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Saturday, December 14, 2013


We all know deep in our hearts what is right and what is wrong.

There is not a person in this world - who is sane that can say that they have no conscience.

Yet, my friends it pains my heart that we have Representatives - political clowns, that I call buffoons - that do not represent their constituents - and want to run for office - again and again.

These politicians make promises - but once in - have failed us - miserably they are despicable.

If in the first term you made a fool of yourself - get out of the way.

Especially those of you who continue having side-bar conversations -when advocates and others - who are educated on issues - speak at public comment time - at City Hall - at the many meeting held there for the benefit of the people at large - tax payers who pay the salary of the sordid - politicians.

Suffice to say - that the 3 minutes given to express oneself - has now been reduced to two minutes.

And when they see me approaching the podium - they do not feel unabashed to give - me on singular minute. I need but 45 seconds to make a point. Bring it on.

Our Founding Fathers and our Constitution gives us - our freedom.

Assures us our Constitutional Rights - the Civil Right Movement and the legislation of stellar folks in the past - have brought this Nation and its people - rights - that further our humanity and what is most important - our compassion for all humans.

Yet again and again we witness immoral folks - corrupt politicians seeking favors, making deals, and accepting bribes.

The above laugh all the way to the bank.

Then with intent these politicians turn their backs on the constituents, speak from both sides of their mouth, are NOT educated on issues - and still want to Represent - when they should get out of the way.

Now, is the time to evaluated these buffoons - and sent them a message.

Best a telephone call - or even an email - your time to get out in now - more as a corrupt politician.

More so - those that represent District 5, District 9, District 10, District 8, and District 6.

There are thousands who have no roofs under their heads - these unfortunate people - in this inclement weather - sleep under bridges, under bushes, in our parks, on the pavements, by someone's door and more.

Can you imagine this in San Francisco - one of the richest city in the world. And I am not talking about indigent folks - but many middle class who have fallen on bad times.

I am dealing with one situation now. A death because the person - thought is could endure the inclement weather but did not. No one can step up easily - to give this person decent funeral.

It is the same when a Veteran dies on the street - there is no institution that can afford to step up and given a Veteran a decent funeral. Do the research and get back to me.

There have been vigils - on the steps of City Hall - and petitions signed and given to the Mayor of San Francisco - linked to the many who have perished on our streets - the Streets of San Francisco.

There has been not a whimper from Nancy Pelosi and Diane Feinstien - both of whom have amassed great wealth - and have done nothing much for our poor - worth the salt.

We once had the Armory - that huge brick building in the Mission - the homeless could have been given succor - a bed and a blanket - especially now when it is so cold.

Can you imagine that Gavin Newsom - helped someone purchase this building - so that pornographic movies could be made.

All sorts of S&M movies - and perverts allowed to abuse the hospitality of our City - free access to such sordid actions dehumanizing and a blow to decency and humanity.

If this is not Sodom and Gomorrah I do not know what is.

Why do we treat so many San Franciscans - who have fallen on bad times - with disdain?

The major charitable organizations Saint Anthony's, Vincent De Paul, Martin de Porres, Glide Memorial, Mother Brown's, others smaller but stellar in their dedication - must be commended.

A Latino woman who  prepares food at home and serves the Day Laborers.

You must witness the light in the eyes of the men who have traveled long distances to make a living.

They did not expect the trials and tribulations - and they have to face along the way - hundreds if not thousands of miles away - and more in our City.

I am requesting Chief Gregroy Suhr to request his officers to be kind during this season and throughout the year to the indigent.

We all were immigrants - and if anyone wants to work and do right - they must be given an opportunity. The Officers do good work - but they can work a little on compassion and adhere to Community Policing - practices. The Chief knows what I mean and understands where I come - from.

We are proud of our Chief Greg Shur and of our other City Department Heads - we can do better - and we must do it - in a well planned and in a concerted - manner.

Be kind to the immigrants who wait in line - at the many food distribution lines - that food helps those who get this donations, survive.

Especially the many very poor Chinese immigrants - who travel to the Bayview from China Town. The paradox in these long lines - all Chinese and sometimes not one Black. The Chinese get the food, the vegetables.other necessities of life - they cook and they survive.

Be kind to the truants who come from families that are dysfunctional.

When those agencies that deal with the truants try - they succeed. If you save one young woman - one young man - you will have done a lot.

Our City Heads of Department - have stepped up during the season of giving and shared food and other amenities.

I have personally sent them a message. You all have done well and that is the way to do it.

I have interviewed the homeless and most of them have mental problems.

Had they been given an opportunity to take their medication, some type of housing with in-house services.

Perhaps a nurse - some one with some expertise to prod these mentally challenged to move to a better place with support - we could eliminate the nuisance on our streets.

Community Policing could be done - with those who have been treated.

We must help those that need help - under qualified, supervision.

Millions are spent on other stuff - the many audits - bring that to the fore - and we must learn to think and act outside the box.

Families as a whole need treatment - they need food - they need the Law Enforcement to see the entire picture - families can be saved.

As long as those in charge of the families - who can lead are treated with respect - and as long as the leaders of the families - help society and get some understanding. This is not easy to do - but it must be done.

Sociology, Psychology, Anthropology, Criminology, deep understanding of human behavior linked to cultural competency, 
the ability to understand and speak languages, understanding the Faith of the many we have in San Francisco - can and will help.

There are Community Based Organization that do good work.

And then you have the sell outs - who take the money and do nothing.

I am not going to name them - mentioning them will tarnish this article - and do no good.

It is for those that feed these vermin, give them money - to cut them off. Now.

Now is the time for the political goons that we have in our City and County of San Francisco - to change their ways.

If it is too hot in the kitchen - take a hike - and stay away. Those that can do the work with Transparency and Accountability - need help - and we need it - now. Aho.

Judge for yourself - here are some statistics: