represent us.

For one reason - and that reason is simple and evident - the ones that know us - know who we are, they know what we want - they are human being like us - and will feel our joy and pain.

Just look at Diane Feinstein and her husband Richard Blum - Nancy Pelosi and her husband Paul Pelosi - with all the face lifts - they look from other planet.

That skin pulled so light - Nancy cannot even speak right - that twinge of the skin - makes her speaking sound - funny!

Well, they say with time comes change. That may be right. I hope change for the better - with better Representation.

Not like the jerks we have at the San Francisco Board of Supervisors. I am not going to name them - it would tarnish the contents of this article.

As to all of the above - think about it - dwell on it - and try to make your block and steadily your entire neighborhood - a place to live, better.

Share joy- bring some dignity that we all San Franciscans enjoy.
Fight for families - not the single living type of shenanigans - where most like to shack with the dog - in units that are 100 square feet - that is not Quality of Life living.

To the greedy landlords - take care of those that took care of you - do not play with fire.

If you do - sooner not latter - that fire will turn on you and consume you. Aho.