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Friday, December 13, 2013


In recent days, it has been interesting to note that the Republicans and the Democrats have realized - more so with the very, very low ratings - by the constituents Nationwide - that they better address the issues faced by the people - or all of them will be booted out of office.

The Sequestration has created a mess - and when our government was shut down - we wasted $24 Billion plus.

Both the Republicans and the Democrats know - that they could have done better - but that they did not do so.

It did not help that the Affordable Care Act - nicknamed the Obama Care - was a mess and is still a mess.

The premiums are gone up - and young adults are now forced to pay more - for the 15% of the population that did not have health care - need better health care - it is like robbing Peter to pay Paul.

For starters those in charge could have hired our software and hardware experts in California. After all we know about computers, programs and how they work.

The White House chose to go to Canada with some "open ended" shenanigans - other ploys - decided to hire idiots - and shamed our Nation. We became the laughing stock of the world.

Most of the people I talk to are not satisfied with our Health Policies at all.

It does not help that Congress and others who we deem as their partners in crime - have superior health plans and pay less. This type of mentality and behavior - must not be tolerated at all.

Nancy Pelosi and Diane Feinstein have not served us well.

The time has come to booth these two out - lock,stock and barrel.

Diane Feinstien's husband Richard Blue - continues to have access to anything he wants - including selling of  the many landmark Post Offices - Nationwide.

Trying to take over the property that is now SF City College - for his real estate needs and blatant - greed.

This recent agreement to have a "balanced budget" is a step in the right direction - mainly because hopefully our Veterans, our children, our Seniors can get the basic needs met.

We simply as a Nation cannot let down those that need help most.

We still have to reconcile and find out if cutting Food Stamps is something we can deal with and not blunt our moral compass.

 Seeing to the educational needs of children and youth; that it is  met with standards.

Especially those folks who are are challenged - cutting funds across the board is fine to say - but practically speaking it does not work.

The many committees Congress has working on the many cuts to balance the budget - is not fair - simply because the mentality of these Congress persons and Senators - is shallow and lacks ethics.

For too long have these rascals - wallowed themselves in the muck - with their pork barrel programs. They know it but they will not admit to it.

The "Balanced Budget" - and the required payments that are to be implemented are but the tip of the iceberg.

Daily we have to repay China millions of dollars  - to just keep our ratings in place.

We just went over board with sole sourcing, giving large companies incentives to take their business overseas, giving large crooked companies tax cuts - while shafting the constituents at home.

Every where you go your see - inferior goods Made in China.

When is the last time you picked ten items - and saw two or three Made in the USA. Why?

Why can we - with stellar constituents - hard workers - not make shoes in abundance - with a label - "Made in U.S.A." - as we did before?  We must buy our own products and shun the shabby product that come from some where else.

Why can we not produce our flags, other sacred memorabilia - and stop imports of cheap craftsmanship from other countries - foremost China - why?

The Germans for example invest in their industries and are proud of their work.

We seem to have given up hope - with our Congress persons and Senators - talking the talk but failing - each and every time to walk the walk.

On every major front be it education, be it our failing infrastructure, be it safety, be is health, be it ethics and standards - these good for nothing - so called "representatives" have failed us.

On the International level - countries and citizens of other countries are laughing at our Representatives - like the time they shut down our Government - and wasted $24 Billion plus.

The Sequestration has been put on the back burner - we still must pay our, lingering - "debt".

We still must deal with the cuts - as often happen the rich will go laughing to the bank - the poor - those many and in the majority - live pay check to pay check.

It does not help that in San Francisco - gentrification is spreading like wild fire.

No one can afford the rents - one bed room for $2000 - two bed rooms for $3000 - three for $4500 on an average.

We have they say 38 cranes in the air - 38 large developments - most of them linked with money from China - communist China.

We must NOT trust any entity whatsoever that does not share our values - freedom and the ability to nurture and expand our creative - without any hurdles.

Our Sacred Constitution the best in the world. Our Constitution that our so called Representatives have failed to abide - and let us down.

These Chinese are trained to take us for a ride - they have NO values - less believe in human rights - they will invest one dollar and see a hundred - of not, more.

They will milk a stone - super dry - and seek more.

The artificial Wall Street is heading for a crash. The experts say in nine months - we all will face with a reality check.

In recent months people are not spending as they did before.

Many do not have the benefit of permanent jobs.

People work two and three jobs - while the politicians do not work for the people, do not represent - those in need.

The scum of the Earth - the politicians are busy raking in the money. Working with corrupt lobbyists - who have created all this mess - the spiraling of our economy.

Here is San Francisco the "techies" are all over - they have no culture - they have nothing to offer but - FLUFF.

San Francisco the City that knows - now, is reeling with bad publicity, a great divide - the rich and those that are very poor.

Advocates are fed up - how long can we endure the may injustices. Many non-profit have been forced to close shop - no one can afford the rents. 

Our leaders talk a lot - especially our SF Board of Supervisors - who have all been asleep at the wheel.

The SF Board of Supervisors - let things get worse - and then have hearings.

People affected to - vent a lot - get nothing in return. This charades are now coming to haunt the San Francisco Supervisors - and soon you will witness - pandemonium.

Hearings that are continued to the will of the Chair by the SF Board of Supervisors.

The Chairs who are mostly "idiots" - more buffoons that want to represent - but are not educated on issues.

Less have ethics, morals, can adhere to any standards - worth the salt.

Who will step up in light of the present economy and do right?

For many there are no places to rent that are affordable.

For many this City is too expensive.

For many they have thrown in the towel and moved out of our great - San Francisco.

When these families move in the thousands - a vacuum is created.

A vacuum - that will never be filled with decency, the old San Francisco way, hospitality and kindness - that was before but now is shattered.

Who will pick up the pieces?

Who will take a stand?

 Who will lead?

For sure - not the buffoons we have today - who are picking their noses! Their fingers stuck elsewhere.