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Friday, December 20, 2013


It is amazing how greed pushes everyone to look the other side and carry out activities that in today's world - we would never, ever tolerate.

I will reveal to you all - some of the many secrets of the United States Navy - actions taken that adversely impacted all of San Francisco.

How the U.S. Navy sold - highly toxic and contaminated sand - the sand gathered from the "Sand Blasting" that was  sold and taken  to the many clean water and sewer pipe - trenches and used as fill - clean water drinking pipes and sewage pipes.

What is disturbing is that this sand - a product of the sand blasting of the many ships that took place in the Bikini islands - the early Atomic experiments towed back to the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard in San Francisco - to be clean up - the method used - "Sand Blasting".

The ships were towed to Pier 70 and at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - and sand blasted.

A lot of the sand landed in the Bay where it remains today - a fact we do not pay attention to - but the Bay parcel F about 400 acres - needs cleaning - more abatement and mitigation.

But what I want to state clearly is the nonchalant manner in which the U.S. Navy sold the sandblast - the contaminated sand - to Pacific Gas and Electric, to the Department of Public Works, to other entities to be used as fill. All this in the early 1960s and 1970s.

We know for sure the sandblast residue was contaminated and very toxic. Imagine the ships enduring the many Atomic Blasts - then the ships towed all the way to Hunters Point Naval Shipyard and Pier 70 - where a robust shipbuilding operation was in place.
Bethlehem Steel known very well during the World War II operations - had  it headquarters at Pier 70.

Added to this on these ships were large animals - they were positioned in such a manner - as to receive the maximum impact from the radiation. Many of these large animals died - they were brought to Hunters Point Naval Shipyard in San Francisco - and buried all over the place.

The U.S. Navy to this day - thinks it can spin some yarns - as you will see that the end of this article. We will display a presentation - full of Lies and more Lies.

Some twenty years ago I had a talk with one of my friends who deals with moving dirt and he told me he had access to the manifests - the records - that tell you the type of soil - clean or contaminated that is trucked from place to place.

In this case it was Mission Bay and how the contaminated soil was moved from the Higher Ground around 4th and King - to the lower ground - where the new U.C. San Francisco buildings  makes its abode - but the basements of these buildings - are full of toxic gases and fungi.

It does not help that the water table is just a few feet below - fostering a toxic soup - while everyone is busy praising the Biotech Companies, the many laboratories that they say - are doing good work - but, all in a very toxic environment.

The entire area is prone to liquefaction and flooding. Climate Change is upon us - and we know - that a few feet of sea level rise - with play havoc. We pray that we have the resources to deal with the issues at hand.

The conversation then moved to Hunters Point Naval Shipyard and Pier 70 - where many of the old owners who owned trucks and ran companies that move dirt - clean and otherwise.

Many of them are alive today - who revealed to me - about the contaminated sandblast - the residue - the contaminated sand - that was trucked all over San Francisco - and used as "sand fill".

Water pipes were laid - sewer pipes were laid - and this very contaminated sand - more laden with atomic waste - was used as landfill. 

No one gave a second thought about the contamination - no one gave a second thought - about our drinking water - or for that matter the sewer pipes - the secondary effluents landing in the Bay and polluting the Bay.

We know the Bay is polluted by the run off of the Mercury mines - we know the Bay is polluted by PCBs, lead, paint thinner, other industrial waste, but what we do not know - is the large amount of radioactive elements in high levels - daily leeching into the Bay - from Hunters Point Naval Shipyard and at places like Pier 70.

Once in the Bay the shores of many areas and contaminated - be it in Marin County or elsewhere - are bombarded with radioactive elements in high doses.

Ever wonder why so many women in Marin County suffer from breast and other cancers? Children and men too?

We all know some about the Farallones Islands visible on a clear day - from the shores of San Francisco - Ocean Beach.

The Farallones Islands purporting as a Bird Sanctuary - do you know the U.S. Navy dumped over 1000 barrels of atomic waste - without giving a second thought?

The U.S. Navy did that just off Pier 96 and when the barrels would not sink - shot at the barrels and let them sink.

Years later the Corps of Engineers decide to deepen the area around Pier 96 and Pier 98 - now know as Heron Head's Park.

The toxic sludge was dumped on Pier 98 - giving it a shape of the Heron Head - the former Piers - worn out - providing some foundation - to keep the toxic dirt in place - and forming the shape of the Heron's Head.

Here is a fake presentation given by the United States Navy on December 18, 2013 - at the YMCA on Lane Street - in the Bayview: