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Wednesday, December 4, 2013


The Bayview Hunters Point at one time rose up to support the Fillmore also known as the Western Addition.

The SF Redevelopment Agency in the 1960s took upon themselves using the law - called Eminent Domain - where thousands of Blacks were evicted.

Their homes taken - using a tool called eminent domain - by a Racist person - in the name of Herman Justin. He and those who worked for him - blatant racists. All this in San Francisco.

The San Francisco Redevelopment Agency that has since met its demise - took part in this very horrendous project and sordid action.

As I said that adversely impact thousands - mostly Blacks.

Hundreds of American Japanese lost everything - the homes and all in their home - they were carted away and incarcerated - a singular atrocity that cries to heaven for justice. We must not forget this history - and always remember - history repeats itself.

I fought tooth and nail to get rid of SF Redevelopment Agency - and I am proud that I was one of those that got rid of this cancer - that still lingers - under the names of Successor Agency of the SF Redevelopment Agency and the Commission on Investments and Infrastructure.

Few today are fully aware that many went to live in Single Residency Occupancy (SRO) hotels in the Tenderloin - in other places - just to survive. Innocent folks impacted by the atrocities committed by Justine Herman and his thugs.

Many of those adversely impacted - from the removal from the Fillmore - were Middle Class and had sound work ethics.

Something lacking in today's Black community - caught in the culture of violence, drugs, and selling out their community.

There is no leadership - and even at the demise of the so called leaders - no one worth the salt - can speak the truth and say truthfully - that the leader who passed away - followed standards, was truthful - did not participate in crooked ways - they all do - as if it is normal to cheat, steal, and bluff.

Other Black from the Fillmore in droves moved to East Palo Alto and of course near by Bayview Hunters Point.

Hunters Point still has many of those who came from the Fillmore - only for some of these Blacks - later generations to forget - where they came from and who embraced them in their moment of need.

Many of them have learned nothing much from that trauma - experienced by their grand parents - and in many cases their parents. Today they follow the BLINK culture - drab and mundane.

Right now real gentrification is going on in the Bayview Hunters Point.

The Successor Agency to the SF Redevelopment Agency and the fake Commission on Investment and Infrastructure - that work hand in hand with the Successor Agency - and is the arm that makes polices - continues to adversely impact - thousands.

On the Commission of Investment and Infrastructure you have anointed by the City - folks who have NO history of the Bayview Hunters Point, less contributed to the Bayview Hunters Point; all these many years - fake representation and shallow decision - making.

These sordid folks anointed to the Commission on Investment and Infrastructure - pretend that know some - and continue to make decisions - despicable - that adversely impact those that need help - most - more when it comes to sound housing, open space, and good career - jobs.

It does not matter - if advocates at City Hall - those who sacrifice and attend the meetings conducted by the Commission on Investment and Infrastructure - inform, speak to the truth, and try to help the community at large.

These ignorant and arrogant - Commission on Investment and Infrastructure  listen, hardly - and make rulings that defy logic - but what is more - adversely impact the indigent, the poor, those that need help but get nothing - nothing at all.

Seldom mentioned the Polynesians - they are treated badly, and they have done so much for the community and San Francisco - all these many years. Today, one of the communities most suffering from evictions, lack of good jobs, deprived of Quality of Life issues - the Polynesians - more Samoans.

In all of the once San Francisco Redevelopment Agency sites - blatant discrimination and unfair practices - have occurred.

Many Public Housing residents told to leave for failure of having their leases in order.

Once may be the lease was in the name of someone in the family - from a past generation.

Some how of some reason the lease was never transferred to someone to has taken the responsibility, pays the rent -  failed to transfer the lease - from some one who passed away or no longer resides in the unit. Such cases and others have been used - to evict - residents.

No compassion shown- many given a month's notice - other ploys and machinations used to - evict innocent people - so that they have to face the inclement weather. Those more with children - these type of actions - are uncalled for.

Bevan Dufty and Trent Rhorer try their best to do something - but they have no time to address the many issues that prop up - and there is no one - many a time to bring these cases to their attention. I have brought a few cases to their attention and got the help. I count these blessings. But, as I said - hundreds of other - some with complicated reason - have no representation and what follow is destitution.

The Supervisor from District 10 - Malia Cohen - the laughing jackass with that red lipstick that does not suit her - can laugh and grin on she wants - but she has failed to Represent - and must go - fade into oblivion.

In other cases the Successor Agency is just learning of leases made in association with other partners - 5600 Third Street and 5800 Third Street - other complexes.

In the above case justice has not been done to the people of the Bayview Hunters Point and from other areas - who have moved into these Below Market Rate (BMR) units.

 Some of these sites were deemed abated - but there have been cases of people dying from cancer. One of two have died - within six months of moving to these sites and Below Market Rate (BMR) - housing units.

It is worse at Alice Griffith Public Housing - deplorable conditions - one agency blaming the other.

The sell outs bused by Dwayne Jones and Angelo King - to give fake testimony now have fully come to the realization that they were taken for a ride.

They sold out the community for a piece of cheap, cold pizza and some cheap soft drink.

Now they are suffering and now know fully - who was on their side - and who is not.

Nothing much will happen at Alice Griffith soon - and when it happens - much like what is happening at Treasure Island in some parts.

People will be exposed to contamination - Asbestos, Lead, some high levels of Radioactive Elements in high levels.

Those who continue to live there - will be adversely impacted.

It is the same at Huntersview and the units where people live and are suffering from serious ailment besides the prevailing Respiratory Diseases - in large numbers.

Another Housing Complex called Northridge Cooperatives, Showview, All Hollows, the other complexes on the Hill - those living on Kiska Road, and Mariner Village - all suffer from contamination - cancer of all sorts - and the prevailing Respiratory Diseases in very, large numbers.

Even down hill the Oakdale Public Housing  - more on Navy Road - next to Parcel A - has the same issues beside violence, drugs, prostitution, and other petty theft - that are prevalent in all of the above sites mentioned.

In all of sites named above innocent people have high cases of Respiratory diseases, cancer, burning of the eyes, headaches, lack of sleep, migraine headaches, all sorts of ailments - that doctors who see them - attribute to the environment.

Most children, youth, and even young adults are hyper - the cannot concentrate and focus on their lessons - in the trade schools when given opportunities - on the job - and take to drugs and other forms to numb their erratic - feeling and emotions.

The City and County of San Francisco, the San Francisco Health Department and one Barbara Gracia, the Environmental Protection Agency - Region IX - and Jared Blumenfeld - the Controller and Ben Rosenfield, the City Administrator and Naomi Kelly - are aware of the more than 5000 toxic hotspots - in and out of the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - but there has been no Blue Print - with short term - long term goals and objectives - to abate, mitigate - and clean up the areas - more to Residential Standards.

Our innocent children should not be treated with disdain and if they are - some one has BLOOD on their hands.

It does not help that LENNAR continues to permit workers on Parcel A - where the Asbestos Readings are high - over 35,000 structures per cubic meter - and no Notice of Violations - and less work stoppage. 

The Building Inspection Department is asleep at the wheel. They have no qualified inspectors to inspect, evaluate, and enforce justice where all sorts of standards are not maintained - many laws broken - many standing ordinances broken.

No one in our City seems to enforce the Precautionary Principle:

The City knows about high levels of Asbestos and other contamination - should get the information from the Bay Area Air Quality Management District.

Other departments such as the Environmental Department within the SF Health Department - Amy Brownell - no one seems to give a damn.

If with intent - innocent children, Seniors, others die - and those in authority know about it - then you will be charged with knowing about these factors - and do not look the other away - as do - many cowards.

Do the right thing and God will Bless you.

Side with the devil - never mind how much money you make - you will die and suffer for the rest of you life. Aho.

All over the Bayview the many diseases are taking a heavy toll of life - cancer and other chronic diseases on the increase.

Everyone is talking about this and that - but no one has the guts to do the right - thing.

All life is precious and must be protected - more by those in authority - who know what I am talking about - there is empirical data to back up the many statements I have made in writing and have spoken at City Hall - this is the City and County of San Francisco.

San Francisco and the neighboring areas belong to the OHLONE  - we must remember that - more ponder - about how the land was stolen after the First People took care of it and left the land - pristine.

What is pertinent and of paramount importance - respect the First People of the land.

All others are strangers - other indigenous people welcome - but always remember - you are in the land of the Ohlone - Aho.  

The Precautionary Principle as best as it can be explained: