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Friday, December 27, 2013


There is something in the air and for the first time - people are finding that too many things we value - our music, our food, our living spaces, our transportation, our rents, our jobs - factors we hold dear to our hearts - we are concerned they will affect our very stay in San Francisco.

San Franciscans are unique and we are embracing - the new trend in town are he "techies" they are not from some other planet - they are from other States mostly - and find it difficult to contribute to our traditions - the only thing going for them is money - tons of money.

You see them every where very bland, just like cardboard, they are there but they seem to be far away. Always looking at their computers - the small ones, the little ones , and occasionally a regular lap top.

Notice recently all over the place - people forgetting their lap tops - and rewards announced - I saw four the other day - near Costco - what is it that is happening to these folks. The go to a place and soon they are not shopping but engrossed in something else with their computer. I have seen on a couple of occasions folks walk away - only for other to remind them that they left something behind.

They say these techies are smart and in many other ways oblivion to what is going on in the world. The ones from India are most interesting - they look at you - and do not know what to say. But, if you kind of make small talk - they will talk to you - but they really do not fit in society - far removed from what is happen in San Francisco.

It does not help that the rents have shot up in San Francisco. The "techies" the ones higher up the ladder can afford the $3000 single bed rooms units in San Francisco. The ones lower down the ladder go to places where they shack in - four, five, and even six to a room. They are being noticed recently as being a pest in the suburbs.

So what really is happening to good old San Francisco?  They say even our creative restaurant chefs - do not want to stay and live here in San Francisco - the cannot any more. Not if you make less than $30,000 a year and have to pay $2500 a month for a one bed room?

What if you have a wife and two children or even one child? What is happening to San Francisco?

The policy makers who have been sleeping with the developers - and feeling the pain in their butts - party time is over - and reality check time - is on hand. Who will do right?

We have 38 cranes in the air - 38 large developments - all mostly market rate units for the rich.

Nothing for those that want moderate priced units - forget about affordable housing in the price range of $2000 for a one bed room apartment. What is really happening to San Francisco?

We all know in many parts of our City - couches are for rent.

Yes, they are for rent. No one wants to go the filthy shelters - noisy, foul smell, bed bugs, and a lot of commotion - twenty four seven.

How much of these development can San Francisco take?

Are we going to be the next Tokyo or are even trying to via with being the most "dense" city in the world?

This great City with its rolling hills is losing out to crazy folks who have lost their mind. I see them in person - they gaze is far away and what the fuck will you do with all the money you have stacked aside. Shove it up your ass?

It is sad, pathetic to see children sleep on the streets of San Francisco. This has never happened before. The last weeks have been cold, the inclement weather has taken heavy toll of the poor, the indigent, those that have mental problems.

No one seem to care - more so the "techies" - who are NOT welcomed in our City. The attacks on the Google Buses will increase - there is only so much of this on going nonsense that anyone can take.

These buses are everywhere and they park in MUNI zones - and on the freeway they think they own the entire lane. So feel and see these snobs - and they are NOT welcome in San Francisco.

For most decent San Franciscans - it is the roof under the head that matters.

For most decent San Franciscans - our children matter - and their education and general welfare matters.

These techies could not care less - they dress bad, smell bad, and have a gaze that is beyond anyone can figure - they are from here but seem to be from some other planet.

Well San Francisco treasure their tradition. We love eating out - meeting nice people - of course the "techies" are not interesting in communicating - they are just interested in looking down and immersed in stuff - far remote from reality.

Time for City Hall to take another look - and the San Francisco Board of Supervisors - what they have really done to our City.